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My Taboo Fantasies part 1

Let me start this story with telling you a little about my situation. I am married and I have 3 k**s and my husband lives in a different state for work reasons, He makes it home almost every month for a few days but im pretty much on my own.

We have phone sex and cam sex alot to keep it interesting and I love watching him pleasure himself. I will sometimes let him buy full body massages so he can get his asshole and cock rubbed til he cums just so he can tell me about it (it drives me crazy) I love that the last time he went she had a skirt on and was on the table beside him on her knees stroking his hard cock with no panties on under her skirt and he was fingering her tight oriental pussy and asshole as he begged her to fuck and she kept saying no to him as she came all over his hand and moaned as his thumb was is her tight asshole and they both loved it but not as much as my sick mind as he told me about it I bet! Ive let him buy hookers before and take pics just so I could see his cock in her mouth mmmmm drives me over the edge.(that was in a different country that happened) He went to get another massage before and called me on speaker phone and i listened as she stroked his cock and sucked his cum out of it into the back of her throat! I think that was the first time I let it happen and I came so hard on the phone just listening to someone else pleasure my man so well!!

My mind is very demented when it comes to sex the things ive done and want to do and imagine myself doing sometimes scares me but I want them so bad to be reality sometimes! I sometimes wonder if my k**s inheritaed this from me! I mean can they?!?

I one time suspected my oldest son of doing some bad things like drinking, maybe d**gs and maybe even mistreating his first serious girlfriend so every chance I would get I would snoop on his computer to see what i could find when he wasnt home! One night as I was snooping I seen a file that I never looked in before so I opened it and to my surprise I found Pictures of him holding/stroking his huge cock and when I say huge I mean huge I couldnt believe my eyes and i couldnt believe how wet my pussy got staring at pictures of my sons cock! I leaned back and rubbed my clit and fingered my soaking wet pussy in his chair imagining I had his cock inside me! I pictured him sucking my nipples and rubbing his cock on them while i sucked the head of his cock while he had his fingers in mommys pussy. I got up on my knees on his chair and fingered myself from behind imagining he was thrusting his huge cock into asshole until he came inside me. I still get wet knowing he sits in my cum everyday in that chair!

This all started a whole new group of fantasies for me to share with my I told him what I found on the computer while he was home he asked me to show him the file and as I took him up to the bedroom my pussy was already dripping wet i stripped naked as we went up! I turned on the computer and showed him the pictures and with each one I showed him I could see him getting aroused watching me get so turned on looking at them again! As I showed him the pictures I told him what I imagined happening to me last time I was looking at the pics and he role played my son...he called me mommy as he sucked and chewed on my nipples and fingered my throbbing wet pussy as I sucked his massive cock deep in my throat...I sucked and stroked his cock so hard just picturing it was my son to the point where he almost came...I stopped him and said no! This is what he did next to his mommy as I bent over the chair and spread my ass cheeks apart and guided his cock to my puckered hole...he poked it into my ass as i screamed my sons name out and made him call me mommy deep in my ass and back out continuously til I couldnt take it no more I wanted him deep in my pussy...I layed on my sons bed and spread my legs wide open and said come fuck mommy baby boy fuck me husband playing the role slid his cock into my sloppy wet cunt and fucked me so hard that i squirted for my first time ever I squirted all over my sons bed and screamed with the best orgasm ever!

Ive never had sex with my son and never would...this is all just fantasies! I have many more stories/fantasies to tell this is just a small taste!

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