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Cousin Sue part 2

So, thanks to all those who encouraged me to write part 2, hopefully you'll like it just as much. Let me hear what you think...

My eyes grew wide with shock as I sat up, starring in disbelief at my cousin Sue as she stood in the doorway clapping to my climax. I was near paralyzed with fear, I was so terrified, I couldn't even move to cover myself up. “So...I'm a 'dirty slut', huh?” she said as a mischievous smile began to form at the ends of her lips. “Crap!” I thought, “Did I really say that out loud!?” My gaze locked on hers, that wicked smirk upon her face, it seemed like an eternity before she finally broke the tension by letting out a soft giggle.

“What are you doing here!?” I nearly exclaimed, luckily I kept my voice down enough so my mom didn't hear. With the smile still on her face she explained that Aunt Peg needed to borrow a suitcase from mom, and had sent her over to pick it up. “And while your moms looking for it in your attic, I figured I'd come down here and see how my favorite cousin is doing.” I was still a bit tense, and evidently it had shown.

“It's okay Kyle” she said as she began to take a few steps forward, “I know teenage guys are little perverts who fantasize about almost everything.” She reached the edge of my bed, and sat with her legs hanging off the side. I was able to breath again, but the fact that I was completely exposed kept me tense. “Besides” she continued, “I take it as a compliment that you think my itty-bitty bite-sized tits are were jerking off to.” As she said this, she brought both her hands up and cupped her boobs, lifting them momentarily before letting them fall back again. Although I only stared at her tits for the brief time it took for her to do that, I returned to her face to meet her gaze.

She let out another giggle as I realized it was a trick to catch me in the act. I began blushing, full of embarrassment, when all of a sudden we both heard a loud moan come from the TV. She turned her head to see a redheaded teen getting drilled from behind, as another guy began deep throating her. After a moment I turned my attention back to Sue, who was still starring at the TV. I noticed her nipples start to get hard as she sat with her eyes glued to what was happening on the tube. My now flaccid cock began to rise once again, I mean how could it not? Here I was naked, with my sexy cousin sitting on my bed, and a porn on the TV!

As I leaned back on my elbows, taking this all in, Sue was shaken from her trance. She turned her head back to face me as she licked her lips ever so subtly, before speaking. “Wow Kyle, I didn't know you were into this hardcore stuff...” Upon saying this she must have noticed my cock out of the corner of her eye, now near it's full length(6 inches). I watched as she moved her hand over to my leg, and touched her fingers lightly to my thigh, just above my knee. I was speechless as I saw her begin to move her fingers lightly up the length of my thigh. She slowly stroked along my leg, as if tracing an imaginary line towards the side of my hip. She paused before saying, “Well... you may be a teenage pervert, but your not that little, are you?”

I watched as that same smile returned to her face, before I turned my attention back to her fingers, as they began to move to my waist, just above my throbbing member. As her fingers began to move forward, there was a loud yell from upstairs. “Sue, dear? Are you down there? I found the suitcase!”

We both got jerked out of the moment, and before I could panic at the thought of my mom catching us in this promiscuous situation, Sue yelled back, “Okay Aunt Jan, be up in a sec.” I watched as my cousin stood up, adjusted her clothes, and looked towards me, “looks like you should take care of that...but luckily, from what I've seen, you're a pro.” I let out a sigh of defeat as I gave her the finger, she just laughed and walked towards the door, my eyes watching her ass sway until she got to the door.

She stopped mid-step, turned her head over her shoulder and said in a seductive voice, “By the way, I'm a whore, not a slut. -And if this is what happens when a gal 'visits', I can't wait to see what happens when I stay the night.”

That damn smirk was plastered to her face as she turned and went up the stairs. My hand immediately found my aching cock as soon as I saw she was out of sight. It took less than a minute before I blew my load for a second time within twenty minutes. It was at that moment I realized that my slu- er, I mean whore, of a cousin, may very well be the death of me. I fell back on my bed in a lifeless heap, wet and sticky, my mind reflecting upon what just happened.

It wasn't long after, that I heard mom call down to me that dinner was ready, I wiped off my jiz, before throwing on my shorts and a shirt. As I got to the door; I looked back to my clock, it was roughly 8 P.M. "Perfect", I thought, "just 11 hours to come up with a plan." I then bounded up the steps, my mind full of ideas on how to finally fuck my cousin Sue.

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