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My Roomate and His Girlfriend

This is my first story, i've been meaning to write it for a while. Please let me know how it is and if i should write more.

Another day in college and of course i had woken up with a raging hard on. My roommate, Kevin, was still asl**p in our dorm room. So, i decided to go masturbate in the shower. I jumped in and turned the steaming water on as i began to stroke my stiff cock. The hot water dripping down me felt so good. My throbbing cock was wet with water as i imagined fucking the hot girls from school. I rubbed and stroked myself for 10 or 15 minutes, but i just couldn't cum. Then i realized i needed some porn if i wanted to shoot my load. So i dried off and went back to my room. When i opened the door Kevin and his gf Lauren were standing there talking. I said hello, as did they, then Lauren pointed down and said "look!" I looked down and i could see a bulge from my roommates briefs. He also had a boner, i did notice his dick wasn't as big as mine before I laughed a bit and covered my eyes. Then an idea popped into my head. I said "Yeah i have a similar situation." So i pulled the fabric of my shorts tight over me so she could see the large throbbing bulge in my pants. Lauren looked right at my crotch and seemed somewhat impressed. So as Kevin and i stood their with our stiff erections i said "So are you going to take care of these or what?" Lauren and Kevin both looked at me and said "What?" So i responded "Just suck us off really quick." Kevin and Lauren both looked at each other. Lauren had a naughty look on her face while Kevin seemed hesitant. Lauren said yes and that made my cock throb even more. So she got on her knees in front of us and grabbed us through our shorts. She only felt us like that for a little while before we both pulled our hard cocks out. She started by slowly taking Kevin in her mouth, sucking on his head. With her hand still wrapped around my cock she stroked me slowly. Then her mouth switched from Kevin's 5 inch cock to my 7 inch cock. Her warm mouth felt so good around my dick. Her tongue swirling around the head of my cock turned me on so much. As Lauren switched back and forth popping our cocks in and out of her mouth, she had been slowly bringing our cocks closer together. Then i felt my cock rub against my roommates. I glanced over quickly, but his head was thrown back. When i looked down Lauren was sliding her tongue all over and between our stiff erections. I almost came right then, but i held back. Before i knew what was going on she had shoved both our cocks in her mouth. It felt so good having her warm mouth and her wet tongue around our dicks. Then she pulled us out with a big gasp. Then she took Kevin's dick all the way down her throat. As she turned to take my cock i couldn't help thrusting my hips forward. She gagged a little as she took my whole dick in her mouth. I heard Kevin start to grunt, apparently Lauren knew that this meant he wanted to cum. So she let go of me and sucked him like crazy. Blowing his dick so fast and hard, i had to stroke myself. He didn't last very long after that, i know i wouldn't have. He blew his load in her mouth and got a little jizz on her face. She swallowed it all with no problem. Then i said "Can you finish me off too?" Anyone could tell Kevin didn't wanted her to, but she was caught up in the moment and quickly jumped back on her knees in front of me. Here was my roommates girlfriend sucking my cock while, he stood there and watched. She started sucking me really hard, but slow. I met each of her deep throats with a thrust of my hips. Her mouth felt so amazing around my stiff cock. I don't know how i lasted so long. Then she must have known from my strong throbbing cock that i was about ready to cum. Lauren blew me like she with Kevin earlier, i didn't last more than a minute of that. I bucked my hips as i pulled out and shot a massive load all over her face. The cum just kept shooting from my cock, as i covered her whole face with my hot jizz. She said "Wow i've never seen a load that big." I just stood there trying to catch my breath from that amazing orgasm. She got up to clean her face off, i looked over and she gave me a quick glance back that screamed "Fuck me!" I put my now flaccid dick away, amazed at what just happened. I was really hoping for another round at some later time, but sadly nothing ever did.

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