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Grandpa Dan-My Neighbor part two

Sweat rolled off of Grandpa Dan's face as he positioned Sherry next to me on my Mother's bed. Like Me,Sherry was trussed up like a turkey waiting to be stuffed! Her thin,bare legs were raised in the air,and he had tied her wrists to each thigh,just above her knobby knees. He had also secured her ankles together,thus insuring an unobstructed view,and access,to her sweet,pink,little cunny and light brown,tightly puckerd butthole.

He wasn't the only one sweating,but while Grandpa Dan's was from the heat and his exertion,Sherry and I were sweat slicked from our nervousness. I had no idea what was to come next,but I knew that Sherry did!

"I'll be back,in a minute. Don't move,You Two. Stay right there!" He laughed,knowing there was no-where else for She or I to go,unless it was onto the floor. "If I don't turn on the A.C.,I may just pass out! And We sure don't want That to happen! Do We?"

Sherry turned her head and looked at me as Grandpa Dan left the room. Her shoulder length,black hair clung to her face,but I could still see her green eyes and the big smile she wore. "I wonder what He will do first!" She whispered.

"Or,Who!" I giggled. "Sherry? Have You ever. You know,"Played" with Grandpa Dan before? I mean. Have you guys ever done anything like this? I mean,before this morning,when He was licking your cunny?" The words rushed out of my mouth,before I could stop them. She looked at me with a suprised expression on her cute,tiny face.

"Oh? No. But I have wanted Him to! I peek at Him and Mommy doing all kinds of neat stuff! They "Play" with each other all the time,when they think I'm in bed as leep!" She said,grinning even more at me. "It wasn't until this morning that Grandpa came and got me." She giggled. "I was getting ready to take my bath,and I had just taken my panties off,when He opened up the bathroom door. He was standing in the doorway,Naked! His dick was all hard and he shook it at Me!" She started licking her pouty lips. "He told me He was "Worked Up and Horny",and that it was all my fault!" She stopped for a moment and winked at me. "Then He picked me up,carried me to my bedroom,and put me on the bed. And before I could say anything,He started licking and kissing me! Down There! ON MY CUNNY!".

"Well,You sure looked like You were enjoying it! That,And when He was rubbing and squeezed Your titties! I know,because I was in the tree behind your bedroom window,watching!" I told her. "I even heard You tell him that You wanted to teach Me how to do that! Then,when You asked Him if you could suck on his cock? I almost fell out of the tree!" I started laughing and She did too.


When Grandpa Dan came back to the room,Sherry and I both looked over to where he stood. He was staring at us,licking his lips. He had a bath towel over his left shoulder,and I could see the jar of petrolium jelly He held in that hand,but I couldn't tell what He had in the other.

"I found a few things that I thought we could use to start out with. Now chi ldren,have either of You been sticking things up your butts yet?" He asked. "Well? Don't be shy. Now's not the time for that! Answer me!"

"No.." Sherry and I shook our heads saying it in unison.
"Just Your tongue this morning,and then Doug's,when we were in the living room earlier!" Sherry ammended. "And You Really Loved that! Didn't You,Girl?" He joked. "Well,get ready to have some "Real Fun",and don't worry,I'll try to be gentle." His laughter was different from what I had ever heard before,it was deeper and almost scary.

"Let's see." He started "I know Doug want's to suck my cock. Don't You,Doug?" I nodded yes. "And I know Sherry wants to suck on my cock. Don't You,Baby?" and Sherry laughed. "My only question is,"Who do I let slobber on my knob first?" I really do wonder. Should I let little,"Harriet the Spy" here,get the first go?" He asked,pointing his hard cock at her. "Hmmm? OR,perhaps Doug really is a natural little, cock sucker!" and he shook his swollen cock in my direction.

Grandpa Dan had tossed everything he had been holding onto the bed,above our heads,where Sherry and I couldn't see them. After doing so, He continued talking to us while running his hands all over naked bodies.

"I So Love the feeling of young,tight,soft flesh! And it's been such a long time since I have been able to indulge in my fetish. Do either of you know what that word means? "Fetish?" He quietly asked,breathing heavily. "No." again,Sherry and I answered in unison. "Well,never you mind. Take my word for it,You will both feel the same way I do. Someday." And He threw back his head,laughing!


Sherry's body rolled into him when he kneeled on the bed,and picked up the jar of pertolium jelly. He repositioned her,then disappeared from our view.

Suddenly,I heard Sherry made a strange sound,take a deep breath and hold it. I watched as Her face turned red,and she began squirming her hips back and forth on the bed,bumping up against me. "OH! OH!!" She exclaimed in a loud voice,as she exhaled! "OH,MY GOD! HAAAHUMMM! HUHUH! HOOO! GRANDPA!" she yelled "YES! HUHH! YESSS!"

I wondered why Sherry was acting that way when,all at once,I felt something thick and greasy get shoved up my ass! I too took a deep breath and held it! I could feel one of Grandpa Dan's fingers as it slid in and out of my asshole! "OH! That's Awesome!" I panted. "OH! YES!" I yelled,as he shoved it all the way in,curved his fingertip,and began twisting his wrist!

I couldn't help it! I began to giggle when I looked back at Sherry and saw the expression on her face. Her eyes were wide,her mouth was open,and She had her tongue sticking out. She was acting like she was licking on something when I saw Grandpa lean over her,and kiss her on the lips. He had to pull his fingers out of our assholes to do so.

"Awww!" I moaned. Then I said "Grandpa,that was great!" "Just You wait,Boy! You aint felt nothing yet!" He said,when he broke their kiss. "Let's see how you like this!" Again he reached above us,moving too quickly for either of us to see what he had taken from the pile of items.

That time,it was my turn to be first. I gasped and cried out as I felt something about two times wider than his finger had been,plunge past the opening of my asshole! I thrashed about as much as my bonds would let me! I strained and fought against them,but no matter what I did,I couldn't get away! Then a feeling of pleasure began to flood through me. Grandpa Dan kept an even,steady pressure,as He continued to shove the object up into me! I could feel it buried almost up to my navel before he started pulling it out,then pushing it back in! He kept this up for a good five minutes,driving me crazy! I was moaning and grunting in time with the thrusts,and grinding my ass against his hand,when I heard Sherry whine "Grandpa? What about me?!"

"O.K.,Little Baby. Remember,You asked for it!" He said,and without warning,He pulled whatever it was from my ass,and Sherry screamed "OOoooooo!" as He shoved it deep into her!

Sherry was humping and gyrating her hips,trying to match his teasing thrusts, all that did,was make her fall over on top of me! Our faces were so close! She kept sticking her tongue out,trying to lick me! I wanted to kiss her lips so badly! I pleaded with Grandpa to untie me! "Please! Please!" I begged! "I want to kiss Her! Let Me lick her cunny! Please! Grandpa! Let Me Kiss Her Pussy!" I whined.

"Not Yet,My Boy!" He laughed and reached over to squish my little balls with the palm of his hand,and flick my dick with his fingertips! Then He stuck a fat finger up my ass again and finger fucked me,as he continued playing with Sherry. "This is quite the work out! I'm starting to "feel the burn". How about You Two?" He panted.

Grandpa Dan placed his hands on the edge of the mattress and used it to help him stand up. "Whoo! I think I lost the feeling in My feet!" He said,looking at us with a mock frown. Lifting his hand,He showed Sherry and I the rolling pin he had been using to fuck our asses with! A few minutes later we watched Grandpa climbing up onto the mattress. Getting into position,He knelt over our heads,letting us compare the size of the rolling pin to the size of his cock. Oh,My,God! His cock may not be quite as long,but it sure was alot thicker!


Grandpa Dan spent the rest of the morning,and late into the afternoon,screwing Me and Sherry with all kinds of different things. He kept trading off between using things that were slender,like the handle of a plastic mixing spoon,to something thicker,like the rolling pin,until She and I could take three of his fingers,all at once,up our gaping assholes! It was getting pretty close to the time for Mom to come home,when Grandpa said "How are You Two holding Up? Sometimes I forget myself. Are You O.K.?" and a wicked grin curved his lips.

Sherry didn't say a word. She couldn't. She was curled up in a heap,soaked with sweat,despite the Air Conditioning being on. She laid there on my Mom's bed quilt panting,and gasping for breath! I could still hear little moans coming from her direction.

You see,Grandpa was just finishing up a long session of fingering her asshole when,without warning,she screamed at the top of her lungs! He clapped his hand over her mouth,pressing her head down,stifling her cries! I sat there staring as her body writhed under the ministrations of his hands. I could clearly see the outline of his fingers as they pushed up just above her cunny from the inside,when Sherry suddenly straightend out! She became stiff as a board,clamping her thighs together trapping Grandpa's wrist! Then She began to piss! It shot out in four short bursts,going everywhere! At least I thought it was piss. "Ah! There's a Good Baby! You liked that,didn't You? I Know You Liked That! In Fact,You Loved It! Don't lie! I Know You Loved It! Now! Just You Wait Till I Fuck You!" He chuckled,licked his arm and then his fingers off. "I can't wait to shove My Cock Into You! In Fact,Little One,I Think I lied Earlier. I Think I Will Be The First To Pop Your Cherry!" Sherry began to sob.

Myself? I was exhausted as well! My jaw and asshole were both sore. My shoulders and hips ached,and even tho he had untied us before noon,there were still pink stripes around my wrists,knees and ankles. Sherry's too. I have no idea how many times Grandpa had made Sherry and I suck on his big,fat cock,because I had lost count after five. He always made us stop when his ass cheeks clenched up tight,and his pot belly started shaking! Just "Edge Me" he told us,time after time. Neither Sherry or I knew what he was talking about,but We were learning how to handle a cock like we had been doing it all of our young lives!

"Come Here Boy! I want to see If You Have What It Takes!" He reached over and took me by my hair. Picking me up under my arms,Grandpa laid me down at Sherry's feet and told me to lift my legs. I did. He showed me,as he dipped four of his fingers into the petrolium jelly and took out a big glob. Grabbing me by the ankles he began working it up into my sore,swollen rectum!

He started with one finger,but it wasn't long before he had two,then three sliding in and out of me! Just like earlier! I began giggling uncontrollably. When He picked up speed,I began to moan. God! It felt so Good! I pushed against his hand! I Ground my hips and bucked my ass up and down! I gasped out in delight,when he finally shoved his pinky into my wanton asshole,making it all four fingers that were planted in me. But I screamed when He shoved his hand forward till the knuckles above his palm started stretching me even wider!

"Get Up Girl!" Grandpa yelled at Sherry. I felt her sit up on the bed. "Get over here! Do It NOW!"

My mind reeled! I was confused and I was afraid of shitting myself,until I remembered there was nothing left in me to shit! He had made sure of that this morning!

I looked to my left and saw Sherry's ass next to my face. Grandpa had his face bent close next to her ear,whispering something. She turned her face twords mine,and through her stringy hair,I could see a glint in her eyes,I had never seen before! "Wanna Eat My Pussy Now,Doug?" She said in a low,husky voice. "I Want You To. I'm gonna sit on your face,Doug. That way,You can eat my asshole out first! Yeah,I'm gonna Love That! I Know I Will! Know Why? 'Cause Grandpa Said I Would!" and I watched as She put her knees next to my shoulders and pulled her asscheeks apart. I was staring at her red,open asshole when she squatted over my nose and mouth!

I had to open my mouth just to be able to breath and when I did,Sherry moved forward till her ass covered my mouth. "Stick that tongue in Me! Do It You Little Fucker!" She hollered! We had also learned a whole new way to talk that day,as well.

My tongue darted into and out of her! My lips kissed her rosebud! I slurped and probed! I made sure to do everything Sherry told me to! "Yes! Eat My Turd Cutter! You Little Fem Boy! Lick My Shitter!" She moaned. "Now Feast On My CUNT!" and she pressed her pussy into me!

Grandpa turned his hand till his thumb pointed up! I opened my mouth and screamed straight into Sherry's splayed cunt! My cries were muffled between her thighs! Tears rolled down the sides of my face! I was trapped! Oh,God! What was happening? I didn't want to like what was being done to me,but I Loved It!

Sherry continued to grind her pussy into my mouth! She was bouncing up and down while I did my best to shove my tongue as far as I could,up into her sweetest of depths! Every time she would drop and push her cunny down onto me,I sucked at the opening of her vagina!

While Sherry was doing that,Grandpa had started to press his thumb into my balls every time he shoved his hand forward! He repeatedly banged into my hairless ballsack,as his fist went faster and faster! But when he twisted his wrist sideways,opening me wide enough to stuff a beer bottle into? I thought I would pass out! Sherry's moans,brought me back around! She was screaming but She wasn't making any sense! She wasn't really saying words,just grunting and making noise!

Grandpa Dan pulled his hand out of my asshole with a "POP" just as Sherry's cunt squirted something into my mouth! It was salty and sweet,and a little bit thicker than water! I did my best to swallow it and not to breath any in,but when she did that I did,and started coughing anyway. "EAT ME! SUCK MY CUNT!" she yelled! "GOD EAT ME!"

The next thing I knew,Sherry flew over backwards. Grandpa had pushed her off of me,but she crawled over and pressed her thighs against the sides of my face. The rest of her legs she d****d over my shoulders and arms. I could feel her crotch pressed against the top of my head and She continued to grind against me!


"Well! Aren't You Two a Couple of Little Fucking Perverts?!" I stared into Grandpa's eyes as He looked down at Me. "Just Look at You! Smooth as a baby's butt! Not even a sprig of hair between the Two of Ya,and yet Sherry's a cum fountain just like her Mother was! And Is!" He brayed! "I'm going to have one Hell of alot more Fun living here than I thought I would!"

"Yep!' Sherry said. "So am I!"

"We Are Too!" I heard My Mother say.

I got both of my elbows beneath me and sat up. Sherry sat up too,pressing herself against my back. She wrapped her arms around my neck and shoulders,and her legs around me waist,pulling me into her! She began kissing my cheek,but I could tell that she watched the same thing I did!

Her Mother was sitting in the chair beside my Mom's dresser,and Her legs dr aper over the arms of the chair! This gave us all the perfect view,as My mom worked the rolling pin in and out of Mrs.Fletcher's pussy!

They were passing a bottle of wine back and forth between them,and had four more open bottles lined up in a row! Mom was alternating between shoving the rolling pin and then the neck of the wine bottle,into Mrs.Fletchers cunt! She was Fucking Her with it! Whenever Mom shoved the wine bottle deep into Mrs.Fletcher,She would slowly pull it out,and then they would each take a swig from it!

Grandpa Dan sat on the floor. His cock looked painful,to me. It was bigger than I had ever seen it! In the shadows,the entire shaft was dark,but the head of it was black! It was swollen beyond belief,and moved in time to his pulse! Then his cock began jumping around when Mrs.Fletcher left the confines of the chair and got on her knees.

I heard him moan,when Mom took one of the open bottles and shoved it up Mrs.Fletcher's ass! I was amazed while I watched my Mom pull down,creating an opening above the neck of the bottle,and We could hear it "Glug" as it emptied into Mrs.Fletcher!

One point seven five ltrs.of red wine gone! Just like that! "Oh,My God! Mrs Fletcher!" I blurted out. "Doesn't that hurt?"

"My Name is Dawn,Sweety! And No! I Love IT!" she said. Sherry was breathing heavily in my ear! "I want You to do that to Me!" She panted. "Maybe next time we go "Fishing?"!

Then We watched as it was my Mother's turn. Her plump ass stuck up in the air. As she spread her fat ass apart,I looked to see if the hair on her cunny was blond,like the hair on her head,but she was clean shaved! Her cunt was as bald as Sherry's!

That bottle emptied even faster than the one that poured into Dawn!

"Oh Fuck!" Grandpa Dan moaned. "What's wrong,Grandpa?" Sherry asked him. "Too much "White Stuff"? She teased. "Sure is too bad You wanted to it save up! I asked You this morning if You'd let me suck it out!"

We All heard him growl,and when He started to stand up Dawn yelled "Dad! Sit Back DOWN! You'll tear Her apart with that Thing! Let Olivia take care of You!" Dawn was trying to get off of her hands and knees. She barely made it before She asked my Mom for the towel. "Oh God! Let's get to the toilet!" She cried as the Two of them waddled off.

Sherry and I both laughed as We listened to them emptying themselves! They were staggering when they came back. "One More for the Road!" Dawn yelled. "Or the Carpet!" my Mom laughed.

Grandpa Dan leaned forward,watching intently as My Mother's ass stuck up,mere inches from his face. He was sniffing at it and I watched as his fingers stroked under the tip of his cock!

Mom had just shoved the wine bottle up His dau ghters ass,when he leaned forward and grabbed my Mom by the hips! He buried his face between her sagging ass cheeks,and She squeeled when He shoved his tongue up her loose butthole!

"Oh,Jerry! YES! Tongue Me!" She screamed. "Eat That Ass!" and He did.

Sherry moved around to get in front of me. Her face was glued to what was going on! "Oh Yeah! Eat Her Ass!" She yelled! "Mommy! Don't shit it out! Hold it in! Give Olivia Hers!" She was telling them,when She reached back and found my hard little dick. She turned around and without saying a word,she lowered her face and began sucking my cock!

Grandpa Dan and I watched as Dawn fucked my Mom's ass with the wine bottle! They were lost in each other till the urge to purge struck them. Once again they disappeared in the bathroom! I didn't know which was louder. The for ce of the wine shooting from their bowels,or the flushing of the toilet. I think the wine won!

When They came back that time,they could hardly stand up. Dawn saw Sherry sucking my cock first. "Yeah! SHUCK ID! WOOWOO!" Dawn guffawed.

"Eat dhat Weinie!" Mom exclaimed.

"And what do I do with This?!" Grandpa Dan asked,lifting his bloated,purple cock.

"Well. Give me a minute and then You can Fuck Me!" Dawn giggled. "No ME!" My Mom said.

I didn't care which one of Them He fucked,because Sherry's hot,slimy pussy gripped,and slid up and down along my dick. She shoved it as far as it would go into Her,and smile into my eyes!


"Daddy. I have an idea." Dawn said as she stumbled over to my Mom's dresser and picked something up from it's top. "Give me one!" I heard Mom say,and watched as Dawn handed her a pill. They each washed whatever it was down with a swig of the wine that was left.

"How about a "p*o-p*o Train,Daddy?" Dawn asked. Grandpa Dan's response was a deep,gutteral growl,followed by "Give me a couple of those!" He said shoving the two women aside and popping a handful of little,yellow pills into his mouth. I heard my Mom laughing. "Does it really hurt That bad?" she asked Him.
"You'll Never Know Cunt!" He snarled back.

Sherry lifted her hips,crawled off of me,and then moved her face back to my crotch,so She could suck on my cock some more. She was still doing that when My Mom picked her up and set her on her hands and knees on the bed. Dawn then did the same to me.

I felt the mattress moving as first Dawn,then my Mom got on to it. All of us were on our hands and knees,our faces pressed into the quilt and our asses stuck up into the air.

Dawn moaned out as her Father shoved his cock balls deep,straight up Her ass! The bed shook and we knocked into each other,and He began pumping into his Daug hter's moist asshole! "I can't Wait!" Mom said to me. "How about You? I hope He takes a long time before cuming!"

The roomm was filled with Dawn's and Grandpa Dan's grunting! "Oh Daddy! Fuck Me! Fuck Me!"

"Shut up!" He said and slapped her hard on the ass! "Watch This!" He howled as he shoved Dawn onto her side and stood behind Sherry. She gripped my wrist as He placed his hands on her hips and without saying a word,He pressed forward and filled her asshole,stretching her open almost to the breaking point!

Her screams filled the air as he pummeled into her! She shoved her face into the bed's quilt and stuffed her mouth as full as she could,screaming the entire time He fucked Her! She shook her head about and gasped as he continued to spear her with his hugw cock! When I thought She couldn't take any more,Grandpa Dan pulled out from her asshole and said "Your turn,Fag!"

I felt Sherry's,Dawn's and My Mothers hands rubbing my back and stomach. My cock stood out straight and hard and I knew no fear! I wanted to feel that wonderful cock inside of me. After all,He had already fisted Me hadn't he?

My jaw opened and froze in a silent scream! My eyes crossed and I thought I would split in two! Every time He shoved into me,I tried to push Him back out! Over and over,deeper and deeper he drove into me. And altho I could still feel the Girl's touching me,I was lost to a primal lust!

"Come On!" I yelled at Him! "Is that All You've got? Fuck ME! FUCK ME!" I begged Him. "Do It!"

"Shoot Your stuff!" Sherry called out.
"You Have To Share It Daddy!" Dawn chimed in. "You still haven't Fucked Olivia Yet!"
"Let ME Drink IT!" Mommy cried out! "I Want It!"

Grandpa Dan pulled his cock out of my oozing asshole,and pushed me down!

"Face ME!" He told Us!

Dawn,Sherry,My Mom,and Myself all turned to face him. Our cheeks pressed together as He stood before us jerking his cock,till his fist became a blur!
Suddenly,Cum erupted from the head of his cock! It flew through the air,splashing into our eyes and covered our faces! Spurt after spurt issued forth! He thrust his hips forward and aimed the head of his slimy dick at us!
Cum kept pouring out onto us! My Mom opened her mouth and took his cock into her mouth!

Grandpa Dan wrapped his hands in her hair and began fucking her mouth till she started to gag. When he pulled out and She opened her mouth I heard Sherry say "I can't wait till You can do that!"
I was leaning over to give Her a kiss,when Grandpa stuck the head of his dick between our lips and said "Until then..."

End Part Two

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