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The training of June Pt. 10.

June rained down paddle blows on Mary's now bright red arse. Mary was moaning in total pleasure as her arse was distroyed by the paddle. She had cum twice so far and really wanted more. June was out of breath and stopped lashing Mary.
She said, "Now slave that has your arse nicely warmed up. I think I will take plasure in fucking it now". Mary said,"I am yours Mistress june, use me as you see fit". "Oh I will slave,don't worry".

June fitted on the huge strap-on cock and looked down at it hanging between her legs. It made her feel totally in charge. She moved behind Mary and rubbed it between her legs. Mary cooed in pleasure as the huge rubbed cock head teased her pussy lips and caressed her clit. June reached forward and grabbed a hand full of Mary's hair, she pulled her head back and with the other hand she lined up the dildo to Mary's wet hot pussy. Mary wriggled her arse and the cock popped about an inch into her pussy, she tried to push back more to get more of it inside her. June seeing this said,"My you really are a fucking cock slut. You want every inch of this in your whore pussy don't you?". "Oh yes please Mistress". June pulled her hair hard and rammed the cock all the way up her pussy. Mary squeeled as she was filled to bursting. She felt as if her womb was been pushed up into her stomach. She gritted her teeth and panted as June held the cock full into her. Then June began to pump her pussy hard and fast pulling back on her hair as she went deep with every stroke. Mary rased herself up as much as she could, her big soft tits bouncing and swaying as June pounded off her arse. Mary came three times before June slowed her pace. She pulled the cock from Mary's well fucked pussy. "Now it's time for you to feel this in your arse slave",said June. June stuck two fingers into Mary's dripping wet pussy, got them cover in pussy juice and pushed them into Mary's arse hole. Mary squrimed as her arse was f***ed open by two invading fingers. June worked her arse till it started to relax and accept her fingers. June then removed her fingers and replaced them with the cock head. She pushed it against Mary's hole. She smiled when it started to open as if to suck the rubber cock into her.
June fed the full lenght of the dildo into Mary's arse. Mary grunted as her hole was fill to the brim. Her head was spinning as she felt like her arse was been split in two. June grabbed her hair again and pulled hard forcing Mary's head up off the bed and pushed as hard as she could against Mary's arse. June said,"Now slave you know how it feels to have your slut arse ripped apart". "Yes Mistress", came the answer thru gritted teeth.

June began to fuck her roughly letting go of her hair and grabbed her hips to pull herself all the way into her. Mary bit into mouth fulls of bed clothes as her head spun. She was lost in pain and pleasure. June fucked her hard and deep till she was out of breath. When she couldn't go anymore, she ripped the cock from Mary's gapping arse and stood bent over hands on her knees fighting for breath. When she stopped panting she moved round to the side of the bed and lifted Mary's head, saying, "Now slave you can consider yourself well and truely fucked. Mary said,"Yes Mistress June, thank you".

June undid the strap-on and sat down in the chair watching Mary recover form her brutal torture. Mary's arse was still pulcing open and closed with her breathing. After five minutes June uncuffed her and helped her to stand. They kissed long and deep. Mary asked,"Do you think we should check your emails to see if Master Janus has answered". "Yes lets", said June.

June opened her email. The icon said one new mail. June took Mary's hand saying,"Lets click on it together". Mary's heart was in her mouth as the two intwined hands moved the mouse over the inbox icon, she shut her eyes as they clicked. A new mail from Master Janus sat there waiting to be read. Mary looked away saying, "You read it June, I cant bare to look".

June opened the mail and began to read it out loud.
Hello again June.
I have looked at the photos of Mary and I must say I am most impressed.
She has a wonderful body and I also like that she kept her slave rings.
Yes it would be my pleasure to have both of you as my slaves.
I think you would make a lovely pair.
So I will also make arrangements for Mary to travel here.

Master Janus.

Mary jumped up and down dancing round the room in delight. She ran over and threw her arms round June hugging her and kissing her saying,"Oh thank you so much June, now we can be together as slaves to Master Janus".

June answered Master Janus, thanking him and also saying that Mary would need about two weeks to settle her afairs before she could travel, but that she would still be coming as arranged.
Signing off,Your slave June.
She clicked and sent the mail on it's way.
Mary said,"Thank you again June. Now would you like to share my bed tonight?".
June said, "Yes, but only if I can lick and suck your clity and titties!!!".
"Oh I'm sure I can be talked into that".
Mary went over to make the bed for them both. She was bent over pulling covers into place. June ran over and gave her a very hard slap on her red arse. Mary squeeled, spinning round and wrapping June in her arms, there lips locked and they fell onto the bed. They spent an hour or so exploring eachothers bodies before they fell into blissful sl**p wrapped in eachothers arms. In the morning June woke to find Mary's head buried between her legs sucking and licking on her clit. June reached down and lifted Mary's head, looked into her eyes and said, "I love you Mary". Mary replyed, "And I love you too June". For the next half hour they had a few wonderful orgasms and then got up to have some breakfast. Then June emailed Master Jauns with Mary's contact details so when she was on her way he could let Mary know her travel details.
They talked for a while over more coffee about how their lives from here might go. Then June left to go home and hopefully find Daren gone out of her life for good. Mary had called a taxi. When it arrived she walked June to the door. June stepped outside she turned and pulled Mary by the hand out onto the step. Then she kissed her full on the lips, for all the street to see. She didn't care anymore what people thought. She had taken controll of her life and this was how she wanted to live from now on. If Mary had have asked her to go on her knees and lick her pussy she would have done it without a second thought. As she broke off the kiss,June slipped her hand into Mary's dressing gown between her legs to find her wet pussy. She pushed a finger into it and gave her a little tweek. Then removing her finges she rased them to her lips and licked them. Mary blushed saying, "June you really are so wicket!!". June smiled saying,"Love you too Mary", turned and walked down the garden path. At the gate she turned and Mary said, "Love you June".
The taxi driver who had his window open heard and saw all this, he sat there with a shocked look on his face. June sat into to back of the taxi, saying, "Don't look so shocked, she fucked me with a huge rubber cock lastnight and it felt so good. Now shut up and drive". She gave him her address and he pulled out to take her home. She went into her house and found Daren was gone. He had brought some of his stuff so she knew he had got the message and was moving out.
Over the next few days she did what she had to leave her old life and begin a whole new one. She had some wonderful sexual nights with Mary, till it was time to go. So it was that she was standing waiting to board the Eurostar for Paris.

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