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My own best lover Part # 2

One time while yanking it buck naked in the bathroom floor at my folks house as was routine a couple of times a day, I was close to climax and was working my taint with my other hand and the tip of my middle finger rubbed the edge of my anus, and that sent a surge of a good feeling into an area I didn't even know I had on me or rather, in me. That was the day I discovered, that I could add fingering myself to the nice feeling things that I do to myself.
This evolved to finding things to do myself with, from the neck of a Brute after shave bottle to the handle of plunger, to a small shampoo bottle.
Then I discovered cucumbers and life got interesting, this is when the banging stopped and the fucking started.
I played with making makeshift dildos from big suave shampoo bottles with a half of potato for a head and wrapped in a couple of condoms, really nice feeling reached with these homemade toys but they were hard and ruff.

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