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Barb and I Part 1

We were home alone and were in a amorous mood. Barb and I were sitting on the sofa watching a late night R rated movie. The scene in the movie was outdoors and the couple were in an embrace when the female stepped back and proceeded to go into a cottage and began to remove her clothing. She first removed her blouse and then her bra revealing firm g****fruit sized breasts with pink erect nipples. She then removed her jeans revealing slim firm legs. The last thing she removed was her pink underpants showing her neatly trim pubic hair. She then moved over to a bed and the camera panned to a male with his back to the camera. He removed all his clothes revealing his fully nude body from the back.

I sat there admiring this beautiful naked body on the TV screen when Barb’s hand moved to my thigh and gave it a light squeeze. I looked at Barb and gave her a big smile and then turned to the TV. Barb gasped “Nice ass.” I told her that he did indeed have a nice looking ass.

The scene now moved to the bed where the woman was lying on her back on the bed showing her breasts and pubic hair. As the camera panned back the naked man came into view with his back to the camera. He bent over to blow out a candle beside the bed when the woman said “Turn around, turn around before you blow out the candle.” At this point the man began to turn sideways and this revealed his very erect cock. Barb let out a “OOOOHHHH what a nice hard-on.”

We both watched as he blew out the candle, laid down beside her and began to have intercourse with her. We watched as his ass moved up and down and watched the woman’s face as she moaned in the throws of ecstasy and the camera showed the mans face as he let out a groan and grunted and his ass stopped moving as if he had just completed his orgasm.

Barb was breathing in short breaths as I began to unbutton her blouse and then undid and removed her bra. Her nipples were very erect and she said “Lets take off our clothes and make love to each other now.” As I was now taking the rest of her clothes off I asked her “What way shall we make love?” Barb answered “Every way, oral ,vaginal, anal, 69. Every way we can think of. I’m so fucking hot, I want it every way possible!”

I knelt on the floor between her legs, spread her knees apart and pulled her as to the edge of the sofa. I took in the sweet aroma of her crotch and felt her soft and silky pubic hair and then spread the lips of her pussy revealing a very moist pink inner sanctum. With mu thumbs, I drew the moisture from the bottom of her lips up to the hard mound hiding her clit. Barb moaned “God that feels so good. Don’t stop.” As I stroked her inner lips, I would let one thumb massage her vaginal entrance while I teased her clit with the other.

I just had to taste her sweet nectar emitting from body so I held her lips open and stuck my tongue at the bottom of her hips and flicking upward with my tongue drew her wetness up to her clit. Barb was pushing her hips up to maximize my efforts of giving the ultimate pleasure. Barb’s moaning increased in loudness and she cried “ You’re going to make me cum! AAHH, suck my clit, I’m going to cum!!” As I engulfed her hot pulsing clit between my lips, Barb grabbed my head and shoved hard into her crotch and at the same time pushed her hips up off the sofa. I felt her wetness increase as she squeezed my head with her legs as he pussy convulsed over and over again as her orgasm overtook her.

After a couple of minutes, Barb began to come down from her orgasm. “God damn, you gave me the best orgasm that I ever had. Better than me with my vib. I just smiled at her with my juicy face.

“Stand up.” Barb said. “I want to give you the best blowjob you ever had.” I didn’t argue with her and stood up. “MMMM. That’s an awful big bulge you have there in your pants.” I just smiled and Bard undid my jeans and pulled both my jeans and shorts down around my knees as my engorged cock sprang free. Barb cupped by balls in one hand and grabbed the shaft of my cock in the other hand and lowered her head and engulfed my purple cock head into her mouth.

She squeezed my shaft as hard as she could with her hand making the veins in my cock bulge out and my purple cock head felt like it was going to burst. She lowered he hot mouth over my head and sucked as she stroked my shaft. With her other hand she let my balls loose and reaching down to scoop up some of her juice from her dripping cunt, she started to make circles around my asshole. This sent shivers through my groin as I felt my prostrate begin to pulse in anticipation of it to release my load of sperm. Barb pushed her finger past my sphincter muscle and that was all I could take. I held her head down on my hot manhood as my prostrate pulse and pumped hot streams of sperm up my engorged shaft and into Barb’s waiting mouth. Barb took the first two streams of sperm but with third load entered her mouth she could not hold any more and my seed ran out of her mouth and down my shaft.

After my orgasm ceased, Barb removed my cock from her mouth, looked at me and said “That’s the biggest load you ever shot.” I just smiled back and told her “You’re the best.”

Part 2 later.

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