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Longings of a sub-Short but sweet

Just a sample from a story written for a previous Master.

i anticipate the meeting for days. As i am on the way to Your home, the anticipation grows to overwhelming. i try not to dampen my panties as You have not given me permission to cum. i pull into Your drive grinning ear to ear. With a deep intake of air i get out and excitedly walk up to Your door. i knock on the door and hear Your voice inside. Perhaps on the phone. i wait for a few moments and then knock again. You open the door and the feelings overwhelm me. i just want to hold You. W/we embrace and You pull back asking me if i remember Your rules. i nod in agreement and undress and stand nervously naked in front of You, hands in front of me as i do not know what to do with myself. i see in Your hand a collar.. As You place the collar around my neck, i am overjoyed. Thank YOU Master.
You direct me over to the table in the center of the room. As i crawl to the table i am not sure if this is when i remember catching a glimpse of the collar around my neck or not. It looks incredible. i climb up onto it with inner longing. Longing to please my Master. You ask if i have been a bad girl and it takes everything in me not to cry as i know that i have been. i never want to disappoint You. i know, however, that i have and i must receive my punishment for it. You take out Your crop and begin to swat my ass with it. i just want to cum. The longing and desire that has built up within me is incredible. You continue to swat my ass, deepening the sting with every swat. You talk to me as You are doing so. i hate to admit it, but Your words start to turn to a blurry murmur as You are now swatting my pussy as well as my ass. The erotic pain is sending me to a place that i have never imagined i could go to. i don't want the feeling to end. i hope that i am pleasing You. You stop swatting me and order me to crawl up to the landing of Your stairs. Putting the crop in my mouth for me to carry, You gather the video camera that You have been filming me with. i crawl to the landing and wait for You until You order me up the rest of the stairs. i have no idea what may be in store for the night. i trust You more than anyone else in this world. i know that whatever happens i will be safe. Full of erotic pain perhaps, but safe nonetheless.

As i enter Your lair, i am so completely ready for whatever my Master wants. You have helped me to discover the one thing that turns me on the most sexually. Being restrained spread eagle to Your bed while You use the crop, and dildo's on me. i have never had such of feeling of loss of control as much as when the last ankle was tied to Your bed. i had though that i would feel some form of fear of dread. i felt neither. What i did feel was contentment, excitement, arousal. i feel that this is most definately where i belong. In my Masters bed with no way to move. No way to run from any fears, no escape if i wanted it. Ironically, i don't have any of the above listed. It simply amazes me. You take out the ball gag and ask if we are going to need to use a safe word through body language. i don't want a safe word. i long for Master to take His sub and please Himself in any way with her body, mind and soul. As You place the gag into my mouth, i realize that there is no turning back. This is it. To be honest. i don't want it to ever end. i feel like i am in a fantasy. i have waited my whole life for. It is reality though.

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