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As a male in my mid 50s, I have had many experiences over the years and may post other stories if there are requests.

I first met her online and for about two years we chatted and eventually decided to meet. I'll call her Linda. She was in her late 40s and a natural blond with a slim build and D cup tits with large bubble gum pink nipples. She met me at the airport in a leather skirt with black nylons, shiny black high heels and a crisp white blouse. She looked hot and she knew it! I immediately became hard knowing we were going to be in our hotel room in about an hour. We cuddled all the way in the back seat of the taxi.

Once inside our room, I undressed her while we kissed as she undressed me and before I knew it, she was down on her knees and greedily started to suck my hard cock with her warm, wet mouth. She made her mouth nice and tight and twirled her tongue around my swollen cock head. After another minute and obviously sensing that she didn't want me to cum so soon, she got up and got onto the bed on all fours. Her white breasts hanging freely turned me on more as well as her teen sized bum. She said that I could have any hole I wanted for as long as I wanted but I had to do something for her first. I said yes, anything!

She told me to strap her ass good and hard with my leather belt. This type of request was new to me but the thought turned me on for some reason. She said she wanted stripes on her ass and not to hold back. She said to turn up the radio and she will bury her mouth in her pillow if I was worried about the noise.

With her head down and ass up high and fully exposed, she closed her legs together so her sweet cunt looked even smaller and tighter. I needed to fuck her badly and she knew it. She then said softly that the strap will make her cum for me and the harder that I strap her the more times she will cum. At that, I held the belt back so it swished through the air striking her ass cheeks as she squealed and called out "one". With each successive strike, she called out the number until about the 10th stroke her thighs began to shake and cum oozed from her cunt as she came. Her lips went into spasms before my eyes. After another 15 hard ones she came again and told me to take her hard. Her ass was a bright cherry red by this time. My cock was dripping pre-cum as I slid balls deep into her cunt. God she was teen tight and she was still cumming. I could feel the heat from her bum as I fucked her good and she came again.

She turned her head back and said please fuck my ass! I pulled out of her cunt and as my cock was dripping wet with her cum, I slid in her tight ass nicely and she moaned as I was good and thick and ready to cum.

After a few long strokes in her ass, she begged me to let her taste me. I didn't want to pull out this time but she said, I won't spill a drop, I promise. My cock was twitching for relief as she took me in her mouth and clamped down causing me to reach the point of no return as I let loose with long streams down her throat. She massaged my swollen balls to make sure she got every sweet drop and she did! We both collapsed into each others arms for a long sl**p and the whole night still ahead!

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