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The Video Store (Chapters 1, 2 & 3)

The Video Store

Lea had agreed to spend the weekend at her boyfriend Alex's apartment. She told her parents that she was visiting a college friend in the next state. Her little s****r Jenn knew about the arrangement but had promised to keep her secret. Jenn owed Lea one since Lea had found Jenn playing with herself while looking at a body builder magazine. Jenn was just discovering her sexuality and was easily excited. But Lea had been very supportive, explaining that she also liked to masturbate all the time.

Of course, Lea had not revealed herself for a few minutes. She had stood behind the partially open door watching Jenn in a recliner, legs spread open and skirt bunched up at her waist. Jenn was rubbing herself
through her panties which where glistening with her pussy juices. Lea was surprisingly excited by the whole affair. Her own pussy tingled as she watched her younger s****r finally cum. Lea had often found herself
attracted to other girls and her closeness to her s****r Jenn made the scene even more exciting. This had been about a week before. Now, at Alex's apartment, Lea was describing the scene while Alex stood at the sink doing their dinner dishes.

"Your s****r sounds really hot." Alex spoke as he washed the glass in his hand. "How did it make you feel?"

"Kind of turned on myself." Lea admitted. "The k** really came loud. She didn't know anyone was home." Lea remembered Alex's fetish for panties and went on, "I guess it's kind of sick, but I pulled her panties from the laundry basket later and smelled them. They were
still sticky from her pussy. They really smelled great."

"I bet they did." Alex said, feeling his cock growing from the vision of Lea holding her 16-year-old s****rs wet panties to her nose and mouth.

"So, what do you want to do tonight?" Lea asked Alex. He suggests to Lea that they head out to the video store and get a movie or two.

"Sounds great" Lea says, walking up behind Alex and placing her hands around his waist as he stood at the sink. "What sort of movie did you have in mind?" Lea kisses him softly on the back of the neck and gently
blows hot breath behind his ear. Her hands slip from his waist and move to the bulge at the front of his pants. She rubs his cock through his pants.

"Well," Alex sighs, pushing his crotch against her fingers but still washing the dish in his hands. "How about something you couldn't watch if you were at home?

"Hmmmmm." Lea answers. "That sounds like just the movie I was hoping for." Still behind him, Lea un-buckles his pants and slides her hands into the open jeans. She slips past his underwear and places both hands on his cock. She pulls and strokes it, enjoying the moan of delight from Alex that her gentle caress on his cock caused. Her fingers slide lower until she can feel the heat from his balls. Lea massages them between her fingers Alex pushes his ass against her groin. After he is as hard as a post, Lea withdraws her hands and steps back. Alex spins around in frustrated bewilderment.

"Just a taste, Sweetheart." Lea giggles.

"Oh, you're going to pay." Alex smiles and says back to

"Yeah... I know." Lea giggles again.

When all is cleaned up, they head out for the video store. Avoiding the large chain video stores, they prefer to rent their videos from the little Mom & Pop store at the edge of town. Coincidentally, it is where
Lea's teenage s****r Jenn works. Jenn is only a junior in high school, but works regularly to help prepare for her senior trip to Hawaii.

Entering the store, the notice the cashier station empty. But the bells on the entry door ring out and they hear Jenn call out from the rear of the store that she'll be right out. Jenn's voice comes from the adult's section, which is in a room all to itself. This layout of the store prevents c***dren from accidentally wandering into the adult section.

Lea and Alex make their way to the room and walk in on Jenn as she is standing on a tall ladder, re-stacking videos onto the shelves. The view up Jenn's pleated plaid skirt is beautiful. Alex can see a shadowed hint of the crotch of Lea's white cotton panties.

"Hi Jenn." Lea says as they walk into the back room.

Doing a little after hours sex education?

"Oh Hi Lea..., Hi Alex." Jenn responds awkwardly. She is extremely embarrassed at having to stack the adult section. And although Lea is only one year older, it still makes Jenn feel weird, but excited. Like when Lea caught her playing with herself. Jenn was attracted to Lea also. Lea didn't know it, but the pages Jenn was looking at while masturbating were those showing pictures of female body-builders.

"Uh yeah. It's kind of embarrassing, so I wait until the end of the night." Jenn explains. "I kind of like to be alone when I have to do this section.

"Why is that? Alex asks, moving from video to video, inspecting the scenes and pointing them out to Lea at his side.

"Well, you know." Jenn giggles. "Its all the sex stuff on the boxes."

"Does it turn you on? Lea asks Jenn.

"Well, kind of." Jenn admits. In truth, Jenn waits until the store is closed so that she can masturbate while looking at the scenes on the boxes.

"Me too." Lea answers. "Do you do anything about it?

"What do you mean? Jenn shoots back, half embarrassed but also curious as to where this is leading.

"Well, you know. Do you touch yourself, like before?" Lea asks.

"Lea you promised!" Jenn shouts at Lea, referring to Lea's promise not to say anything.

"I just promised not to say anything to Mom and Dad. Besides, I think Alex kind of has a thing for you." Lea says, while squeezing Alex's cock. Alex smiles and nods his head at Jenn.

Jenn sees her s****r squeezing his cock and is frozen. She is suddenly extremely jealous, but wonders how it would feel to have a man's cock in her hand. Especially Alex's giant bulge. Jenn turns back to the ladder and starts restocking the videos again.

"Sure he does." She says sarcastically. Inside, she really hoped he did. She had spent many a night fantasizing about how Alex and Lea looked naked, making love. Although she had never seen a cock, much less felt or tasted one, she wondered how his cock would taste with Lea's pussy juice all over it.

Alex continues to scan the shelves, picking up a movie now and then and reading the description. Lea does the same, standing next to Jenn as she replaces the returned movies. Lea looks up Jenn's skirt, as Jenn is
busy with the videos. She sees the dim outline of her s****r's white cotton panties as she stretches up to place a video. Suddenly, Jenn looks down and sees where her s****r is looking and smiles. Excited by the whole episode, Jenn lingers for a moment, then spreads her legs a little wider. Lea smiles back. She reaches up and slides her fingers beneath the skirt. When she reaches her s****r's pussy, Lea rubs the tender spot gently. Jenn sighs and closes her eyes. Jenn wanted to be touched so badly.

"I'll be right back." Jenn says, climbing down from the ladder. "It's ten o'clock and I have to lock up."

Lea walks over to Alex and peeks at the film he is looking at. It is a movie about two women and a man.

"That's interesting." Lea says. The box shows a man fingering a woman from behind as she stands leaning against a wall.

As they stand close to each other, Alex moves his hand so that it gently brushes against Lea's breast. Since she isn't wearing a bra, it grazes her nipple and sends a jolt of excitement through her breast.

Lea leans in close and brings her lips to Alex's. They kiss, allowing their tongues to begin the dance that they know will turn them on. Their hands are wandering all over their bodies in early foreplay.

Jenn walks back into the room and sees them kissing. She smiles, picks up her stack of movies and returns to the restocking. Lea and Alex continue to kiss, softly moaning and becoming very excited by the notion of being watched.

The sounds and the proximity to their passion also turn on Jenn. The fact that she is looking at picture after picture of people having sex on the video boxes also helps ignite her lust. Jenn feels a familiar throbbing in her pussy and wishes there were something she could do about it.

Lea and Alex break the kiss and see Jenn standing with her back towards them. She is standing on her tip toes, legs slightly spread as she reaches up to place a video on the top rack. Her short skirt has risen high on her thigh and a hint of panty is showing. Alex holds up the
box with the picture of the man fingering the woman from behind and looks back to Lea. She smiles and nods her head.

They walk over to Jenn, who is still on her toes with her legs wide apart for balance. Alex places his hand on the back of her thigh and slides it forward until it lightly rubs up against her panty covered pussy. Jenn closes her eyes and lets her head roll back. She moans and presses down upon his hand. Alex gently rubs the fabric against her wet slit, making her hips grind back and forth. His finger searches all over her panty covered pussy, enjoying the sighs and moans his touch
brings from Jenn. Alex slides two fingers up through the leg hole and they easily find their way to Jenn's opening. He eases them past the wet lips and straight up into her vagina. She groans aloud as his fingers fill her, touching the walls within her and circling a finger around her cervix. He wiggles them back and forth, feeling the wetness of her lust coat his index and middle finger.

Lea is so aroused she has started to touch herself. She pulls off her tee shirt and pulls and squeezes her nipples. She can imagine the pleasure Jenn is feeling.

Her own pussy is seeping with the liquid of her passion. Lea can hear Alex's fingers squishing within Jenn's pussy. The smacking noise gets louder as he starts to thrust them in and out. Jenn holds onto the
wall and raises one leg onto a shelf, allowing Alex to slide two more fingers into her pussy for a total of four. At this point he is almost fisting her and Jenn is screaming out that she is going to cum.

Lea's hands slide down from her breasts and onto the waistband of her sweat pants. She quickly hooks the waistband of her pants and her panties and pulls them both down with one draw. Lea drops to the floor with her pants at her ankles and spreads her knees apart.

She begins to finger her own sex while watching Jenn shake and pump making her juices run from her pussy and down her thighs. Alex has his arm around her waist so that she is supported as her final shudders subside. When she has recovered enough to stand on her own, Alex
slips his hand from within Jenn's pussy and sees Lea playing with herself.

"Now that's beautiful. Isn't it?" Alex says to Jenn as she moves from the wall and stands next to him.

"Oh yes. But the picture's incomplete." Jenn answers.

Jenn reaches to the shelf beside her and pulls down a video box. She hands it to Alex who looks at it and smiles.

"Yeah." Alex says while reading the text on the box.

"This will do just fine."

Lea is on fire and her fingertips are grinding tiny circles on her clit. Her pussy leaks and the opaque liquid runs down her pussy and tickles her asshole.

Jenn takes the box, kneels next to Lea and shows her the title. Lea groans as she reads it aloud. "Anal Assistant."

Lea kicks off her shoes and Jenn pulls Lea's pants completely off. Then Lea rolls over and presents her ass for Alex's pleasure.

Alex walks over and as he gets close, Jenn reaches out and starts to unbuckle his pants. After Alex has pulled off his boots, Jenn helps him step out of his pants. His cock is standing straight and hard.

Jenn pulls it to her mouth and licks all over the head, making it drip with her saliva. Then she pulls Alex down by the cock until it is lined up with Lea's ass.

With great care, Jenn slides Alex's cock into Lea's tiny hole. Lea groans as the feeling of fullness in this smallest of opening overwhelms her.

Then, as though she were running a machine of some sort, Jenn starts to slide Alex's cock in and out of Lea. Jenn sets up a rhythm determined by the sound of Lea's moans. When the rhythm is set, Jenn lets her free
hand reach behind Alex's ass and she starts to play with his balls from behind. Alex's cock swells from this new feeling and Lea moans as her ass is stretched even further. In a matter of moments, Alex starts to
call out that he can't take much more.

Jenn begins to tickle his balls using her long fingernails. She sc****s the sensitive area between his balls and his ass. Alex's head flies back and he groans aloud.

Jenn can hear the change in intensity as both Lea's and Alex's orgasms begin to hit them. Alex's cock slides deep into Lea's ass, slamming his balls against her buttocks and she can feel each hot jet of cum wash over her inner walls.

At the checkout counter, Jenn places the two movies into a plastic bag and hands it to Lea. "Let me know if the movies live up to the boxes." She says.

"I don't think we're done yet. Why don't call Mom and tell her your going out, then come over?" Lea asks.

"Yeah." Alex adds. "See for yourself."

Jenn smiles picks up the phone and dials home.

The Video Store: On The Road Again [part 2 of 3]
By: Zaphod (

The Video Store II: “On The Road Again”

Jenn makes the call to her mother and gets permission to stay with her
s****r “at the college friend’s house.” Alex excuses himself and goes
into the video store bathroom where he washes his cock with soap and
hot water, removing all traces of Lea’s tight ass. After he emerges,
they leave the store. Jenn locks up while Alex and Lea talk quietly to
each other. Jenn walks around them and enters the back seat of Alex’s
car, an enormous 1987 Delta 88. Jenn watches them kiss for a moment and
is surprised as Lea opens the driver’s door and climbs in. Jenn sees
Alex make his way around the car towards the empty side of the back
seat. Before he reaches the door handle, Lea leans over the front seat
and speaks to Jenn.

“Do you mind a little company back there?”

“Uhh, no.” Jenn says, both surprised and delighted at the same time.
“That’d be great!” She adds as Alex opens the door and climbs in beside

“Hi k**!” Alex says as he slides in beside Jenn. “Want to have some fun
on the way home?”

“Oh yeah.” Jenn says with a smile. She realizes that she is going to
have an older boy’s body all to herself in the giant backseat of his
car. This is the stuff teenage dreams are made of and she slides over
so she can be closer to him.

In the front seat, Lea smiles and turns back around. She reaches into
her pocket and pulls out her panties from where she has stashed them.
She turns back around and hands them to Jenn. Jenn takes them with a
quizzical look on her face.

“OK little s****r, one of the things Alex really loves is being jerked
off with my panties. He loves the feel of the fabric against his skin.
Think you might like to try that?”

“I think that would be great.” Jenn says, sliding the silky fabric
between her fingers. The idea of holding her s****r’s freshly moistened
panties brings a wave of warmth over her body and Jenn shudders
involuntarily from the pure sexuality of the moment.

Jenn looks to Alex who smiles and says “thank you” with a look of
absolute desire in his eyes.

With a look of delight in her own eyes, Jenn smiles and says, “Oh, no... My pleasure.” Then she reaches over and places her hand on the bulge forming in his pants. “But let me ask something,” she says with a
devilish smile. “Would you like it if I used my panties too?”

“Oh my God,” Lea laughs out loud as she pulls out into traffic. “Has she got your number or what?”

Overcome with the idea of his girlfriend’s little s****r rubbing his
cock with both their panties, Alex can do nothing more than nod

“Great but you have to take them off.” Jenn says awed at his mesmerized
stare. She swivels in her seat and brings her legs up onto the car
seat. Leaning back against the door, she slowly begins to inch the hem
of her pleated skirt up her thighs. When she reaches the point where
the crotch of her white panties is visible, she stops. With an
agonizingly slow movement, she slightly parts her legs. All the while,
she looks at Alex’s face, enjoying the look of extreme erotic tension
that makes him stare at her open legs and creamy white skin.

Alex leans in closer and inhales deeply as the scent of her excited
pussy fills the warm interior of the car. He leans back and openly
moans at the sensation her musk brings to his mind and groin. He shifts
in his seat as his cock grows in response to the sensuality of it all.
He can only imagine how wonderful it is going to be to see, feel and
taste her. Alex looks up into Jenn’s eyes and smiles. She smiles back
and nods.

Alex reaches out and slides his hands up her skirt. In the darkness, he
takes hold of the elastic of her panties and starts to draw them down
her hips. Jenn raises her bottom from the car seat so that he can pull
the off. With as slow a movement as she had performed a moment before,
Alex gently pulls her panties down her smooth young legs. As her feet
pull free from the silk restraint, she lets her right leg lower to the
floor and her left leg raise to the top of the rear seat. Now it is
Jenn’s turn to moan as the cool air plays across the hot wet lips of
her pussy. It tickles the sensitive flesh and she involuntarily reaches
down and slides her fingers across the slippery opening, pulling and
massaging the tender flesh. With fingers on each side, she pulls her
outer lips open, as if inviting Alex to play. Looking up at Alex, she
sees him extend a single finger and slowly bring it closer to her
pussy. Jenn sighs as she sees and feels his finger gently slide over
the moist sticky skin. The tip of his finger enters her and just as
quickly withdraws, pulling a single strand of her juice out with it.

Alex brings the liquid covered finger to his mouth and licks it with a
slow caress of his tongue.

With her left hand still holding her lips apart, Jenn begins to slide
the index finger of her right hand over her clitoris. In slow
deliberate circles, she spreads the wetness oozing from within her
pussy over the tight knot of nerves gathered in the taut button of
flesh. The feeling is electric, causing her hips ever so slightly to
rotate along with her finger.

Alex takes advantage of Jenn’s actions to lean back and pull off his own pants. His cock springs upright with a snap. He scoots down in the seat so that his legs overlap Jenn’s. His cock and balls are now only inches away from her pussy. Jenn watches as he wraps her s****r’s panties around his cock and begin to slide it up and down its length. Then he takes Jenn’s panties and starts to caress his balls, letting the fabric slide and tease the wrinkled flesh. Only inches apart, they are masturbating for each other’s pleasure.

“It’s too quiet back there.” Lea says, looking back over the seat as
they pull up to a red light. “Ohhh. I understand.” she says. Lea
reaches back to Alex’s cock and places her hand beneath his, squeezing
and stroking along with Alex. After dozen or so strokes, she reaches a
few inches over and brings her hand between Jenn’s open thighs. Lea
slides her middle finger along her s****r’s slit. Jenn stops grinding
her clit and runs her fingers up her s****r’s arm, up her shoulder and
neck leaving a thin trail of shiny lust. Finally lets them rest at her
s****r’s cheek. Lea opens her mouth and Jenn slides the sticky fingers
onto her s****r’s waiting tongue. Lea closes her mouth and sucks the
sweet and salty passion from Jenn’s fingers. At the same time, Lea
slides her middle finger into her s****r’s pussy, rolling it around and
bringing a groan from Jenn.

Suddenly, they all jump at the sound of a car horn as the driver behind
them signals that the light had changed.

“Opps, sorry.” Lea says laughing as she turns around and accelerates.

Jenn laughs also and says, “OK, now you had a special request, right?”
She reaches out and takes hold of both pairs of panties. “Let me get in
the right position. Lea, could you pull the seat up some please?”

“You got it.” Lea says as she reaches to her lower left and electrically moves the seat to its most forward position.

Jenn slides off the back seat and half sits-half kneels before Alex’s
now prone body. Jenn raises his right leg so that it sitting on the
deck behind the seat. His legs are now as spread as hers were a moment
before. Jenn takes the panties from his hands, and placing one over
each hand, begins to gently slide her hands up and down his open legs.
She takes care to let the silky fabric sometimes just barely touch his
skin, so that he can enjoy the teasing quality of the light cloth. Alex
groans and moans with each slide of her hands.

“Oh that sounds great.” Lea says from the front seat, her fingers
caressing her right nipple through her shirt.

Suddenly Alex hisses a sharp intake of air as both of Jenn’s hands slide the panties over his waving cock. Keeping her hands lightly stroking him with the panties, Jenn leans over his cock and lets her tongue glide over the head, pulling it into her mouth and swirling it around in a moment of frenzied action. With her mouth, she pulls upwards, raising his ass from the car seat by his cock.

“Ahhhhh... Oh Good God... Ahhhhh” Alex cries out from the pure delight
of Jenn’s young hot mouth. As his ass raises from the seat, Jenn slides
one of the panties beneath his balls. Then she releases him from her
mouth and his body falls back onto the seat with a moan of
disappointment from Alex.

“There, that’s better.” Jenn says. Lifting the exposed edge of the
panties, Jenn wraps his balls in the sheer fabric. Now, as her fingers
caress his skin, the silk of her panties spreads the sensation and
sends him into grinding fits of exquisite lust.

“Are you ready?” Jenn says to Alex. Beginning to finger his balls and
stroke his cock at the same time.

With his hands behind his head and a teenage girl prepared to jerk him
off, Alex smiles.

“Like never before.” Is his breathy response.

Jenn slides her left hand up and down the fleshy shaft, gathering the
material of her s****r’s panties at the bulbous head and then along the
length. Jenn keeps just the right amount of pressure on his cock so
that he feels mostly panties with each stroke.

With her right hand, his balls are teasingly caressed through her own
pink panties.

Jenn watches as Alex’s face begins to contort with the rush of the impending cum. She expertly increases and decreases speed to try and
make the experience last as long as possible. However, the teasing has
taken its toll and within fifty or so strokes, Alex warns her.

“I’m going to cum. Oh fuck, I’m going to cum.” He shouts through gritted teeth.

“Cum for me baby! Yeah, make him cum for me, Jenn.” Lea says from the
front seat, while tugging and twisting her nipple as she makes the
final turn onto their street.

“Whatever you say, s*s.” Jenn giggles, doubling the speed of the strokes and pulling on his scrotum.

With a final shout of delight, the head of Alex’s cock erupts in jet
after jet of creamy white joy. Jenn watches with glee as her hand
movements send the cum up into the air, splashing her face and shirt.

As they pull into the driveway, Alex lays back, spent and softly

“That was beautiful.” Jenn says looking back at the peaceful scene of
her boyfriend’s cock and balls in her s****r’s hands.

“Now it’s our turn, right?” Jenn asks in a tiny voice.

“Let’s go inside.” Lea says with a wink.

The Video Store 3 - Coming Home [part 3 of 3]
By: Zaphod (

After dressing and leaving the car, Alex unlocked the front door to his house and Lea and Jenn followed him in. They entered the living room and Alex offered to take their coats. This was the first time she had
ever been in Alex’s house. In fact it was the first time she had ever been in any single man’s place. Full of curiosity, she scanned the
room. It didn’t look too much different than her home. She saw a
collection of lamps, some non-descript paintings and posters, a few
partially dead plants, a scratched coffee table and a full sized dark
green fabric couch with a high back next to a matching overstuffed
armchair. However, both of these faced an item not found in her home, a
big screen television.

“Make yourself comfortable.” Alex said to Jenn as he and Lea moved off
towards an open doorway. “Can I get you something to drink? He called
from the kitchen.

“Whatever you guy’s are having.” Jenn replied as she moved to the
videotape cabinet next to the television. She scanned row after row of
comedy movies, action movies and suspense films stacked on the open
shelves. She had a momentary flashback of the video store and a
fleeting urge to put them in alphabetical order. As she made her way to
the bottom of the shelves, she came upon a couple of doors to the lower
cabinet portion. She knelt down and opened it.

Jenn’s eyebrows rose in delight as she saw dozens of tapes, all with
the familiar “XXX” rating on the edge. Running a finger across the
shelf, Jenn saw some she recognized from working in the video store.
Others had titles she was unfamiliar with. There were also a few
without any edge labels. Sitting down cross-legged in front of the
cabinet, Jenn began to pull out the unfamiliar videos one at a time and
look at the front covers. Behind her, she could hear Alex and Lea
returning into the room.

“Refreshments!” Lea said.

“Be right there.” Jenn answered, enjoying the sex scenes on the tape
cases too much to leave right then. Jenn reached her left hand beneath
her skirt that lay d****d on her lap. Having left her panties off from
the car experience a few minutes before, Jenn had full access to her
sex. She snuck a quick swipe of her finger along her still wet slit,
bringing the sweet sticky moisture to her lips and sucking her finger

Jenn continued to browse the videos, taking an extra moment to study the video that described a woman taking on 310 cocks, one right after the other. Jenn couldn’t help but notice that the woman looked very tired. Behind her, Jenn could hear the unmistakable sound of a cork being pulled from a bottle. She recognized the gurgle of a liquid being
poured into a glass... one, two, three glasses. Then, surprisingly, she
heard the liquid being poured into a forth container. She turned her
head and saw that Alex was pouring a small amount of wine into a bong.

Jenn was floored. She’d only seen them in the backs of the porn
magazines she peeked at in her mother’s dresser. She dropped the video
and moved on her hands and knees to the coffee table. Then she resumed
the sitting position across from Lea and Alex who sat on the couch.

Jenn picked up the bong and looked at it. She turned it around in her
hand, noticing various holes, and tubes and a small bowl that had a big
pinch of pot in it. The whole device was about 10 inches high and was
mostly a clear blue cylinder.

“Me first.” Lea said, reaching for the bong from Jenn’s hand.

Jenn gladly gave it up, reaching herself for a glass of red wine and
taking a big drink. Jenn surmised that she might as well be d***k if
she were going to get stoned. She watched, learning as Lea ignited the
lighter, placed her lips over the top of the cylinder, kept her finger
over the hole halfway up the middle and placed the flame near the bowl.
Then she gently inhaled. The smoke flowed down the thin tube and
bubbled through the wine, filling the chamber with rolling white smoke.
As it did, Lea’s eyes grew big and she smiled. Then she uncovered the
hole and inhaled. The smoke shot from the tube into Lea’s waiting

Keeping the smoke in her lungs, Lea handed the bong to Alex, who
repeated the process step-by-step. When he was done, he held it out to
Jenn and shrugged his shoulders in the universal sign of “Yes... No?”

Jenn took it from his hand and looked at it. At that moment, Lea exhaled and after a slight cough, said “Here sweetheart, like this.” Lea patiently helped Jenn properly hold it and guided her through the
entire maneuver. As the smoke entered Jenn’s lungs, she fought the
overwhelming urge to cough it out. She had never as much as smoked a
cigarette, much less a bong. In about three seconds, it became too much
and she began the time-honored coughing fit that accompanies this first

By the time, Alex had filled the bowl a second time Jenn was an expert.

After a few minutes of drinking wine, taking hits and talking about this and that, Lea could feel the effect of the pot and the wine. She was really feeling horny. She daydreamed for a moment while Alex and Lea continued to talk. The images of Alex’s cock erupting as she jerked him off with her own and Lea’s panties, as well as watching him slide his smooth muscular cock in and out of her s****r’s asshole was
overwhelming in this state. With her eyes closed, she unwittingly slid
her finger back under her skirt, seeking out the wetness that lay
between her legs. She let the finger tip linger for a moment, enjoying
the sensation the sudden contact made as it easily slid across her
clitoris. Then she withdrew it again and brought it to her lips to
again enjoy the taste of her own passion. As the finger entered her
mouth, she opened her and saw that Lea and Alex were quietly staring
right at her.

“OHMYGOD!” Jenn screamed at being caught fingering herself. Lea and Alex exploded with laughter and delight.

After they calmed down, Jenn tried to change the subject.

“Okay, Okay... I can tell what these films are,” Jenn said to Alex
pointing to the Triple X plastic cases. “But what are these?” she
continued, pulling an unlabeled video from it’s cardboard sleeve.

Alex looked directly at Lea. Lea took another pull from her wine and
nodded her consent to Alex.

“See for yourself.” Alex answered Jenn.

Jenn crawled back to the TV stand and knelt upright. She loaded the tape into the VCR and turned it all on.

She rose from her position and started to walk to the chair.

“No... No... Sit here.” Lea said, patting the space next to her on the

Jenn spun about and fell back onto the sofa, her skirt billowing up for
a moment. Jenn patted it down in a mock motion of modesty. Lea laughed
and grabbed at the hem, flinging it up and exposing Jenn’s crotch. They
both laughed again.

Alex reached onto the coffee table and grabbed the remote. He
fast-forwarded the tape through the leader until it started to play.

“Which one is it?” Lea asked Alex.

“Don’t know. The pizza guy I think.” Alex responded.

Jenn watched as the camera spun about a bedroom. It suddenly focused on
the bed. Jenn was amazed to see her s****r, naked on her knees and
sucking the cock of some unknown guy. The camera worked closer to the
bed, so that the frame was filled with the long cock sliding in and out
of her mouth. As it got closer, Jenn watched as Lea winked at the
camera. Then she started to deep throat the guy.

“Make it louder.” Lea said to Alex. Alex tapped the volume control twice and now Jenn could hear the unmistakable sound of a blowjob. The size of the television set made the cock look gigantic as Lea slid it in and out of her throat. Each inward motion was accompanied by a groan from the unknown man.

From the TV, Jenn heard Alex’s off-screen voice say “Me too honey.”

Then the camera shifted and shot downward, revealing Alex’s hard shaft
bobbing from between his legs. The image panned back again and the
screen was now filled with the image of Lea sucking the young man’s
cock and her right hand stroking Alex’s pole.

Jenn was in awe. This was hotter than any porn film she had ever seen.
Mostly because she knew the stars and she knew they weren’t acting. On
the giant TV, Jenn watched as Lea released the cock from her mouth and
began stroking it as she did to Alex’s. The scene ended as both men
came loudly, shouting and splashing their white ooze all over Lea’s
breasts. It finally faded to black while Lea smeared the creamy
solution onto her chest.

Alex hit the pause button.

“Well, what do you think?” Alex asked Jenn.

Jenn paused for moment and reaching for the lamp next to her, flicked
off the light so that the room became a little less bright, and more

“What’s the next scene?” Jenn said in a low husky voice.

“Oh, it’s good.” Lea answered, knowing which tape it was now, and
knowing what was next. “But first, Let’s get comfortable”

Lea rose from the couch and pulled down her sweatpants. She kicked them
off and then took off her sweatshirt. Alex also disrobed. When they sat
back onto the couch, they were both naked. Jenn then stood and slowly
unbuttoned her blouse. She felt a rush of heat wash through her body as
she pulled it off. She was as excited stripping for these two as they
were watching her. However, when Jenn reached around in her stoned and
mildly d***k state, she fumbled with her bra clasp.

“Here, let me help.” Lea said sensuously, placing her hands on Jenn’s
waist and slowly turning her around. Lea reached up and easily released
the clasp. Then she turned Jenn again so that she faced them both. Jenn
slowly let the bra cups slide off her breasts and inhaled sharply as
their release from the cotton confines allowed her nipples to expand
and grow harder.

“Your skirt too.” Alex said in an almost hushed whisper. He was caught
up in this slow teasing strip and was gently stroking his cock while he
watched her, making it grow hard and long in his hand.

Jenn reached for the zipper on the side and began to lower it. The sound of the teeth coming apart was the only noise they could hear. When it was finally apart, Jenn let it fall to the carpet. She stood next to her s****r, looking wantonly into Lea’s eyes. Lea smiled, slid forward on the couch and moving her fingertips up the outsides of Jenn’s thighs, continued the motion across Jenn’s abdomen and then up again until they rested below Jenn’s breasts. Lea placed her palms under the swell of Jenn’s teenage mounds and lovingly slid them upwards, until they sc****d ever so slowly over her nipples. Jenn moaned aloud at the wonderful sensation of her s****r’s touch. Lea’s fingers closed over Jenn’s nipples and firmly twisted and pulled the hard flesh, sending jolts of delight throughout her s****r’s young body. Lea rose slightly and placed her lips over Jenn’s left nipple. She teased it with her tongue, licking it quickly back and forth, and occasionally tugging at it with her teeth. Jenn moaned and ground her hips, feeling each stab of pleasure make its way from her breast to her pussy.

With one hand still stroking his cock, Alex hit the play button and the
VCR whirred back into motion. Lea looked up from Jenn’s breast and saw
that the video was starting again. She released Jenn’s breast, gave her
nipple one final kiss and sat back onto the couch. Jenn shuddered for a
moment and sat back also. This time her legs were spread wide. She let
her right leg d**** over Lea’s left leg and turning to face each other,
both s****rs smiled.

Jenn looked back at the TV and saw the image of Alex naked in a shower,
facing away from the showerhead. From the right side of the screen, Lea
appeared and walked into the shower. She stood behind him so that he
was protected from the stream of water. Jenn watched the video, as Lea
reached for a tube of shaving gel and squirted some onto her hands,
rubbing them together until a mound of rich lather formed. Then she
reached around and with her hands full of soap lather slowly stoked his
stiff cock from behind. The camera was obviously fixed on a stand, as
it was far enough from the shower to stay dry, but framed and focused
properly so that the both Lea and Alex were clear and filled the giant

On screen, Lea stroked and pulled Alex’s cock. She also spread some of
the lather between his legs from behind and played with his balls and
asshole. Alex was leaning against the sidewall of the shower stall,
with his hands over his head supporting his weight. He was groaning
loudly and grinding back and forth against Lea’s expert touch.

This was too much for Jenn. She needed to touch someone real quick. Jenn reached over and placed her right hand between Lea’s partially open legs. While still watching the TV, Jenn felt about, until she found the sticky opening to Lea’s pussy. She let the edge of her little finger slide up and down against her older s****r’s slit, feeling the warmth and wetness. Lea sighed and opened her legs further, inviting a more substantial touch.

Looking over from the screen, Alex saw what was happening between the
s****rs. He slid down from the couch and knelt on the carpet. Both Jenn
and Lea looked down at him with questioning faces.

“Allow me?” Alex said as he gestured for them to bring their feet up
onto the couch and slide their pussies forward. They understood
immediately and raised their feet so that their knees were up and their
legs partially overlapped. Before Alex were two open pussies, just
waiting for his attention. While the teen girls continued to watch the
video of Alex getting jerked off, Alex himself went to work. He lowered
his face to Lea’s open pussy lips and began to lick from the bottom of
her slit to the top. This was her favorite lick and he knew it would
make her crazy. At the same time, he reached over with his right hand
and let his fingers slide up and down Jenn’s opening. Jenn moaned aloud
as the teasing touch drew drop after drop of passion from within her.
Then Alex switched and began to lick Jenn’s pussy. He flicked his
tongue with light touches all along her lips, until he centered on her
engorged clitoris. Then he sucked it with his lips, pulling hard and
making Jenn cry out loud in delight.

Of course, at the same time, he slid his left hand onto Lea’s pussy and
slid two fingers in and out of her. Lea ground her hips against his
fingers, trying to make herself cum. She had closed her eyes, grinding
her head back against the couch. However, Jenn’s eyes were fixed to the
TV, because she had never seen such and erotic scene before. On the TV,
Lea was stroking Alex’s slippery, lathered cock with her right hand and
was playing with his tender, sensitive balls with her left. Alex was
screaming out that he was going to cum and almost instantly his cock
began to shoot load after load of cum against the sidewall of the

Alex again switched back to Lea’s pussy and with his fingers he spread
her labia wide apart. Lea raised her legs even higher and tried to
spread them as far apart as she could. Jenn looked down and saw what
was happening. She grabbed Lea’s left leg and helped her pull it up and
towards her. This exposed Lea’s pussy even more and her clitoris slid
out from beneath its fleshy covering. Alex placed his lips directly on
it and began to firmly suck the glistening fingertip of skin. Lea
screamed that she was cumming. Alex kept his mouth pressed firmly on
her sex and sucked on the clitoris furiously, letting his teeth gently
rub against her most sensitive flesh. Lea body shook and jerked, her
legs twitching as each spasm of ecstasy sent spurt after spurt of her
cum across his chin.

Jenn watched in awe as Alex leaned back and placed his palm flat against Lea’s pussy. He held it there as Lea continued to jerk and grind against it, slower and slower as she came down from the sexual high he had brought her to. Jenn let Lea’s leg slip down to the floor as Lea leaned back against the couch in a post-orgasmic rest. When Lea seemed almost asl**p from the exertion and the pleasure, Alex withdrew his hand and leaned back on his heels. When he did so, his cock rose
upwards, catching Jenn’s eye.

Jenn saw Alex’s cock moving up and down with each breath he took. It was stiff and red, and so inviting. Jenn immediately knew she wanted to
feel him inside her. She wanted him so bad she was almost crying from
the desire. Deep within her pussy Jenn could feel her muscles
tightening and relaxing in anticipation of his presence. She tore her
eyes from the sight of his cock and looked straight into Alex’s face.
Then she spoke in a hushed but stressed whisper.

“Please Alex, I want you inside me.” She scooted her hips forward a
little more so that her pussy was past the edge of the cushion.
“Please. Please let me feel you going in and out of me. Slow at first,
and then real hard” Jenn’s legs were raised up and back, as only a
young woman could do without effort. Alex looked at the partially open
slit, glistening and shiny with the remnants of her prior orgasms. Her
pubic hair was matted with the thick viscous liquid.

“Oh God Yes! Of course” Alex said hurriedly as he rose to a crouching
position and brought his cock within an inch of Jenn’s young opening.
Lovingly, he let the full length of his cock slide over the lips of her
sex. Jenn groaned as she felt the heat and pressure of his cock grind
against the sensitive skin. Each motion transferred the moisture
seeping from within her onto the underside of his 7-inch muscle.

Expertly, Alex pushed the smooth rounded head of his cock so that it
just barely entered Jenn’s opening. Jenn gasped as it stretched her
hole wide, giving her a suggestion of the fullness her sex would soon
feel. Alex drove it in a fraction of an inch and the pulled it out
again, teasing her pussy as it stretched open and then pulled closed,
making her cry out with desire.

“No... Push it in. God Please Alex, push it in me. I need you to fuck
me. Fuck me now!” Jenn shouted at him, almost sobbing from the tortuous
play. Jenn leaned forward and grabbed at his waist, pulling him close
to her.

At the same moment, Alex raised his hips upwards and thrust forward,
sliding his cock hard and fast into her tight teenage pussy until the
base of his cock smashed against her oily lips and his balls sc****d
the edge of the cushion.

Jenn screamed again, but this time with delight. “Aaaaiiieeee!!! Oh
Shit. Oh Shit!!! Oh Yes. Oh Fuck” She shouted over and over as Alex
fucked her in steady strong strokes, almost bringing his cock out of
her hole and then slamming it in again with enough f***e as to lift her
ass off the couch.

Revived by the motion and shouts of exquisite delight, Lea rolled over
saw that Alex was finally fucking her little s****r. Overcome by the
sight, Lea spread her legs, dr****g her left leg so that it rested on
Jenn’s right shoulder near the top of the couch. Her right leg d****d
over the small of Alex’s back, right over his muscular ass, helping to
push him forward with each inward thrust of his cock. Then Lea slipped
her hands down to her own pussy. She began to slide three fingers of
her right hand into herself while helping Alex’s lithe sweating body
rock back and forth, his cock filling Jenn’s pussy with each thrust of
his tight hard ass.

Jenn began to grunt and groan as the orgasm grew within her. She could
feel the tingling make its way from all over her body, becoming more
and more urgent as the feeling of release washed over her until it
became a blinding light against the back of her tightly closed eyes.
Her back arched upward and her pussy tightened as she began to cum in
rapid-fire eruptions. Each spasm gripped Alex’s cock tightly as he held
it firmly deep in her body.

He recognized his own orgasm beginning and he tried to hold off as long
as possible, jerking forward and backward in short erratic strokes.
Alex was doing his best delay the inevitable eruption of his cum while
still enjoying the warm moist velvet recesses of Jenn’s teenage pussy.
Finally, it was too much for Alex to bear and he too felt the electric
charge of the orgasm start in the gland that was nestled deep within
his body, charge up through his balls, filling his cock with the high
pressure liquid and finally exploding out the full round head that
throbbed deep within Jenn’s vagina. He began to shout out in a roar
that startled both women with its intensity and depth.

Jenn’s eyes opened wide and she inhaled sharply as she felt each
powerful jet of hot cum slam into the back walls of her pussy,
marveling at how his cock seemed to grow even bigger within her, and
starting her own series of smaller but no less welcome orgasms all over

Minutes later, Jenn, Alex and Lea lay within each other’s arms on the
sofa. They were a new form of f****y now. They were a f****y that
could enjoy each other without fear of jealousy or deceit...

And they lived happily ever after.

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