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Summer Break

My girlfriends and I wanted to take a trip somewhere to celebrate finishing our senior year of high school. So me, Sandra, Kim, and Sara loaded up the car and took off. The three of us that were not driving had a few drinks and were starting to feel pretty loopy. We got to talking about sex and I think we were all getting very horny. We flirted with guys as they passed by our car on the highway. We started flashing our boobs and Sara even flashed her beaver to a couple of trucks. We were having a blast.
We had to stop to get gas and everybody had to pee. We stopped at this large gas station and went in. There was a line a mile long to the girls bathroom. The other girls were already in line and I was thinking about going out back to pee when the cashier told me there was another bathroom in the back, a mens room but he would not let anybody go in till I came out. I went in and sat on the pot and started a massive horse pee. I heard someone come in and then another person. I finished and walked out and two men were peeing in the urinals. They looked at me and I looked at them. Then I thought to myself-why not have some fun! So I knelt down at one of the men and he turned towards me and I took his cock in my mouth. His cock got rock hard immediatly.I was working his dick in my mouth like a pro when I noticed the other guy standing there stroking his dick. I pulled my shorts down and told him he could have my pussy which he jumped at and stuck his dick in and started thrusting into me doggy style. I contiued to work the other guy with my mouth when a third man walked into the bathroom, he looked at what we were doing and locked the door. The man in my pussy blew his wad, a giant wad deep in me. I thought he would never stop cumming but he did. And when he pulled out I got up and went the sink and sat on the counter and spread my legs, the guy I was sucking pushed his cock into my pussy and as soon as he bottomed out he flooded my cunt with his hot dick sauce. The third man moved in and placed his dick into my now gooey cunt and started to fuck me, he showed some promise of being able to fuck me for several minutes but then filled me with his spunk. He waited a minute and then pulled his limp dick out of my cunt and big glob of our juices dripped out and onto the floor. The men all went out and I was right behind them. I watched as they all met up with their wives and went out and got into their cars and drove away.
I located all my friends and could not wait to tell them what a slutty thing I did. I had never even thought about fucking three old stranger men before and thought I was being crazy. Then I decided to not tell anybody and just keep it to myself. My pussy was gooey and had spunk leaking out for the rest of the car ride that day. Again the talk went to sex, and even to sex with strangers and married men but I wanted keep what had happened to myself. We decided that we all would have one one night stand while on this trip which we all did, but it was really number four for me. I really enjoyed giving pleasure to those old married men and now try to do that every so often just to put a smile on some old married guys face.

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