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The first time with hubby

The first time with hubby
I was in camp in the desert was a couple speak with me
always had a concert at Joe Desert wonderful as chat and we
were about 20 people sat around the fire and drink and we dance is the
age of 40 is 45 years old but beautiful lady and very interested in her body
you may feel dizzy from many drink has and the lady's hands and helped me
to get up and she took me to my tent, and after ten minutes of sl**p I felt
caressed my chest and eased of promises
I was afraid of that because her husband is d***k and she was licking my nipples my
chest and I did not feel my body as if I had died from the thrill of feeling and
took accept my neck and my chest until I told her I do not want a to see us husband
responded that he was sl**ping in the tent next as
Then do I manage my body has not been initiated and the sense of kiss her neck and chest
and the sense of her pussy smell and stuff that was around her pussy a taste of honey
After twenty minutes of foreplay, I felt warm in my dick organic, as if the fire in the camp
over me and began to enter and get it out and I sl**p on my back for several minutes and
had to split my mouth, her mouth in order not issued a voice and Great Positivism without
leaving my tongue and asked me to enter it and directed by slow speed and I felt I am above
the clouds so I felt a tongue Lick my dick and I turned and saw her husband completely naked and not
am afraid and looked at her And her 's smile
And he exit my dich on his hand and
suck and I can not be stopped by because I
was a harmonious lot and attributed to Xha even we come three of us together and
hem kess me like I was missing in the desert, two days after I went to
the hotel and we repeated the process and we are 7 years ago friends and how I hope
him back to Jordan

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