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The Weekend Away....

It was now into 2010 and my Aunt and I had struggled to get much time to ourselves, only managing a few little quick sessions here and there but nothing to fully satisfy is both to the degree that we wanted. During a phone coversation with my Aunt she had the perfect excuse to get away for a weekend and take me with me so once we worked out the date it was only a matter of time before we had our dirty little weekend away together. We didnt go too far, only into the north of scotland. It was cold but we werent really caring about weather since we would spend most of our time in bed.

During the drive up to the hotel where we would be staying my Aunt and I spoke about what we could do and get up to while we have all the time in the world. My Aunt then brought up the topic of anal sex. We had spoken about it a little before but never actually tried it yet. She instructed me to have a lookin her bag and when i did i found alot of paper. She had done research on anal sex and printed off a few sheets on how to prepare and do it safely. It was then I realised that she REALLY wanted to do this and do it this weekend.

Once we got to the hotel it was about 9pm, as we had stopped for something to eat along the way. The second that the door closed and we were alone she moved up close and kissed me. With a little smile on her face she then asked if we could try anal. After telling her yeah she revealed that she wanted to do it right now! After agreeing to it she went into the bathroom to prepare and I can only guess at what she was doing. I stripped down to my boxers as I waited and I was waiting about 5 to 10 minutes before she came out but it was well worth the wait.

My Aunt came out of the bathroom in sexy black lacey lingerie and bra. I could see her pussy through the lace and it was by far the sexiest stuff she had worn while we had been having fun. She seductively stood by the bed, using her finger to beckon me over to her. I moved up close as she kissed me on the neck, moving round to my lips. My hands running over the lace and flesh as she kissed before she pushed me back onto the bed and pulled down teh front of my boxers. With my boxers gone she took my cock and began moving up and down the shaft with her hands until she moved her head over and licked the tip of my cock. Eventually moving her mouth down and sucking gently. She sucked and licked away before she stopped for a moment. I moved her head up and kissed her before taking control and turning her onto the bed. I kissed my way down her body until at her belly button before peeling off her underwear.

I slipped my finger into her now wet pussy before kneeling down to lick. I drove my tongue fairly deep and I could tell by the sounds she was making that she was loving it. After a few minutes with my licking she stopped me. I lay beside her and she told me she wanted to try anal once again. She went into her bag and took out a bottle of lube, and a box of condoms. She wanted to be totally safe which I understand and I was just happy at getting the chance to do it with her and for us to share this experience together. She let me know she was totally clean "down there" which I guess is what she did in the bathroom for so long. After another kiss I moved up and she bent over on the bed into a doggy style like position.

I ran my finger over the whole without any lube just yet. It was at this time I tried something out without telling her and ran my tongue over the hole. She let out a little moan as I did this and as I pushed my tongue into her ass a little. It wasnt as bad as I expected and I could see me doing it again. Taking the bottle of lube, I put a little on finger and on my Aunts ass and began running my finger over the hole before eventually pushing it into her ass for the first time. She let out a little gasp as it first went in and as I began to move it in and out slowly. Eventually moving up to two fingers as I moved them in an out the ass, each time it becoming easier to push in. Around this time I asked her if she was ready for the next step and take my cock in her ass. She said yeah and I put on the condom, put extra lube around her anus and her ass.

Before pushing it in I rubbed my cock in her ass crack before I positioned myself and pushed the head of my cock into her ass. She took a firm grab of the pillow as the head went in. She told me to go slow and I did what she wished and slowly pushed my cock deeper into her ass, stopping now and again to her let ass get used to it being there. After a few minutes I began to speed things up and push ever so harder but not too much as to hurt her. Her ass was really tight, well tighter than her pussy. I loved the feeling of it around my cock as I pushed deeper and thrusted harder. She then told me to stop and I pulled my cock out and noticed the condom has split. My Aunt didnt spot it straight away and told me she wanted to try on top so that she could control the pace. When she spotted the condom, instead of replacing she opted just to go without because she didnt want to wait.

She took my cock in her hand and guided it back into the hole and began to rock back and forward on my cock and each time going deeper and deeper. She began to speed up until it was almost the same speed as we would normally do it. My Aunt then lifted off my cock and gave it a quick suck before laying on her belly and telling me to go back into her. I didnt hesitate and pushed my cock back into her ass, it was going back in much easier and with little effort. I lay on my aunts back and really began to drive it into her much harder. She was yelling out to me to go faster and harder and I did my best to give her what she wanted. I let out a little moan as I pounded her ass and she started telling me to cum insider her ass. I was close to cumming and pushing harder. It was long before it was that time. I pushed as deep as I could as I came inside her ass. I left it inside her to leave it all inside her ass before I pulled out.

I lay down beside her, with her still on her stomach and she leaned over so that she was on top of my chest with our legs tangled together. She told me that it was amazing and that we would have to try it again sometime. She moved up a little to give me a kiss before she moved up and said she wanted to go clean up since I had cum inside her. I didnt stop her and watched as she went into the bathroom. I knew we still had another two days of fun like this to come and that we would probably be trying anal alot more in the future...

To be continued.... ;)

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