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Michelle For Everyone

Author’s Note: The personalities featured in the story belong to themselves. No profit is made in writing and disributing this story.

Starring: Michelle Trachtenberg.

Codes: M+/F+/F, Toys, Anal, Oral, Watersport, Bukkake

Michelle Trachtenberg put on her sunglasses and cap to finish the disguise. She took the elevator to the basement parking and took her best friend’s car, which she begged to use for this particular occasion. She drove to the Tony’s house up in the Hollywood Hills.

The house was large and the land bigger, the property used to be owned by some 80′s pop
star who snorted too much of her income through the nose. Tony was a businessman and a new player in California’s thriving movie industry, the porn movie industry that is.

How Michelle and Tony knew each other was one of those fairy-tale kind of stories. He had bought a video of her sucking off two guys in a club V.I.P. room and she begged him to not release it. They reached an amicable settlement where Michelle ended up on all four and taking his large dong in her then tight asshole.

Then Michelle began to drop around after that, just to get fucked good. The girl’s a natural slut, Tony had thought, too bad she was a mainstream star, otherwise she’d make a great porn star, just having turned eighteen a few days before their first tryst.

She drove into the property and parked the car next to Tony’s BMW Z3 and a few other cars there. She stepped out, and confident that there was no one around that could take her picture took off her cap and glasses. She opened her sweater to reveal her perky little breast and tight abs, she took the sweater and put in the car. Then she slipped out stretched pants, she was naked downstairs as well.

Her freshly shaven pussy was glorious in the open air and natural light. All she had on now was her sneakers and pink socks, which Tony liked, because it makes her look younger and sexier. Michelle walked up to the front door and it opened immediately for her. Tony held the door open. He was naked and his thick black cock bobbing as he moved.

Michelle was getting wet just looking at it, and couldn’t wait to get a taste of it. She went in and Tony closed the door behind her. “Let go to the pool area,” he said and led the way. They passed by the parlor where there was a film crew shooting what looked like a threesome. Michelle stopped and looked and saw that there were three girls, two of them with dildos strapped on and double penetrating the third girl.

She couldn’t help herself and just had to slip a finger in her now wet cunt. Tony tapped her on the shoulder and told her to follow him. She followed but looked back to see the girls and the film crew looking back at her young and fresh body with lust.

When they reached the pool area, Michelle was surprised by the spectacle. There were a lot, a whole lot of people there, a dozen girls, most as young as her, and thrice as many guys. They were all in the middle of fucking each other good and hard. Tony led Michelle to chair in the middle of the orgy and sat her there.

Michelle was so turned on by watching the scenes. All of the girls had at least three guys doing them, one in the pussy, one in the ass, and one in the mouth. Some were even giving a hand job to one or two guys who ran out of holes to fill.

Tony held his dick up against Michelle’s face and she knew what he needed. She took it in her mouth and began sucking the hell out of it. Tony’s cock grew to its full 14 inches and almost chocked her, but she persevered.

A few guys moved towards Michelle and pointed their throbbing cocks and jerked off. Michelle was surprised by all this flurry of activity that she tried to say something to Tony. Her mouth half open, three guys came in generous spurts that went into her mouth. The other guys chose to target her ears and nose. Michelle gagged and tried to shriek but was drenched in gooey man-juices.

Some of the girls giggled seeing Michelle trying to wipe away all the come on her face. But a few more guys approached and now blew their load all over Michelle’s body. Her hair, her eyes, her small tits, her knees, even her foot was targeted and hit.

When all of the guys had finished, Michelle was laughing and enjoying the sticky feeling. The guys were all applauding her, the girls who had been fucked but deprived of being comed on went to Michelle and began licking off all the jizzim from Michelle. Even the girls who were shooting in the parlor were there, one of them was now licking her thighs and slowly making its way to her dripping snatch.

To Michelle’s surprise the film crew was there too and it seemed that they were shooting the whole scene. But she couldn’t say anything because one of the dildo girls from the parlor was now shoving the plastic cock in and out of her mouth to the cheer of the appreciative male crowd. Mouths were all over Michelle’s body. Three girls were lavishing on her small pert breasts, other were on her navel while the rest were taking their turns fingering and licking her pussy.

She was so overwhelmed that Michelle shuddered with a monstrous orgasm. She squirted what seemed like a liter of pure white honey. The girls eating her out were just as surprised as her and were drenched. Michelle slumped on the chair, exhausted. Tony carried her to a mat by the pool and put her on her back. Then he took a small throw pillow and put it under ass for support.

“Fuck me,” Michelle said smiling. Tony slid his cock in the tight, slick pussy. Michelle groaned as he pumped in and out of her, quick short thrust that was hitting her right on the spot. The crowd cheered the two of them on and the film crew was taking a close up of her cunt lips stretched wide by the black cock.

Michelle suddenly gasped as Tony exploded inside of her, his come was hot and thick and had nowhere else to go. As he continued pumping into her, come was sloshing out of her tight pussy. Tony pulled out and offered is cock, to one of the girls who were watching. Michelle watched as the girl licked the come off it.

Another guy approached Michelle stuck his cock, smaller than Tony’s but still large, in her still dripping cunt. He rolled over and she was on top. She pumped up and down on his cock. Another guy took position behind Michelle and held her by the shoulders to steady her. He put his cock, against her puckered asshole and pushed in slowly. He settled to just getting the head up his cock in and out and then came in her. When he pulled away another guy took this place, and this time he worked his way in and like the first one came deep inside her.

Michelle lost track of the time and the number of guys she fucked. Before the orgy ended, Michelle ended up once again in the center chair and plastered from hair to sneakers with come. To wash it all off, the girls peed on Michelle and then dropped her in the pool.

They had a barbecue that night and then Michelle drove back to her apartment, tired, sore, bare feet and fucked to high heaven.

The End.

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