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Tales of a Cheating Husband Part 2

Experiences of a Cheating Husband Part 2

I like to think I'm like most guys in that we all have a panty fetish.

Mine began when I was a teen playing with any I could get my hands on and to be honest not much has changed these days.

I have played with many including Ex wife’s s****r, girlfriends mums etc but this is a story about how I was caught playing with a mates wife’s panties.

A few years ago I was asked by my mate to sit in his house to wait while he had his sky repaired which was fine because as soon as the repairman had left I went straight upstairs to rummage in his wife’s underwear drawer, I have always imagined what she would wear and wasn’t disappointed when I opened the drawer and found satin and lace panties of all styles.
I selected a nice blue satin pair of French Knickers and got my cock out to stroke it with them. It was whilst I was doing this I didn’t hear my mate coming home and to say we were both surprised when he came in the room is a massive understatement, after a very tense few seconds I tried to explain whilst dropping her knickers and getting ready to make a very quick exit. So it came as a surprise when he reached into the drawer and pulled out a white pair of Bikini Pants and said here these are my favorite and reached down to wank me with them.
I had never been wanked off by a man before hadn’t even thought about it but I really enjoyed it so much so I shot a huge load of hot sticky cum into the crotch of her panties to my mates delight.
We never really said anything for a while until he asked if he could see my wife’s underwear, I couldn’t exactly say no so at the next opportunity he came around to mine and he had a good look at my wife’s underwear and I returned the favor stroking him until he came. It has become a regular occurrence for us now even after I split from my wife for us to meet and wank each other in some panties both dirty and clean and only recently have started to look at his daughters underwear.

Well will have another story to post soon hope you enjoy

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