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Inside of her pt3

there bodies were drapped in a golden hue they had tattos of other woman on there bodies the images were almost alive like they could reach out and touch you see this i payed no attention to the first time because lights were off and my mind was feeled with such sexual passion that i did nt notice these things but when it came to the light i def... notice that they were different you see these were woman of the rain , of water meaning that there non existing but they are because ,i can see them ,i can smell them ,and i sure as hell can feel them so call it what you will .My Golden Godess "spoke to me saying that we have not alot of time ,the rain that hits its hardest will vanish..... in soon time " 4 hours tops, so to me every thing i wanted to know about these woman espeically her had to be postponed for a night of lust the sex is like none other to much to describe in words seeing each of the woman undressed and the shaply breast,ass,and thighs could leave any man or woman in to the sexy ness of there statue aroused belive me when i say this youve never been so turned on in your life , 3 had started to lick all over me like i was an exotic fruit while my godess gave me the best head she licked all around my balls in a circuler motion boucing back and forth from the top of my stiff penis back down to my senstive balls the feeling was great the feeling felt sooooo gooood that i could not help my self but to errupt all over the place as i stood letting off the woman were up under me catching every thing that came out of me as i moaned one stood in front of me and bent over grabbing her ankles as the other woman spreadher ass cheeks showing meher asshole it was vibrating in and out like thats were she wanted me to put it so i did with every stroke i came endlessly i couldnt helpit it was like i was a virgin her ass just kept sucking it out of me till finally i passed out. it was 6 am in the morning
when i woke up my alarm had woke me it was another wild night the woman had all retreated and went back to were they were from and i felt like i could rule the world i felt brand new like i was invinceble
but i strange ly felt as though i was changing or becoming something else shaking the thought i went about my normal routine showing up 4work taking the normal lunch break every thing seemed veryroutine untill i got off work and returned home suddenly i did not fell well i was very sick my stomach was very liqiudy and i threw up about 6 times i went to the bathroom mirror to look at myself and my image looked as though i was fadeing away 2 weeks had went by and i just was not my self i called off 4 2weeks and friends slash coworkers were coming by to see if i was okay .I JUST LET THEM KNOCK, NOT ANSWERING THE DOOR 4 NOBODY NOT EVEN THE COPS. but 1 day my mother had came by she was in town to see mylil s****r i heard the car pull up i dont know what made me get up but i felt her presence i looked in the peephole and i saw her she got out of her car and walked up to the door my heart started to pound very hard because i knew there was something wrong with me i hadnt looked in the mirror 4 about a month and i hadnteatin any thing 4 about a month the only thing i did do was drink shit loads of water I HEARD THE KNOOCK it was very stearn and loud i yelled ill be there in a mintute i m just stepping out of the shower but i forgot i gave my mother the spare key to my house in case of an emergency she put the key into the door turning the nobb i ran to my room as fast as i could tripping over the snekers in the hall way falling down my mother rushed over to me looking me dead in my face and she asked if i was okay and why was i all wett TO BE CONTINUED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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