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Cousin with Benefits part 4 (Turning her out)

By the fourth call, I finally looked at my phone. It was work calling… again. I had left the 4:30 AM “I’m not feeling well message in hopes they would leave me alone. It didn’t work. They had called every 15 minutes now at this point. There’s usually something pretty pressing at that point. So I picked this one up.
“Hey, I know you’re sick and all but Martinez from XXXXX company has been looking for you. He’s coming into town this afternoon. He’s looking to get hooked up, so you better call him”
Good to see someone was actually looking out for me. I mean, most times, they just would have stolen my client and not looked back. I made a couple of phone calls to get a girl or two in line. I knew he had particular taste. He liked woman that were full figured and could take a good pounding. One girl I sent was a petite 32A breasted, 120 pound hooker and she said she would never go to him again. Which is funny because “Candy” was a favorite of three other clients of mine. She said he just couldn’t take his dick anymore.
I couldn’t believe I was laying in bed, calling a network of hookers for a client while I was recoving from cumming multiple times yesterday in my wife and my cousin Karen, who was visiting.
I left one more message and lied there in bed with my balls aching.
Karen stood in my bedroom doorway. “So, who you calling?” I could feel the sexual energy coming off her. She was standing there with sweats on. You could tell she didn’t have a bra on. And you could be she didn’t have panties on.
“Stuff for work” I said. I was trying to cover up that I was trying to set up a hooker for an afternoon of fucking.
“Sounds like you are looking for sex” she said. “Wasn’t I good enough”, she chuckled.
“You definitely were good enough for… and I’m hoping again. This is for a client. He’s a little demanding. Plus, I’m not even sure when he’s getting here, just that he’s coming this afternoon.”

Then the phone rang. It was Martinez. I hushed Karen as I answered. “Hello, Mr. Martinez, I understand you are coming in for a visit… ok, sure… not a problem… already have a call into a lady I know you’ll enjoy… surprises? Sure thing, don’t you have a surprise for the lady every time (laughing)… yes, in about 2 hours, sure thing” The phone went dead and my heart started racing. I needed to get a slut squared away for a day of fucking Martinez in less than two hours. I ran into the shower and completely forgot Karen was even in my bedroom.
She stood in the bathroom doorway and watch me shower. “So, you get hookers for clients?”
Realizing she just heard the entire exchange, “Yeah, some of them do want them. Not all , but a lot”
“Ever fuck any of the hookers to try them out?”
“What? No. Never fucked a hooker. As a matter of fact the only person I’ve fucked outside of my wife is you” I said sheepishly around the curtain.
“That’s not true,” she said.
“What’s not?”
“You fucked a hooker. Me”
“What the hell are you talking about?” I threw open the shower and grabbed a towel.
“I love to fuck for money. Let me at this Martinez. I’ll keep him happy and I’ll pay for my trip.”
“Holy shit, you are full of surprises” With her skilled mouth and constant sex motor, it wasn’t a surprise at all really. The day before she sucked me dry in car, which is a pre-requisite for a good whore. Before I could respond, she was gone down the hallway. “I’ll be ready in an hour”
I was nervous because I told the two of my regular girls hold the line in case Karen wanted to back out. The limo showed up and started honking outside. I shouted upstairs for Karen. I expected her to say she changed her mind. I was actually half hoping it. I didn’t want someone else fucking her. I wanted her for myself.
She came down the stairs, dressed like a professional office executive. She had skirt that came to her knees, stocking, a nice blouse and blazer jacket. Her hair was slightly puffy and her make up was flawless. Her lipstick was fire engine red.
She walked up and kissed me with her pouty done up lips. “I’m ready to fuck whoever you want me to. I’m your whore and will do anything you want me to”. Holy shit I thought. I was going to turn out my cousin as a whore.
Martinez liked what he saw in the airport. He and I talked business in limo from the airport to the hotel. We got that out of the way while my cousin Karen cozied up to him, rubbed his chest and leg the whole ride.
We got up to the room and Martinez said, “It’s important to be good to your employees, I believe.” Just then a knock at the door. He opened the door to let in a 6 foot 3 black man. “This is Marcus, our employee of the month. He’s going to take a turn on the whore today too.”
I looked at Karen and thought oh, no this is going to go badly. She had a grin on her face and said “does he get to go first, middle or last? Or all three?” I knew she was more than into this.
She dropped to her knees and undid Marcus’ belt and pants and dropped them to the floor. I thought, if Marcus could get through a blow job by her, I’d be impressed. I looked over at Martinez and he was already undressed and stroking his cock. I now knew what the other women didn’t like about him. He was long, maybe 5 inches, but he had the thickest cock I’d ever seen. It was easily larger than a soda can.
I realized I was still in the room and made my way to the door. I wasn’t saying goodbye or anything and Martinez stopped me. “You have to help us with this gang bang of your whore. I insist that you help us humiliate this whore as act like men and keep our women whores”.
I looked at Karen. I had a real uneasy feeling about this whole thing. Another man, the width of Martinez cock, turning my cousin out to a client gang bang… the whole thing was reprehensible. Karen took a break from the 8’ black cock she was sucking and looked at me. “Please stay and fuck me like a whore. I’m your whore and I’ll fuck anyone you tell me to, but you have to fuck me too”. She went right back down on the shaft all the way down to the balls. Marcus threw his head back and groaned. Martinez stood there smiling and nodding his head.
Martinez had grown tired of watching Marcus get his cock sucked. He wanted his too. “Up on the bed honey, you have to learn to please more than one at a time.” He positioned her on the bed with her head hanging off the edge. I slid his thick cock into her mouth. I thought for sure she would choke, or at least gag a little. She sucked it down whole as far as it would go. I could see her mouth open as wide as it could go.
Marcus was now between her legs. He had pushed her skirt up and he was kissing the outside of her nylons. She looked down at him and said “Get in there and my nasty pussy”. He slid his hands up her ass and grabbed on to the top of the pantyhose. “Not that way she said”. Marcus knew just what to do. He started playing with her clit through the nylons. Then he grabbed hold of them and ripped a hole in the crotch. Martinez smiled at both his cock being sucked and what he was watching.
She was getting her pussy lapped while Marcus drove his fingers deep into her. He was sucking on her clit and she was reacting to it. She kept thrusting her hips into his lips and spreading her legs to get as much of his fingers as she could. All the while skillfully working Martinez’s thick cock, which she had one hand on the base of his shaft and another on his balls.
“This bitch sucks a mean cock, where did you find her? I need head like this more often.” He grabbed the back of her head and started face fucking her hard. She grunted and spit and he rammed his cock in and out red painted lips. Martinez pumped her mouth hard with his thick cock.
Marcus had positioned his cock on her clit and was rubbing back and forth. Karen stopped sucking cock for a moment and looked down and said “ Are you going to put that fucking thing in me?” “You know it, bitch. You are going to take every inch and I don’t care if you like it or not, you’re taking my load too.”
She sat up slightly and took mine and Martinez hand and braced for this 8 inch black cock to impale her. Her skirt was around her waist, her crotch ripped out of the panty hose and her blouse had been ripped open by Martinez awhile ago. He freed one of her tits but still had her bra on.
She looked at me and mouth the words “your slut is ready for cock”. She looked at Marcus, with her lipstick smeared around her lips, pre-cum on her cheek and her hair in every which way, “Give me your cock and fuck me like a whore”.
He pushed the tip of his cock into her and she held my hand tightly. “you want more of this bitch?”
“Yessss,” she moaned swiveling her hips. He guided in another 4 inches. She gasped in pleasure and held her hand firm. “Give me the whole fucking thing!!” He plunged into her cunt so his balls slapped her taint. She squeezed my hand so hard it hurt. She yelped in pleasure and looked for a cock in her mouth. She found mine as Martinez wanted a close up view of his prize employees cock thrusting in and out of this hookers cunt. He started playing with her clit and was slapping it as Marcus drilled her.
If her blowjobs were outstanding in a car or bathroom, they were un-fucking real while she is getting fucked. I had to pull away before I came. She was smiling because she felt my balls starting to twinge.
Martinez showed his impatience again, “Let me get in there”, he demanded. Marcus slowly slid his cock out of her. She had just a few moments of relief before Martinez had his cock head at her pussy opening. She looked at me with slight fear. “I’ve never had a cock like this in me.”
“I’m about to ruin you honey. I’m going to stretch you like you had 10 k**s.” He lowered his weight onto her so she couldn’t move. He thrusted his salami width into her. She looked up over his shoulder and our eyes met. She was clearly in pain and as I was about to pull him off of her, she grabbed his head, pulled it back and met his eyes and said, “fuck me”. Martinez started pumping her hard. Karen wailed and moaned as his thick cock stretched her tight pussy with every pushed. She was almost whimpering as she yelled “I’m cumming, I’m fucking cummiiiiinnngggg!!” Martinez had felt it too. He was grunting and pounded multiple time deep, intentional thrusts and lifted his body. “Take my cum you whoooorreee!!”.
His body shook as he withdrew. He stood up and looked at her all disheveled. Her make –up a mess. Her clothes torn. Her pussy full his cum, oozing out and glistening with his cum and hers. She lied there breathing hard and motionless. Martinez turned to his employee and said between deep breaths, “Finish this whore.”
He slid his cock back into her stretched pussy, over Martinez’ cum and in as far as it could go. She gasped again as she was still recoiling from her own orgasm. He started pumping her in a slow but deliberate rhythm. His cock was cum covered as he slid in and out of her. She looked up at me and said “you’re next.” She spread her legs open told Marcus to “Fill me with that black cum, daddy. Make me you’re inbred bitch.” Martinez cheered in the corner, where he was putting on his cloths. Marcus responded by pumping harder. He fucked her hard like this for what seemed forever. She wailed and moaned in pleasure the whole time. “CUM IN ME!! BREED MEEE!!” She kept yelling at him.
He grabbed her hips and pumped his load into her cunt. “FUCKING WHORE” he shouted as he came. She held her legs open as he withdrew. Her pussy looked like it had been splattered with cum. I stared in fascination. I had never seen, in person, a pussy with that much cum in and on it. They must have had weeks worth ready to blow. Karen laid there in exhaustion.
Martinez walked out the door with Marcus, without saying good bye, not saying thank you, nothing. He really did treat her like a whore.
Karen laid there motionless. I asked her if she needed anything. I felt bad. Although I only took about 30 minutes, they really did fuck her senseless. “My pussy is raw,” she said. “I need you to lick me clean. Eat my pussy and make me cum again.”
I lowered myself to the mess of a pussy she had. It smelled like fresh fucked pussy and spunk. I had a fantasy about this type of thing and eaten my wife with my own cum inside her, but nothing like this. She was looked sore and raw. I started by kissing her clit and tonging her slit. “Gaawd, that feels good!” She grabbed the back of my head and pushed me into her cunt. My tongue slid into her opening where there was a pool of cum that met my tongue. I pushed it all up to her clit and flicked it feverishly. She started to cum. She thrusted her hips up splattered my face with all the cum as she slapped into my face.
She started to beg me for another fucking. I positioned myself and slid my cock into her. She gasped and moaned as I started to pump into her. I could feel the warm cum of the other men that had already cum inside her. I was already close from the head she administered. Coupled with the final cock in a gang bang, I was ready to blow. She knew I was close when she said, “Cum in me. I want your cum. I fucked them to get to you. I’ll fuck a hundred more men if you want, but I want YOUR cum. Give me your cum and make me pregnant.”
I lost my load inside her. It swirled with the other cum as I pumped until I died. She laid there with her clothes torn, her cum filled pussy abused and had a smile on her face.
“I’m not a hooker. I’ve never paid for sex. I’ve never had more than one guy at a time and I’ve never had more than 3 lovers in my life. I wanted to be a whore today and I’m yours. Thank you”

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