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Lindsay And Michelle After The Big Show

Author’s Note: The personalities featured in the story belong to themselves. No profit is made in writing and disributing this story.

Starring: Michelle Trachtenberg and Lindsay Lohan.

Codes: M/F, F/F

Lindsay slumped on the couch, a hideous thing worn-out by many other stars who rented the trailer before her, and lit a cigarette. She wiped sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand and exhaled. She was exhausted, having hosted the MTV Movie Awards and didn’t want to get up to go to the after party just yet.

She took a long drag and let
the smoke just sit in her lungs. Someone knocked on her trailer door, she frowned and called for them to come in. The door opened and Michelle Trachtenberg climbed in with two guys.

“Hey,” Lindsay said standing up and giving Michelle a friendly hug. She turned her attention to the two guys Michelle had brought along.

“That was a great show! I loved it when you danced, you were so… Sexy,” Michelle said her eyes sparkling with adoration.

“Thanks,” Lindsay said and motioned to the two guys who were looking at her like she was naked. In their minds, I probably am, she thought and was excited by it.

“Oh, this is Jonathan, we’re dating,” Michelle said putting his arms around the blonde and blue eyed one. “And this is his friend, Fred.” Fred waved nonchalantly at her and smiled. His brown eyes smiling at her as she blew out a stream of cigarette smoke.

“Hi,” Lindsay held out her hands and he shook it. “How did you guys like the show?”

“Oh it was fantastic. Especially when you danced!” Jonathan exclaimed.

“Yeah, I liked that too, but I loved the skits more.” Fred added.

“Okay, enough of this bullshit. Let’s get out of here so Lindsay can freshen up and get to the after party.” Michelle told them.

“Actually I think that I might just sit it out here, you know.” Lindsay said. “I mean you guys can stay with me if you want.”

“And do what?” Michelle moaned tugging Lindsay’s arm.

“We could just hang out. I’m sure we’ll think of something,” Lindsay smiled, a wicked smile at Michelle and looked at the direction of the two guys who were now sitting on the couch. Lindsay had known Michelle for about a month now, but she has heard of the reputation the Buffy’s little s****r longer than that.

“Lindsay Lohan, you little slut,” Michelle grinned. “Is that why you invited me here?”

“Word gets around that you know how to party,” Lindsay blew smoke directly in Michelle’s face.

“What if I came alone? I mean you didn’t know if I was bringing some guys over with me?” Michelle’s eyes sparkled and pulled Lindsay to her. Their chest were tight against each other. The guys now looked at them intently.

“Well, I also heard you swung both ways. Like me.”

“I like you. I mean, I’m really starting to like you.” Michelle took the lit cigarette from Lindsay and took a long puff of it. Lindsay took her face between her hands and pulled her for a kiss.

Fred and Jonathan gave high fives to each other and cheered them on. Lindsay had kissed girls before, but no one returned the favor like Michelle. She felt like they were at it for hours. Her tongue slid over and under Michelle’s cotton candy tongue.

She felt Michelle’s hands squeezing her ass, running up and down her spine and cupping her breast.

“Are these real?” Michelle asked pulling away from Lindsay’s hungry mouth, her hands feeling the heavy weight of Lindsay’s bosoms underneath her shirt.

“Yeah,” she answered then slipped her hands under Michelle’s blouse and cupped her small breasts on her palms. “And so are these.”

“Excuse me, ladies but we’re here,” Jonathan said from the couch. He and Fred were naked and right next to each other, their cocks were stiff and up, pointing to the ceiling.

Lindsay and Michelle giggled and looked at each other. “Pick one,” Michelle said to Lindsay.

“Jonathan,” Lindsay said, looking at his rock hard 9 incher. It was veering a little to the left she noticed.

“Hey, that’s my boyfriend,” Michelle teased slapping her on the arm. “Okay, I’ll take Fred then.” She said and assessed the 8 incher, which was thick all around.

Michelle and Lindsay walked over to the couch and knelt in front of their choices. “You first,” Lindsay told Michelle. She watched as Michelle grabbed Fred’s cock and began to jerk it off, slowly. Michelle massaged his balls with her other hand. Fred began to groan.

“You want me to suck you off?” she asked Fred with a mock innocent stare.

“Suck that cock baby,” he answered and Michelle began licking his balls. Lindsay watched intently as her friend’s tongue traveled up from Fred’s balls, up the shaft and finally on the tip of the cock. Then she took the crown in her mouth and rode it up and down. Lindsay turned to the cock in front of her face and began to lick and suck on it.

Both girls worked on their respective cocks intensely until both guys came. Fred blew his load first into Michelle’s throat. She swallowed most of it, a few drops dribbling down the side of her mouth. Lindsay settled on letting Jonathan come on her beautiful face. He plastered one of her eye shut with his thick come. Michelle laughed looking at her.

“You look so cute,” she said, taking Lindsay’s face between her hands and licking the sticky come off it. “But that’s a waste of Johnny’s sweet come, baby.” Michelle then kissed Lindsay, sharing with her the combined taste of Jonathan and Fred’s come.

“Mmmm, tasty,” Lindsay said giggling and continued to make out with Michelle.

The guys watched as the girls began to slowly undress each while making out. Michelle with her lean muscular body and small breast was proving to be the more aggressive one. Lindsay with her more substantial frame and breast was on her back on the carpet with Michelle on top, fucking her hard with two fingers. Their cocks began to rise again watching the girl on girl show.

Fred and Jonathan stood up and approached them. Jonathan put his arms around Michelle and carried her off to the couch, while Fred took his place on top of Lindsay. He pushed his now swollen again cock into Lindsay’s wet and begging cunt. She moaned as his width stretched her beyond what she was used to. He slowly drove up and down, in and out of her. She raised her hips to get more friction off the constant pumping.

Lindsay turned to look at the couch where Michelle was being pounded from behind mercilessly. She was moaning and screaming, her small tits bouncing. Lindsay was now getting the hang of Fred and he was pounding hard into her. She came fast and hard and shuddered beneath him. Fred pulled out his cock glistening with her pussy juices.

“Take it to Michelle, I’m sure she’ll love it,” Lindsay said, between gasps of air. Fred walked over to the couch and put his come covered cock in front of her face. Michelle growled and took it in her mouth, sucking of all of Lindsay’s juice of it. At that moment, Michelle began to orgasm as well.

Lindsay called for Jonathan and he came over to her on the floor. He straddled her face and put his girl-come dripping cock in Lindsay’s ravenous mouth. She licked and sucked off Michelle’s pussy drippings from the cock. Then Jonathan moved a bit and now put his cock between her hefty breasts. She squished them together and he began to grind. She could feel his balls running up and down and torso and it was tickling her.

On the couch Michelle was pumping furiously on top of Fred. His mouth was clamped over one of her breasts, sucking off it like a baby. Michelle groaned and pounded harder and harder, hungry to feel come exploding deep inside her. Fred started to groan loudly and then he came, almost a bucketful into Michelle’s cunt.

“Oh baby,” Michelle moaned coming herself from the sudden gush of hot, sticky liquid in her. She stood up and went over to Lindsay. Come was dripping down her legs and she sat in Lindsay’s face.

Lindsay had never eaten cunt before but she thought that this was the time to start doing it. She licked the come off Michelle’s thighs before sticking her tongue up the well-fucked hole. Jonathan moved from tit-fucking to sticking his now about to explode cock into Lindsay’s pink snatch. A few minutes more thrust and he erupted his load deep inside.

Lindsay was alarmed that Jonathan had come inside her, but then felt as Michelle

bent down and began to suck all the hot gooey man-milk out of her sore pussy. Lindsay was just blown away by the sensation that she came herself, squirting, for the first time, her juice all over Michelle’s face.

“F-U-C-K!” Lindsay moaned slumping tired and heavy. Michelle crawled around until her come drenched face was directly in front of Lindsay’s. A few drop fell on Lindsay’s flushed face and she pulled Michelle to her and licked all that juice off her face.

The guys were slumped on the couch, dozing off. Lindsay and Michelle lay side by side on the floor and slept their weariness off.

The End.

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