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Space #97

I have always taken care of myself and proud to be called a BBW. My hubby of 46yrs. loves me for my big tits, wide set hips and big ass. Sometimes our friends talk behind our backs because of the way I dress at times as I am a bit of an exhibitionist. But the real story is that one day last summer we decided to take out our RV and head to our favorite RV park in Colorado. Its very large place with lots of shaded spaces a beautiful pool, nature trails etc. If you know anything about RV parks its that they roll up the sidewalks at 10PM and everything just stops. One evening at around 1130PM both hubby and I got this sudden urge to walk around the park in the nude. As we stepped out of the RV totally naked our hearts were racing a mile a minute. We would walk a little then stop to fondle each other and just fool around. We walked for about 45 minutes and came across the pool area. It was there that things really heated up. Hubby had a hardon like I have not seen in a while and dripping with precum. For that matter my pussy was wetter than its been in quite a while. Hubby eased me back onto a table spread my legs wide and went down on me. I felt like my whole body was on fire. I returned the favor taking his cock into my mouth. It felt like a bar of steel hitting the back of my throat. After while I leaned over onto a table and he fucked me from behind. And after only a few very hard thrusts deep into my cunt we both came so hard I had to cover my mouth to hide my scream. I found a towel laying on another table and used it to wipe the massive cum dripping from my pussy. We walked slowly back to our RV got cleaned up and fell asl**p in the nude in each others arms. The next morning we found a note tapped to our door. It read "We really enjoyed your performance last night on the pool side table. If your ever in Arlington Texas look us up. It was signed with their name and address and said thanks again your friends in space #97".

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