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The Massage

Your girlfriend's friend Tori is training to be a masseuse. She needs practice, so your trusting girlfriend suggests that you might be a good subject. You pretend to be reluctant but you actually feel a surge of excitement in the pit of your stomach. You've always liked Tori, but the two of you have never touched apart from a kiss on the cheek. Now she's going to rub her hands all over your body!

You feel a flutter of nerves as you press the doorbell. It's like a first date! She answers the door and welcomes you in. She seems genuinely happy to see you and grateful that you could help out.

As usual, she's made an effort to look nice. Her black hair is immaculately neat and she has just the right amount of makeup and red lipstick. Today she is wearing a short yellow summer dress with a plunging neckline and no outward signs of a bra underneath. It really shows off her petite figure.

She leads you into her spare bedroom. Walking behind her, you notice that her legs look amazing in high heels and you catch the scent of her perfume. It's intoxicating.

There is a massage table in the room and Tori bends forward to adjust some towels over it. In doing so, she unwittingly gives you a nice view of her dangling breasts.

Tori leaves you to strip down to your underpants and lay face-down on the table. Eventually she returns with a bottle of warm massage oil.

The massage begins and you both make small talk. It soon becomes apparent that Tori's technique needs work. It feels more like groping and stroking than a proper massage, but she is unaware of this. As you lie there, being oiled and fondled by your girlfriend's BFF, you start wondering what she looks like naked. Occasionally her hip or stomach presses against your hand. Before long, you have a raging erection. Luckily Tori can't see it because you are face down.

"Okay, turn over now and I'll do your front" says Tori.

You reluctantly turn over. If you had hoped that she wouldn't notice your erection, then you were deluding yourself. Your cock is eight inches long and barely contained in your underpants, the long thick shaft aiming directly at your navel.

Tori stifles a gasp and looks away. You both struggle to think of how to deal with the sudden elephant in the room.

Her hands are on your thighs, motionless. She bites her lip and looks down.

"Ummmm..." she says.

You look around the room and start to whistle nonchalantly in an attempt to divert attention from your massive hard-on. For some reason, this doesn't work.

"Does that always happen when you get a massage?" asks Tori eventually, with a coy smile on her face.

"Um, no, not usually," you reply.

"Is it just me, then?" she asks, looking you straight in the eye. One of her hands slides further up your thigh.

You don't reply, but your dick twitches visibly and draws her attention. She stares at it, still biting her lip.

"It's big" she whispers, almost to herself. The hand on your thigh slides further up, the other she places on your hairy chest. You hold your breath, not wanting to break the spell.

Tori traces a finger-tip over the front of your underpants, down to your balls, then gently up along the underside of your shaft. Your cock grows bigger and the head starts to poke out into the open. Tori's finger runs up and down a few more times, then she grasps your cock through your underwear and squeezes it firmly.

You groan and buck your hips involuntarily. This startles her and she draws back, suddenly aware that she has crossed a line.

Don't stop," you groan, taking Tori's hand and placing it back on your on the massive bulge in your underpants.

She looks conflicted. "We're both seeing other people. We shouldn't be doing this," she mutters, but she doesn't take her hand away again.

You place your hand over hers, guiding her in a stroking motion. Your underpants roll down, leaving half your dick exposed. Tori's palm brushes your knob and gets smeared with a glistening trail of pre-cum. She slides her hand inside your underwear and caresses your hairy balls.

"Let's get these off," she says, and pulls your underpants down your legs, discarding them on the floor. Then she squeezes some oil on her palm, grabs your cock again and starts jerking it in earnest.

Tori's oily hand feels so good around your shaft as she alternates between slow, gentle stroking and vigorous pumping. If you're not careful, this will all be over way too soon.

"It's getting pretty hot in here" you say.

"Yeah baby" replies Tori, jerking away happily.

"No, I mean, aren't you hot? You know... in that dress?"

Tori gets the hint and smiles shyly. "You want to see me naked?"

"I think about it all the time," you reply truthfully.

She releases your cock so she can undo her buttons and the bow at her waist. Then she shimmies her little body out of the dress and stands there in skimpy white panties and high heels.

She looks at you nervously, smiling and biting her lip.

"God Tori, you're so fucking cute!" you say, and you mean it. Years of fantasizing about this moment could possibly have ruined it, as no woman could live up to the fantasy in your head. But at this point, you are just so damn excited to see your girlfriend's friend naked, that her flaws don't matter.

Tori grabs your cock again and resumes jerking. You stare at her full round tits and notice her nipples stiffening in the cool air.

"Now you've got something nice to look at" smiles Tori, then leans forward and rubs your cock against each of her erect nipples in turn, making them shiny with pre-cum.

"Is this good?" she asks, squeezing her tits around your shaft.

"That's fantastic Tori," you reply, "But you know what would be great? A body-slide!"

"What's that?" asks Tori cluelessly, continuing to rub your cock against her nipples.

"It's a common technique, I'm surprised you haven't covered it in your lessons. It involves you taking those panties off, squirting oil all over your naked body, then sliding your tits and ass all over me."

Tori frowns. "Maybe we learn that next week..."

She pauses to think, while gazing at your cock and absent-mindedly stroking herself through her knickers. "I'll try, but I don't know if I'll be any good," she finally says.

While you ponder exactly how she could make the experience any less than ball-shatteringly awesome, Tori throws some towels over the bed. "I don't think the table will take the weight" she explains.

You move over to the bed and lie down. Tori slides her hands down her slim hips, fingers slipping inside her lacy panties. She wriggles as she pulls them down, then kicks them aside. You note with pleasure that her black bush is very closely trimmed and she's shaved around her pussy. Your dreams of seeing her totally naked have now come true!

Tori grabs the bottle of massage oil and squirts it all over her beautiful tits. Streams of oil run down her trim stomach, over her pubic mound and down her thighs. Then she runs her hands all over the front of her body, spreading the oil all over.

"Don't forget your ass" you say. She turns around and makes a show of slowly rubbing the oil over her tight little buttocks, wiggling them at you as she kneads and strokes them.

Sufficiently lubricated, Tori climbs on top of you then flattens her tiny body against you with a squelch. She touches the tip of her nose against yours. Her breath smells minty and you go in for a kiss, but she smiles and slithers down and away.

Up and down she slides, rubbing her firm tits against your chest, stomach and thighs. Your rock-hard dick is sandwiched between your oily bodies.

You wrap your arms around her and hold her tight, grabbing her slippery backside at your first opportunity. She giggles and slithers free, then sits astride you. Your cock is flattened against your stomach, pressed down by her pussy. She rocks her hips, sliding her cunt forward and back along your shaft

"Turn around," you croak.

Tori obligingly changes position into a reverse cowgirl, twisting herself around without lifting herself off your throbbing member. Your dick is now nestled between her cute little buttocks.

She resumes her rocking motion and you grab her hips as she slides her slippery ass up and down your cock. You can't see directly, but she's definitely fingering herself at the same time.

"Ohhh..." she moans softly, increasing the speed of her rocking. She's really getting into it now. The sight of Tori's tight ass bumping and grinding against you causes you to become dizzy with lust.

You desperately want to fuck Tori. Your cock is rubbing up and down her pussy as she humps you in a reverse cowgirl position. If she made just the slightest mistake then you would be inside her.

She's busy fingering her clit and can't see what you're doing. You decide to go for it. When she's bent forward the furthest and your knob is closest to her entrance, you give your cock a little push with your thumb.

Bingo! Your cock head slides along her gaping slit then disappears between her inner lips and pops into her cunt. "Oh my!" she exclaims, trying to climb off it. She thinks it was her fault. "I didn't mean for that to happen!" she wails.

"No problem!" you groan, grabbing her waist and pulling her pussy down your shaft until you are buried to the hilt in your girlfriend's hot friend.

"Fuck that's big!" she gasps, sitting on your hips and getting used to the feeling of your massive dick inside her. Then she starts bouncing up and down, her oily ass making wet slapping sounds against you.

Her cunt is warm and soft and wet. You feel it spasm. "Oh God, I just came!" moans Tori.

"Keep going!" you cry. Tori resumes humping you and fingering her clit while you squeeze and spank her bottom. Her cunt spasms again.

"Oh God, I came again!" she cries, and falls backwards against your body, just as you explode with your own orgasm. Your cock pops free of her twitching pussy and you spurt into the air. Sperm rains down over Tori's stomach and tits.

Lying on her back on top of you, Tori turns her head to give you a deep kiss while she squeezes the last drops out of your cock with her thighs. Your hands roam over her firm little body, groping her tiny tits and smearing oil and semen all around.

"Your girlfriend is a lucky girl," sighs Tori finally.

You're feeling pretty lucky yourself.

The End


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