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Vacation with our exhibitionist wifes (last days)

This is a sequel to my previous story.Its 430 am and I hear a snore,I feel my wifes back and see her in the moonlight shining through the window.I see that our friend Glen(Fats is his Nickname) is in our bed sl**ping.I don't see his wife,but I know we shared wifes last night as we have done most of our vacation.I decide to wake and get ready for our last few days left.I go to our bathroom,as i am brushing my teeth,Glens wife Kay comes into the room from their bedroom and closes the door to my bedroom.She whispers that she would like to have a day without Glen around so she could have some fun.I knew what she is walking about,Glen likes to get pussy from my wife but doesn't like to share Kay.He doesn't mind sharing with me at all but he doesn't like it when the girls do a little exhibitionism. I tell her I will try to work it out. I go down to the gym to shower and change because I didn't want to wake anyone up.I finish my shower and go to the front lobby to get some coffee.As i am getting coffee a couple come over and I start to pour them coffee too. "Thank you"he says to me then asks 'is your wife up too? I answer him "No she is still sl**ping" My name is Ben and this is my wife Elle. My wife wanted to ask your wife where she bought her swimsuit? I look at her and she smiles and then looks down in embarrassment.This swimsuit my wife and Kay wore was so sheer,this is a reason Glen got mad.I tell Ben she got it in town.He asks me if she is shopping today? I tell him no but Kay and I will go and I can show then the store. They thank me,as Elle looks up to make eye contact,she smiles and together they begin to laugh as they walk away. I go sign up for the bus ride then grab more coffee for the rest of us.
I enter our room and hear the shower going,Kay enter the room and I quickly tell her the plan.I go to my bedroom and my beds empty so I enter the bathroom and see Karen in the tub and Glen is in the shower.Where did you go? I tell her I went down to the gym to get a massage because my back felt bad this morning.She looks at me with concern and says you need to take it easier today. i tell her I am and that I am going to ask Glen to take you to the snorkeling tour today.We all get together in the living room and we agree that my wife and Glen are spending the day as Kay and I will too.I take Kay down to the lobby to board the bus,she is wearing a off white skirt and pink top.I can make out her nipple through her top and I know from past times she doesn't have any panties on.She is happier than I have seen her this whole vacation,I hope she gets on a kinky mood.We climb the bus and I see Ben and Elle saving seats in the front row.We sit and I make the introduction,as I am doing this I notice the bus driver moving his mirror towards Kay's front row seat. I tell Kay about the mirror and she gives me a smile as she sits she parts her legs to give him a peek.Kay and Elle are chatting away as Kay continues to open her legs wider as we drive.Elle and Ben are aware of whats going on and seem to be getting horny as they watch.I then see Elle is starting to part her legs also but not as bold as Kay.We get to town and I see the vendors are ready to sell as soon as we exit.We are first to leave and we all do quickly as we can and head toward the store.I begin to talk to Ben and he tells me he and his wife liked the way my wife and Kay looked in their swimsuits and Elle is glad to get one.I tell him it is sheer and your wifes private areas will show.He tells me thats why she wanted one and he said he won't mind her doing it.I tell him his wife has the body to do it.He says he noticed she was showing the driver a lookup her dress.He said she didn't plan it but followed what Kay was doing.
We get to the store,Ben and Elle browse through the swimsuit as Kay takes me to the shoe department.As she is looking at shoes a salesman comes over and asks if she wanted to see anything.She points to a couple and sits down.He pulls up on a stool with that foot platform.She puts her foot on the platform and he removes her shoe and leans down to pick up the foot measure steel thing and as he is leaning down he looks up her dress.Kay parts her legs just enough to show her thigh.He measures her foot and slides the stool closer to her.He leaves and soon returns with the shoes.Kay's puts her foot on the stool and he lifts her leg up to put her shoe on, as hes doing so he twists her ankle so now she is f***ed to swing her knee out and hes catches a sweet glimpse of her brown haired pussy.Kay then spreads her legs a little more to give him the best day he has had at work ever.Kay quickly closes her legs as another customer walks by,as soon as they leave she swings open her legs and only the arms of the chair stop them from spreading any wider.She slides down the chair to expose as much of her pussy as possible!The salesman looks at me for a sign and I smile and nod at him,he reaches up and plays with her pussy hair.She closes her eyes and throws her head back so he inserts his finger in her wet pink pussy.She moans as it penetrates her wet lips and deep in her pussy.He fingers her faster and Kay begins to moan quicker and begins to pant,her legs are now resting over the arm rests.He goes down on a knee and puts his mouth over her pussy and begins to eat her pussy as he still fingers her,but his other hand is squeezing her boobs.He stands and starts to unbuckle his pants,he wants to fuck Kay.She grabs his dick and makes him stand so he can't fuck her.She begins to suck his rock hard dick.Shes deepthroating him on every stroke,but stops when she hears someone walking up.She see's that it is Ben and Elle so she continues to suck him.They stop and watch,they are shocked to see Kay with a strangers dick in her mouth but are also getting very horny.Kay continues to blow him and I notice Ben is fingering Elle as they watch and I also see a few more people watching from the next isle.The salesman starts to cum in Kays mouth.I see him start to jerk his hips and see cum dripping out of her mouth and onto the floor.Kay lets his half hard dick pull out of her mouth and I see her smile at him as he zips up and wipes the sweat off his forehead.Kay looks at me and says she wants the shoes too.He puts the shoes in the box and into a bag and tells her they are free.
We start out to catch the bus back to the hotel grounds. Ben and I are talking as we walk and he asks if Kays husband lets her do that?I tell him he should not know and he says ok.I tell him I would let my wife do that too and I don't mind as long as I am there if it is with a stranger.We board the bus and have to sit near the rear Ben and Elle are on one side and we are on the other side of the isle.I see vendors trying to sell them something,I see Elle is talking to a vendor,then i see his arm is in the window.I think he has his hand between her legs! I tell Kay but she can't tell either.I see her head going back and hope shes is letting him finger fuck her as her husband watches.The bus leaves and Kay leans on me and says she feels great and thanks me.She starts rubbing my crotch and I begin to get hard.She unzips me and pulls my dick out,she quickly goes down and sucks my dick.Her mouth is warm and tight,I precum a large glob in her mouth.She starts to deep throat me and I quickly start to cum,and I cum alot.Seeing these girls suck and get fingered by a stranger got me so horny I didn't need to much to get off,but I still am going to fuck Kay tonight.
We get back to the hotel and I ask Ben if Elle was letting herself get fingered by the vendor? He tells me she did and that the vendor also was fingering her in the ass too.He thanks me and gives Kay a kiss,Elle also give me a kiss and one to Kay as well.They tell us they will be out by the pool in her new suit after a few hours,but we never saw them that whole night.
Kay and I go back to the room ,but Glen and my wife arn't back yet so I tell Kay I would like to shower and Fuck her.As i am in the shower Kay comes in and Puts her back to me and says she wants it in the ass! My wife fucks like crazy but she very seldom takes it in the ass ,so I jumped on Kay's request fast.I let the water run down her back as I slide my dick in her so tight ass.I get so excited i start ramming as hard as I can But slow thinking I may be hurting her.She looks over her shoulder and says don't slow down now I am ready to cum.I start ramming her and she begins to scream as I hear her I get excited and start to cum in her ass.This makes her scream louder.We both cum and are now sitting on the floor,water running over us.We exit the shower,dry off and each go to our own bedroom and fall asl**p.Please read vacation with our exhibitionist wifes to catch up if needed also please comment,question will be answered too.

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