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Ben and Katie's Story Ch. 04

It was mid afternoon on Friday and Ben was doing a once over of the house trying to make certain that neither he nor Katie had left any clues as to their activities for the past week. In doing so he moved the couch cushion and discovered a pair of Katie's panties underneath.

"Kathryn, oh Kathryn, "he shouted.

""What lover boy, "she replied, now walking slowly into the living room.

"Guess who left a pair of their undies under the couch cushion?" he inquired.

"Oops," Katie replied, " guess I forgot about those."

"Look babe, we gotta make sure this place is clean. If Mom gets even an inkling of what we've been doing we are in deep, deep, do-do."

"OK, Ben, you're right," she said, " I'll look everything over again just to make sure."

At 4:30 Marian arrived home, overjoyed to see her k**s again and very, very happy to be home.

"I swear," Marian stated, as she relaxed at the kitchen table, " I never thought that conference would be over."

"The thing is Mom," Ben offered, " did you learn a lot of new things?"

"Are you k**ding me?", Marian replied, " oh, I picked up a few new things but most of it was repetitious. I'm just glad it's over."

"Well Mom, are you glad to see us," Katie asked>

"Good grief yes," Marian answered. " How about you guys. What in the world did you do all week?"

Katie blushed noticeably. Lucky for them Marian was looking at her son as she posed the question and did not see.

"Nothing much Mom," Ben answered, " I mostly caught up on some sl**p, squirt there actually cooked some decent meals and we tried to make sure that the house looked good for your return."

"Well the house looks great k**s, I'm glad you got along and didn't kill each other too."

It was all that Ben could do to keep from laughing. The only way they would have killed each other would have been if they had fucked each other to death.

On Saturday evening Ben went to a movie with his buddy Fred and then to the local watering hole for a beer.

"Ben, you don't seem into it tonight. That blonde over there's been practically shakin it in your face man and you haven't even noticed.

"Yeah, I know," Ben replied. " I don't know, I took the past week off and hung out around the house maybe I just got out of sinc."

"Well now if I'd had the whole week off with that good lookin s****r of yours I'd be a little out of it too," Fred joked.

Ben could not, of course, even hint at why he was a little preoccupied this particular evening. He was just like someone who had a significant other at home. He just couldn't bring himself to flirt with anyone, all he could think about was his s****r at home. He didn't know if this was good or not. He wondered if he should begin to worry about this whole situation. Katie would die if he told her that he thought they should cool it but he was starting to have some real reservations.

On Sunday, as Katie was leaving her room, Ben signaled her to join him in his room. She gave him a big grin as she did so.

"Hey b*o, " she said quietly, " you wanna try to do it quietly right now?"

"No silly," Ben replied, " just wanted to talk to you a little."

"Ok Ben," Katie said, " but why the serious look sweetie?"

"Well Katie, I've been thinking a lot since Mom got home. I think maybe we need to sorta slow down or stop our sex play for a while, OK?"

Immediately Katie's eyes filled with tears and her lip began to tremble, " why Ben, what did I do, did you find someone else Friday night?"

"No, no, now settle down, I didn't find someone else. Look babe, I just think that , well, we both know that it can't really go anywhere. I mean you need to find someone that you can marry and have k**s with, we can't do that and what's worse with my luck we'll probably get caught, Mom will end up hating me, you know, it's just an unworkable situation."

"Oh my God, Ben you're serious aren't you, please Ben, oh please don't tell me this. Ben, I love you, if you end it I just can't go on," she sobbed.

"Katie, damn, settle down. If Mom comes up here she's gonna flip out. OK, look, I tell you what, we'll just slow it down a little, OK? You have to promise me though that you'll try to date some, how else will you find anyone. By the way, Fred thinks you're hot. He'd love to date you."

"Oh bullshit, Fred's a moron," she spat, I wouldn't date him if he was the only guy left, I don't care if he is your friend. There's nothing that says I have to date someone. I'll just take the lovemaking sessions that I can get with you and bide my time."

"That's not what I was talking about," Ben said sternly, " you've gotta do your part too."

"OK, Ben, whatever you say," Katie said with a sly smile.

Somehow Ben thought that he hadn't really won at all. Katie was a very determined gal, he figured that she was the one that had been victorious. He had that gut feeling that he hadn't had a chance.

Ben returned to work Monday morning and actually felt comforted to be back at his job. Even making tires would help him get his mind off the current situation. He loved his s****r madly, reveled in their sexual activities and found himself, against his own wishes, thinking about Katie and what they had done. He certainly hoped that he had the willpower to do what he said and at the very least reduce the frequency of their sexual activities.

On Thursday, Marian reminded her c***dren that she and her friend Louella would be going to the play that they had been waiting on for nearly a year.

"Neither of us can believe that we are actually going to see a Broadway play. I mean it's not all of the original cast but some of them are. Did you guys remember that we are going to stay in the city that night," she asked.

Ben and Katie's eyes locked on each other. He could feel that funny feeling in the pit of his stomach. Hell, here he was the one advocating a slow -down in their sexual relationship and now all he could think of was fucking his s****r.

"Sure Mom, that's fine. I'll probably watch some TV or read a book or something."

"Well, we're both taking extra clothes so we can go right to work Friday morning. It'll sure make a lot quicker trip to work. Like 4 blocks away, " Marian said.

"Whatever happened to Debby Jenner? ", Marian asked. " I mean you guys were inseparable for years and now I never hear anything about her. Is she still around?"

"Yes Mom, she's still around but I don't talk to her much. I guess she's not that interested in maintaining our friendship since we graduated."

Katie had just told a total lie to her mother. Debby had actually phoned Katie a number of times including earlier this day, but Katie always found a reason not to get together with her. She was too busy, thinking about seducing her b*****r, trying to seduce her b*****r or actually seducing her b*****r. With her new found sex life she didn't really have time for a lot of conversation with her old friend. She felt that she had moved on.

Wednesday was Marian's only late day. She usually didn't get home until about seven or so. Katie decided she would try to seduce her b*****r once again that day.

On Wednesday Ben arrived home from work about 3:30 and noticed that the house was apparently empty. He jumped in the shower for a quick wash and then, clad only in his boxers, headed for the kitchen and a cold drink. Katie waited in the utility room, unknown to Ben, wearing only a t-shirt and panties.

Ben was seated sideway at the kitchen table, quietly drinking an iced tea and reading the circular from a local computer store when he caught a movement from out of the corner of his eye.

"Hey ," he said as he jumped slightly, "I didn't think there was anyone here. What were you doing, trying to scare me?"

"No," replied Katie softly, " I'm just trying to fuck you."

"Oh, c'mon Katie, we already talked about that. I thought we agreed to slow down a little?"

"No Bennie, I didn't agree to anything. I never intended to slow anything down."

Katie straddled Ben as she said this and reached through the opening in his boxers, grabbing hold of his flaccid cock. She began to slowly stroke it and could feel it starting to stiffen.

"Kathryn, now I don't think we should be doing this," Ben said.

"Bullshit," Katie growled, " I know what I want and you want the same thing don't you?"

Ben moaned as Katie took hold of his now rigid cock and inserted it inside her panties. She began to move up and down sliding her pussy the length of his cock each time covering it in her juice.

Ben grabbed the hem of her shirt and lifted it, exposing her tits. He leaned forward and took one of her nipples in his mouth, biting gently.

Katie groaned as he mouthed her tits and picked up the pace preparing to put his cock inside her.

Just then she let out and yelp and jumped off him, running toward the front door.

"Katie, what the hell," Ben shouted, rising and heading off after her.

"Ben, I saw someone at the door. They were looking right at us. I'm not sure but I think it was Debby."

"Debbie who," he asked.

"Debbie Jenner, my best friend," she answered.

She ran to the window where she could see the driveway and there she was running down the driveway and turning down the sidewalk. Shortly, Katie could no longer see her.

"It was her Ben, oh God she saw everything, now what," she asked.

"Hell I don't know, surely she won't say anything will she?"

"I have no idea Bennie, no idea at all. I have no idea why she came over here. The trouble is she's probably mad at me anyway. I've been ignoring her, not even talking to her that much. "

"Why in the world have you been doing that, " Ben asked his s****r angrily.

"Dummy, you should know. I've been busy getting you to fuck me. Then I've been busy letting you fuck me."

Ben merely nodded. This could be a very serious situation. If Debby talked they might be in a real jam.

"Well, I don't know what else to do Ben. Hopefully she's home by now. I'll just call her and see if she brings it up. If she doesn't then maybe we're OK."

"Now if she really saw us," Ben said, " how the hell is she going to ignore it?"

" I don't know Ben, I just don't know. We don't have much choice though do we?"

"No, I guess we don't," Ben replied.

Their earlier sex play was forgotten by both of them. Ben dressed as did Katie and she checked the clock to see if Debby would be home by now.

"Hi Mrs. Jenner this is Katie, " Katie said speaking to her friend's mother on the phone," is Debby there?"

"Well Hi Katie, haven't heard your voice in a long time," Mrs. Jenner replied, " no, actually Debby said she was going to walk over and visit you. She's not there?"

"No, I , well er, I wasn't here. Just got home," she lied, " will you have her call me when she returns?"

"Sure honey, be glad to," Mrs. Jenner replied, "she'll probably be back here any minute."

"Ok Mrs. Jenner, thanks," Katie said, " I'll talk to you later," Katie said as she hung up.

" So she wasn't there?" Ben asked.

"No, that's funny. She should be by now," Katie replied.

Marian got home about 7. At 7:30 the phone rang.

"Katie," Marian shouted up the stairway, " it's for you."

Katie answered the phone in her room to find that her friend Debby was on the other end.

"Hi Debby, how are you? Gee I haven't heard from you in a long time."

"Oh c'mon Katie," Debby said, I've called you I don't know how many times but you wouldn't talk to me."

"Well Debby, it's just been at the wrong time."

"Yeh, sure Katie, whatever. Well, anyway, it has been forever since I've seen you, so I had been thinking that maybe I could come over and visit tomorrow evening."

"Sure, of course ," Katie said, "we can pop some popcorn and catch up on things."

"Wow, we sure used to do that a lot didn't we. OK then, I think I'll just come over about 7:30 or so. See you tomorrow afternoon, OK?"

"Of course Debby, see you then."

When Katie hung up the telephone she had a foreboding that all was not as it seemed. Debby was still her best friend, no doubt about it, but Debby could be a little devious too. Katie found out years ago that her best friend was bi-sexual. Debby had never pushed her but had made some suggestions through the years to indicate that she would love a roll in the hay with Katie.

She told Ben that Debby was coming over to visit the next day, jokingly warning him that Debby had always had the hots for him.

"Well, that won't do her much good, not interested " Ben replied.

The next day seemed to move slowly but the evening finally rolled around. At almost exactly7:30 Katie heard a knock on the door.

"Debby!" Katie squeeled, " it's great to see you!"

"Seems like it's been forever," Debbie answered, hugging her friend.

Katie and Debby proceeded to pop popcorn, prepare soft drinks and retire to Katie's bedroom for conversation.

The two friends talked for some time about what had occurred since graduation and then during a pause in the conversation.......

"I saw what you and Ben were doing this afternoon Katie," Debby said seriously, " I gotta tell you I was shocked, and I don't shock easily."

"Wha... What do you mean, I don't understand," Katie said.

"O come on Katie, that won't work honey, I stood right there at the door and saw everything and you know that I did, you saw ME."

"I was so shook up that I just walked around, thinking it all out. I don't shock easily Katie, you know that, but this is unbelievable."

Katie sat looking at her friend for some time. She didn't know what to say. She was sure, of course, that Debby had indeed seen them yesterday in the kitchen. She was dead in the water and she knew it.

"What are you going to do," Katie stammered, " are you going to tell anyone?"

"I'm not sure Katie, I don't think so," Debby answered, " I need to know that we are still friends Katie, we've always been close, I just hope that we still are, that your new relationship with your b*****r doesn't change all that."

"Oh Debby," Katie said, " of course we're still close. Look, I know we haven't seen each other or talked a lot since graduation but I still consider you a close friend. Hell, you're my best friend Debby, you always will be."

Katie realized that she had laid it on a little thick and for that matter Debby probably did too. She was just trying to make sure that she was in Debby's good graces and that Debby wasn't going to shoot off her mouth.

"Maybe I should try to make a deal with you," Debby said.

This statement startled Katie and also made her apprehensive. What was her longtime friend going to demand.

"Maybe I should say.... I won't breathe a word of what I saw if Ben will fuck me."

Katie could feel the heat rising in her face. She knew she must be blushing profusely.

'I can't answer for him Debby," Katie said seriously, " what if he said no way?"

Well, it's in his interest too that no one finds out isn't it?" Debby said with a chuckle. Then quickly added, "no, I wouldn't do that. Listen, how would it be if I stayed over. I told Mom that I might. We can talk all night if we want to.

Katie quickly thought, what could she say. If she says no, Debby could very easily become angry and tell everyone what she had seen.

"Uh, sure, I know Mom won't care, she won't be here anyway, sounds great to me. I don't think I have any PJ's for you though."

"What do you sl**p in,? Debby asked.

"Well, I just steal one of Ben's big t-shirts and wear panties and that's it."

"Sounds good to me," Debby said.

Katie and her friend sat on Katie's bed, consuming their popcorn and conversing for an hour or more. Katie had turned on her TV and they also watched a couple of programs that they enjoyed, comparing notes on the characters.

"So, do you have one of those t-shirts in here or do we need to go steal one from Ben's room," Debby asked.

"No I've got two or three in the drawer here," with that she gestured to her chest of drawers.

"Darn," said Debby, as if disappointed.

They both laughed and Katie got up to retrieve one of the shirts for Debby and at the same time closed her bedroom door.

Katie was a little surprised when Debby began removing her clothing right in front of her. She first removed her shoes and then her trousers, revealing a tiny thong which left nothing to the imagination. Debby was trimmed but definitely not shaved. Next she removed her shirt and then to Katie's surprise quickly whipped off her bra. Katie had never seen her friend's bare breasts before and she actually caught her breath as Debby had a spectacular set. She was not as big as Katie but they were perfect in conformation, with what were referred to as puffy nipples. Debby raised her arms, lowered the shirt and smiled.

"There, how's that?"

"Looks like it was made just for you," Katie giggled, " now I guess it's my turn.

Katie undressed carefully, glad that she had chosen a more modest pair of panties for the day. As she removed her bra she turned her back. She didn't know why she felt so modest in front of Debby. It was if she felt like Debby was sizing her up, even lusting after her.

Katie turned off the lights, turned down the bed and the two girls relaxed across the bed, watching the TV program.

The girls continued to talk and then after a quiet moment Debby turned to Katie and said....

"Katie, I don't want to push you on this, but how long have you been fucking Ben?"

Katie swallowed and thought for a moment. Debby hadn't asked her if she was fucking her b*****r, she had asked in a matter-of-fact manner how long she had been doing so.

"I uh, well for about 3 or 4 weeks now I guess it is, I'm not sure really."

"You are really something girl, I never would have dreamed. How did it happen?"

"Well," Katie sighed, " I came home from our last home football game all upset about what some of my so called friends had said to me and Ben heard me crying and comforted me, actually I crawled in bed with him and he put his arms around me and I just knew what I wanted."

"So he fucked you there in his bed?"

"He tried not to. He kept telling me that we couldn't do that but I kept pushing him. Then when I realized that he wasn't going to stop, that he really couldn't stop, I tried to put a halt to it. It just happened Debby, we couldn't stop. Then we thought we would never do it again but the genie was out of the bottle, and it was too late."

"Wow Katie," Debby said, " that is really hot! So do you guys do it all the time," she asked enthusiastically.

"Debby, I might as well be honest with you, I'd do it all the time if I could but we have to be careful and can only get together when Mom's not here. With Ben working too we don't get that many opportunities. That's why you saw what we did."

"So did you go ahead and fuck after I took off?"

"No, we didn't. I think we were both too shook up."

"Sorry Katie, I really am."

"Oh that's Ok, I'm sure we'll survive."

"So, I don't want to get too personal but do you feel like you need to get off right now?"

Katie had been worried that perhaps the conversation would drift in this direction and now it had.

"Well, no, not really. I tell you the truth with all that has happened today I'm, pretty worn out. I think I need a good night's sl**p."

"Oh -- Ok, Debby said pensively, " maybe we need to just turn off the TV huh?"

Katie could detect the disappointment in her friend's voice.

"Yes, I think so," Katie answered.

With that the two friends said goodnight to each other.

Just as Katie started to drift off she could swear that she felt the bed jiggling slightly. She was certain that Debby was masturbating but she was certainly not going to get involved in that.

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