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Mariel's first day in a Old Mans Institution

As you go through life you meet and experience people, that will change your perceptions and the way everyday experiences impact on your senses.
The older a person is the less chance you have in perceiving the outcome of your interactions with them.
They have the experience, tried and tested before you were conceived, getting you as you are budding to fruition, sweet and busting with vitality, looking enquiringly and inquisitive, and above all enboldened with youth and willing to impress.
So what chance did I stand on my first day at the old folks centre as a student help.
Mature for my years in both mind and body, inquisitive and eager to please, I look back and realise just how much of a stir I was causing, as the older generation looked me up and down, as I stood there in the conservatory sunshine, smartly dressed in my white coat, but what lay underneath was probably more to their lecherous leering, than the smart youthful sixteen year old pubercent girl, bathed in sunlight, and with a capital 'S' for sex, hanging over her head.
My colleagues that worked with me were no better. Later I found out they 'curried favour' with the older and more wealthy gents, providing favours for money during bathing times, and more importantly, providing them with opertunities to place me with them, where the rules clearly stated I should not.
But these institutions run by themselves, wielding power to those left in charge, and providing they run smoothly and profitably, the inmates and staff find a balance that suits all, and unfortunately for me, I would find myself being seduced from both sides as I was manipulated by money and curiosity.
My nearest counterpart was Sara, a tall slim woman of 26, married with one c***d, natural blond to fair haired, and popular at bathing times, with the men with most to offer financialy.
As time passed Sara proved to be a wordly wise girl, especially in the fine art of 'Blowing the old gents', she would say that with her quaint Welsh accent, but apply it expertly and with meaning, after all, she could blow ten on a good day and at 50 quid a pop, tax free, her jaws and private bank account were expanding daily.
The older were on a similarily profitable sliding scale, offering more bodily contact, inside and outside, intmate and varied, depending on looks and age, but sufficient enough to keep them all happy.
Well, to be truthful, there were four in total and sixty-seven old gents to be looked after, so you can see the scale of the need of a busy staff, and it was this that saw me thrown into the mix.
That afternoon over lunch, Sara pulled me aside to tell me, 'Old Jones'ey had taken a shine to me' and would I be interested in helping her bathe him?
'Listen love' she continued, 'He is well endowned and takes Viagra, likes a good blow and balls tickle, and your 50 quid better off, no questions asked and hush hush, want to watch?', she added this challengingly, as if testing my resolve and searching my eyes to convince herself I was not going to blow the whole scheme to the authorities.
'I will watch and think about it' I said nervously, I mean this was an act of open sex about to be committed in my presence, and both the thought of seeing it done by the consumate proffessional and being paid for witnessing it, well I sided on the side of error and we both headed off to fetch Mr Jones, soon to be my first benificiary witness to my deflowering in this sanctuary of debauchery.
The bathrooms were in the basement, accessed by elevators four floors down, where all the noise was filtered out, and all the sounds of pleasure kept muffled and subdued.
Jones'ey waisted no time once the doors had shut and we decended to his wash place. Cupping my buttock he pulled me to him and stuck his nose into my crotch, sniffing-in in one prolonged deep intake, he savoured on the odours eminating from the privacy of my linen encased vagina, and as I looked down a shade shocked at his sudden attack, I could see the bulbous organ between the opening in his cotton pajama bottoms, stiffening and growing at an alarming rate, much quicker than the velocity of the decending elevator.
'Now now Jonesey dear', said Sara very motherly, and she reached forward taking his massive member lovenly in her hand, and slowly jerked him up and down, whispering into his ear, 'You like to fuck this little babe, shes virginal you know', at which she looked up at me with a broad smile on her lips and a naughty wink in her eye.
'He's cumming', I blurted as I noted the fluid escape from the slit in the head of his massive bulbous cock. Sara stopped, looked down, then back up to me, 'Pre-cum Mariel, just the start', and without warning went down on him, sinking her head deep into his crotch, her jaws parting similarily to a python dis-enjoweling to swallow its prey, she sank on this massive sausage and drawing back up slowly with a suction reminicant of a vaccumm.
Old Jones'ey was sitting eyes closed tight, still burried into my crotch, but his hand had found the hem of my coat and skirt and was now freely enjoying the lubricity of my vaginal fluids, between my thighs and under my soaked knickers.
In reality I was part of the whole goings-on, I was wetting myself watching Sara blow this huge cock, and surrendering to the assault on my vagina, he was masturbating me and all I could do was hold the back of his balding greyed head, keeping him in place as his hot breath was swirling across and between my vaginal lips, and adjusting my postion so give easier access to my swollen vagina, which he was currently burried deep, tickling my bud entrance to my womb.
I exploded with such a noise Sara pulled of his cock with a popping noise, her face covered in semen as she looked-up, surprised at me, and it shot over her, as her lips left his cocks mons-glans, all the way up her beautiful face and over her blond hair and touched down on my coat, a long sinewey streak, thick and sticky, darkish and strong smelling.
Sara being the consumate professional, plowed back down onto him, and swallowed the second cumming as Jones'ey jerked and spasmed in his wheelchair and I marvelled at her spunk covered head bouncing up and down on his cock.
We came to a shuddering halt at the basement and the extra bump on landing, provided Sara the opertunity to pull off his cock.
'There Jones'ey' she said, 'Two beauties for the price of one' and she held his face in her hands and kissed him on the mouth, as his sperm ran down her nose and in between their lips kissing.
The cool air hit us, taking the ardour out of the moment when the doors opened, and we pushed into the cubical at the far end.
Sara took the towel hanging and wiper his cum off her looking into the wall mirror to ascertain where each splattering was.
'You have something for me sweetie' she said kneeling in from of old Jones, and he responded by reaching into his pajama top pocket and handed her a folded cheque. She opened it and I saw clearly seventy five pounds, written and printed clearly. Sara looked at me and winked, 'be right back Mariel, must be off to the bank and deposit this beauty' and she got up asking me to finish and she would see me in the coffee shop later.
'Dont worry sweety, he's finished, she added pointing to his cock, and dissapeared into the elevator leaving me with him to bathe.
I eased him out of the chair and pulled on the chord holding his pants up and with one jerk they were at his ankles.
He steadied himself on the bar on the wall and I dropped down to my knees to help him step out of his pants.
The massiveness of his member was in full view, still erect and dripping, I estimated 10 inches and a girth I assumed to be three or four. As I looked up at him it lay across my face, touching my cheek and inviting me to kiss it.
I took hold of it, first with one hand then both hands, but its girth was such I could not close my fingers around it.
'You are the biggest man I have ever seen', I said in wonderment, holding him and caressing my cheek and parting lips, trying to insert him into my mouth, only succeeding with the bulbous head, tongue fucking his hole with the tip of my tongue and trying to swallow his massive organ, but failing in every effort.
I was like a wanton slut, my passions building as I strived to please this cock, I was slavishly loving.
I stood slowly and deliberately, and with a few moves, I stood in all my youthful exposure, naked and willing. I edged in beside him, turned my back to him and reaching between my legs, took hold of his meat and guided him easily into my vagina, opening me up to a whole world of being fullfilled and stretched beyond belief.
My knees buckled as I backed into him, in and out with increasing frequency as my second orgasm gathered pace, suddenly it was me and his cock and I thrust myself onto this organ of pleasure until I felt the warmth of his seed flooding my vaginal cavity, delivered all the way to my eggs sitting patiently in my fallopian tubes, millimeters from this potent fetiliser, now waiting for my orgasm and the dipping motion it creates, sucking up and into the point of no return, aided and abeted by my slavish need to complete the fuck to its climax.
That was the most I ever felt being streched, and when I looked down using a hand mirror I could see into my vaginal canal and his semen running out freely.
Old Jones'ey was my first in that institution, four and a halve hours after walking through the door. He was a regular as I had usurped Sara, she only blew whereas I fucked, and better still fucked bareback and enriched myself with experience and their pounds of course, but satisfied myself with old men, something I and some girl just love to be around

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