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My own best lover Part # 3

I then finally got laid and although I loved pussy, I never stopped liking giving it to myself in the ass and I would rediscover "anal play" again during a dry spell that I was not getting any and so started having to masturbate a lot and this time I had discovered the adult book store and their selection of dildos and realistic cocks and that's when I explored the deepest of darkest most pleasure inducing self-fuck sessions I would keep trying to top from then on.
6"/1 1/2" was my first, jelly supper soft and smaller than my own penis at the time. Smaller than some of the cucumbers or self made toys but soft enough that I could fuck myself harder while not hurting myself or making myself sore, so extending my sessions, I'd do myself all day sometimes.
8"/2" then 10"/2" then 15"/2 1/2" kong dong or something like that.
Those last three dildos would be my partners, though my late teens ending in the purchase of a 17"/3" monster, that I would later carve the base of into the shape of another cock head making into a double dong with a 3" head on one side and a 5" or 6" thick head on the other side. This allowed me to try and achieve my first fisting myself.
These new toys the 15"er the 17" double header and a new 12"/2" would be with me for the next 13 years through a 3 year marriage three k**s and a hot girl friend I was with for 10n years and that shared the toys with me and actually fucked me while blowing me, the best 10 years of my life.

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