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Elaine mother in law

i have been going out with my girlfriend jayne for 4years now and shes 19 and im 21 but i have always had a thing for elaine,Elaine is my girlfriends mum she has got brunette hair brown eyes and a real hot body shes 43 and we offten flirt i think she knows i fancie her, jaynes room backs on to elains and when we stop the night i can hear her moans and groans but jayne is normaly asl**p by this point but she has no hubby or boyfriend so one night when jayne was asl**p i could hear elaine moaning so crept out with a rock hard cock in my shorts hoping i could see the door was slightly open thanks to her silk dressing gown on the floor stopping it from shutting i slowly put my face to the gap so affraid incase she saw me but i shouldnt bother she was to busy she had her thong to the side and 2 fingers in her wet cunt she finaly cum and i had to leave,
I woke up sunday morning and jayne was at horse riding she just leaves me in bed and she comes home around 2p.m i looked at the time and it was 9p.m so i walked to the kitchen to make tea and elaine was there in her silk robe,, the robe that was on the floor last night,"morning" i said "you enjoy my show" said elain "what?" i was so scared "you heard i knew you was watching my it turnd me on" i fell silent "its ok it turnd me on" she said dropping the robe she was naked freeing her perky little tits and her shaved cunt "now drop your shorts" i had a huge hardon pushing out like a tent "ok" i said quite shy and let out my cock by pulling them to my feet she droped to he knees and sucked my cock it was so hard "FUCK MY FACE" she said i thrust my hips in and out as she gaged on my cock spit gathering making a pudddle on the floor she was rubbing her wet cunt making a squelshing noise i had to fuck her she bent over the washing machine any shoved 3 fingers in hes pussy "come fuck me like you fuck my slut of a daughter" she panted so i slid my cock in her hard and fast i was only fucking for about 30sec and my cock whent very warm i thought id cum but looking at elaine i realised it was her,her eyes rolled and mouth open moaning in rythem with my fuck,,my balls was ready to burst so i pulled out and fucked her face deep and cum in her throat i pinched her nose so she gaged on my hot creamy spunk she swallowed and walked out with her bl**d shocked eyes and gaper pussy all used and wet,,,,,


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