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Neighbour Fantasies...Part 6

Gloria and I regained our composure on the sofa, and she said, "Gee...I need to put a panty're running out of me like crazy." She got up, took my hand, and led me toward the stairs. As we went up, I could see that the inside of her thighs and stocking tops were wet with both of our juices, and it stirred my spent balls. In her bedroom, she removed her black girdle and stockings, stepped into a white panty, and put on a short pink nylon robe. I was sitting naked in the chair when she went to her dresser, produced a key, and said, "When I told you about my sexuality and masturbation style earlier, I wasn't exactly truthful" "You were so honest in telling me yours, I feel I need to come clean." "Come with me." She tossed me one of her silky nylon robes saying, "At least you won't be naked...and it looks kind of sexy on you." I put it on out of modesty, but felt very awkward, to say the least. She led me to a door at the end of the hallway, which she unlocked, revealing a stairway to the attic. It was a good size, very clean, and contained the usual "attic" items. She switched on one of the two lights, and I could see the outline of her breasts in her bra backlit by the light. She motioned for me to come over to a corner where two large trunks sat side by side. She opened the latch on the first trunk, and swung the lid up. My heart went up into my mouth, and I stared in disbelief at what I saw. "It's not real," she timidly said. Inside the storage trunk was a very realistic male dummy - apparently anatomically correct as far as I could see, which, other than being naked, looked as though it was napping. "I call him Jake," she whispered. She told me that her late husband had it custom made by a sex shop in Amsterdam at her insistance about two years before he passed away. I was stunned, and only managed to croak, "Go on." She went to the other trunk, and as she lifted the lid, said, "Here is WHY Jake came to be." In the second trunk was another perfect replica...this time of a female, and again, apparently anatomically correct. It bore an uncanny resemblance to Gloria, and I shuddered as I had the thought. "Go ahead, touch it," she said, "It feels absolutely real." Against all logic, I did, and was amazed. "They are a special rubber which is like real flesh, and both have skeletons which allow them to be posed realistically," she said. "My husband neglected me for years, and I found "Jill" accidentally at our lake home one weekend when I took some of my co-workers there." "He had her hidden, and was using her for pleasure when he went "fishing"." "The SOB even had the nerve to send my measurments and photos to the maker in Amsterdam...the real "me" wasn't good enough, but a fake was." She began to cry, and I took her into my arms to comfort her. "I didn't want a divorce for Connie's sake, so after he spilled the details, I demanded he get ME a love partner of my own." "We lived together, but separately after that, until he died," she said. I was still speechless. "You can't imagine how expensive they were, but I didn't give a damn...he paid for his and mine," she chuckled. "So, now you have the full story of how I have - until we met - remained celibate," she said in a very quiet voice. "You must think I am well as perverted as you said earlier," she whispered. I apologized about my comment and assured her it was made only in a teasing and left-handedly complimentary way. She smiled, gave me a light kiss on the cheek, and said, "Well, let me introduce you to Jake." She rolled the trunk onto its side, and out popped Jake - literally. He sported a rather large erect penis, and set of testicles which hung in a rather discomforting realistic way. Everything else we all have "he" had, and his height looked to be slightly above average. As I looked at "Jake", Gloria let "Jill" out of her trunk. Her appearance was a spooky cross between Connie's when she was in her mid twenties, and Gloria's now. "She is a relica of me," Gloria said, ൰Cs, size 10 clothes, and my exact build." I stood there not knowing what to say or do, but felt Gloria needed some kind of reassurance, so I asked, "How often do you use Jake?" "Last time was the night I came over to ask you to help with my house cleanout," she said, "But not since, because you have taken his place." She wrapped her hand around Jake's penis and laughed, "I can do this all night, and he doesn't react...just like my late husband!", only difference is that at least he's always hard." I couldn't help myself...I laughed at that, too. "What about Jill?" I asked. Gloria told me she hadn't been out of the trunk in a few years...before that she actually tried a three-way with them, but is not attracted to women. "I only use her as a mannequin once in a while to try on new dresses or lingerie to see how they'll look on me," she said, figure I may as well get some use out of the bitch." I found myself getting aroused by this conversation, and said, "Why don't you show me how you use Jake...I'm intrigued." "Really?", she asked, "Okay, but not up me get him to my bedroom..."We can leave Miss Jill out for the evening. The storm outside was furious, and the two of us carrying the surprisingly heavy Jake must have looked like a horror movie. We placed Jake on the bed, and she removed her robe and bra. "Should I leave my heels on?" she asked. I told her yes, and she walked up to me rubbing her breasts and thighs aginst me saying, "Get me hot first." Off came the borrowed robe I was wearing, and she began to stroke my penis as I played with her breasts and kitty. "Oh, Trev...I was soaked from you before, and now I'm simply gushing," she whispered. "Go do Jake, " I said. She mounted Jake and began to ride his hard rubber penis while kneading her breasts. "See how I do it?", she moaned. I was tempted to mount her from behind, but decided to masturbate on her instead. She saw me stroking myself and said, "Give me something he can't...shoot on my breasts...I LOVE THAT." She was still wearing her panty, and the sight of it as she rode Jake and had me jerking for her quickly brought me to the edge. She said she was going to climax, so I pushed her off Jake onto the bed on her back, and drove into her kitty the full length of my shaft. We blew up together in an intense shared climax. Later, she said, "Damn...I should have recreated your first encounter with Lorene...perfect weather for it." "Next time it storms like this, I will...that's a promise."

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