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The training of June Pt. 6

When the food was finished June asked Mary what is was like been a slave to a Master. Mary did tell her a bit in general but did not go into the training and how it would be carried out. She told June,"I really cant say how you might be trained, every Master has his own way of training. One thing I can say for sure is that you will be punished often till you learn. Some punishments will also be a lot harsher than others, that you can be sure of!". June thought for a moment and then said,"Mary will you please punish me as my Master might, I really want to know what it feels like,,please Mary punish me I've been a bad slave". Mary looked at her and saw the look of wanting on her face and said,"Ok slave indeed I will punish, but you will not like it. Wait here till I take you for your punishment". Mary stood and left the living room leaving June alone to think or imagine how she might be punished. Mary returned in five minutes in her hand she had a collar and leash. She commanded June to kneel in front of her. June did as she bib, dropping to knees in front of Mary bowing her head in submission. Mary placed the collar round her neck and fastened, cliping the leash to the ring at the front. Then she commanded June to her feet. June stood and Mary led her upstairs to her bedroom. Her old fashioned bed had iron bedstead at the foot and she led June over to it. She placed a pillow over the cold iron and bent June over it, presenting her arse nicely for punishment.She pulled June's arms out to each side and cuffed her wrists to the bedstead. Then she moved behing her and kicked her legs apart. This exposed June's pussy popping it open too. Mary pushed two fingers roughly into June's wet hot pussy. June cooed in pleasure as Mary finger fucked her till she came squirting hard flopping down on the bedstead her legs weakened they would not hold her up. She hung there coming down from her orgasm. She was half way thru saying,"That was wonderful". When she screamed out loud, the smack of the paddle landing on her big soft arse filled the room. June gritted her teeth and waited for the second blow, she did't want to cry out again, but it didn't come. June waited eyes closed, tears streaming down her cheeks. She had tensed her arse to fight off some of the impact. She held it tight as long as she could waiting. When she had to let out her breath her arse relaxed and then the second lash landed. Her lungs were empty and she could only manage a grunt. Her arse was starting to glow red and burn with pain. Then Mary moved up a gear and stokes of the paddle rained down on June's burning arse with lightning speed. June was dizzy and her head was spinning from the punishment on her tortured arse.

June's mind was a blur as the feeling building in her body seemed so unreal. Mary was grunting and panting as she lashed June's now fully red and very swollen arse. Then thru the haze of pain June felt her orgasm hit, her whole body shook and jerked. Each stroke of the paddle seemed to make her harder her pussy pulcing as she squirted and squirted over and over. Then June's body went totally limp as she finaly passed out. Mary stopped failing her arse and stood bent over hands on her knees to steady herself and she fought to clam her breathing. Mary flopped down into an armchair and waited for June to come round. Five minutes passed and June started to stir, she rolled her head from side to side to clear it, them she felt the burning in her arse and moaned loudly. Mary came over and sat on the bed be side her. She ran her fingers thru her hair, moving it out of her eyes. June's face was bright red and her cheeks were tear stained. She looked at Mary thru tear filled eyes and then she shocked Mary by saying, " I truly love you Mary". Mary kissed her head and replyed,"And I love you too June". June said, "I would so love to be fucked hard and deep right now". Mary said, "Oh I can do that for you little one". Mary rose and went to the wardrobe and opened it, pulled open a drawer and removed a large strap-on rubber cock. She steped into the harness and fastened it tight. She walked over to the bed and let June see what hung between her legs. June's eyes grew wide as they settled on the huge member, she gulped down a breath and asked,"How long is that monster thing?". Mary smiled saying,"If it's an inch, it's thirteen and Im going to use every bit of it on you, or should I say in you!!". June just said, "Ok Mistress Mary".

Mary moved behind her, she took the rubber cock in her hand and slapped June's red raw arse with it. June wriggled and giggled trying to avoid it but to no avail. Mary flailed her arse with it. June was moaning,"Please stick it into me, I want it so bad, please fuck me Mistress Mary". Mary moved into place and rubbed the rubber cock on June's pussy, then she pushed and the huge cock head popped open June's pussy lips. Mary pushed an inch or so into her. June pantted trying to relax and take the huge invader. Mary pushed further into her and June's mouth formed a silent "O" as her pussy was filled more then ever before.
Mary pushed till she every inch of it buried in June's pussy, her legs met June's burning arse and pressed hard against it. June gasped for breath, her womb was been pushed up into her stomach and she felt dizzy and sick from the pressure. Mary pulled back and June let out her breath as the pressure eased. Mary pulled out half way and began to fuck June's gapping wet pussy with only half of the big rubber cock. June felt like her pussy was been ripped apart it was buning and so sore. Then she came hard grunting like an a****l. Mary decided to go deeper. She grabbed June's hips and built up speed and preassure going deeper every few strokes. June was biting on the bed cover so as not to scream as her pussy was been totally torn apart, her finger nails dug into it too. She pushed hard against the bedstead trying to get away from the huge member. Mary was pounding hard and fast of her red raw arse June was just moaning and cumming the whole time, she seemed to be having one long unending orgasm. June once again passed out. When felt her go completly limp she slowed and slowly pulled the rubber cock from June's swollen red well fucked pussy. As the head of the cock fell form June's pussy, it gapped fully open, plucing in time with her laboured breathing. Mary knelt behind her and kissed her pussy and licked her little arse hole. June came round and moaned,"I've never been fucked like that before, thank you Mistress Mary". "You are welcome, but I am not finished with you yet. I still have you little arse hole to break in".
June cryed,"Oh no, not my arse. I couldn't take that thing in my arse, please Mary don't do it to my arse, please don't!!".

"Now now little one, you are my slave and I will do with you what I will and you have no say in it". June closed her eyes and said, "Yes Mistress Mary. I am yours, use me as you see fit". "That's better". said Mary. Mary stood behind her and landed a very hard hand slap on her arse. June screamed in pain. Then Mary rubbed the cock on June's still pulcing pussy. June cooed in pleasure. Mary went to the wardrobe once and returned with a tube of lube. She squeezed some on her hand and aplyed it to June's arse. She pushed a lubed finger into her and worked her little open a bit, then she used tow fingers working her hole open some more. June grunted as third finger spread her arse hole. June squeeled as Mary held her hole open and squeezed some lube straight into her open hole. Mary removed her fingers and as it closed slowly a little blob of lube was pushed out and sat there over her entry. Mary smiled to herself as she stood behind June and rubbed the cock head on the little blob of lube. She told June to try and relax and let it happen. June slowed her breathing and tried to relax. She knew it was going to very painful to have the huge rubber cock froced up her arse. Mary took the last four inches of the cock in her hand and pushed it to June's virgin arse. Mary waited for June to relax and her arse to pop open to accept the invader. Mary pushed a bit more and June's arse started to open. Then the big cock head popped into June's arse. June gasped and bit down on the bed cover as more of the huge rubber cock went up her arse. June was sobbing in pain as Mary pushed further into her. With half the cock into her
June was drumming her clenched fists on the bed from the pain of her arse been split in two. Her arse was on fire and she tried not to move, she felt like she wanted to die. Mary pushed slowly all the way into June, and June felt as if her guts were been pushed up into her troath. Mary held the cock all the way in for a minute or two. June moaned and groned saying,"Please no, I cant take it anymore,please take it out, please!!!". Mary said, "Oh but you will take it, for as long as I say so slave". June sobbed, "Yes Mistress Mary".
Mary fucked June's arse hole for five minutes and then pulled the cock roughly out of her. June's gapping arse was rewared with six hard slaps form Mary's hand. June wriggled as the slaps landed hard and fast on her totally buggered arse. Mary came to her head and grabbed her by the hair lefting her up, looked at her and said, "I'm going to leave you here for a while to recover and think about life. I will come back and release you when I'm ready". June said, "Yes Mistress Mary, thank you".

Mary left the room and went downstairs with the huge cock hanging between her legs. She felt sorry about what she had just done to June, but if June really wanted to be a slave then she would have to learn how to take her punishments. Mary went to the sitting room and lay on the sofa. She sipped from her glass of wine and then she unstrapped the cock. She held it in her hands and smiled looking at it. Then she lay back spread her legs placed the huge head between her pussy lips and Mary moaned in pleasure as the big rubber cock filled her pussy. She pushed it all the way into herself and slowly started to fuck herself. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she came.

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