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Mother in Law

When I started dating my wife I remembered the old story 'look at your mother in law and you will see your wife in years to come'. I did this and liked what I saw, my mother in law was a beautiful curvacious bubbly woman with a real zest for life. I prayed for the day my wifes breasts would measure the same as her mothers but in reality it was a pipe dream.

As I got to know mum in law better the more I grew to like her, she was cheeky and flirty and would often playfully slap my butt or squeeze my leg, when I would see her I would cuddle her tight pulling her ample breasts into my chest secretly dreaming of her naked against me.

As the years rolled on we decided to holiday together abroad and as my father in law couldn't travel by plane she was only to glad to join us. While away I marvelled at her figure she really looked after her body and it showed, in her bikini she was awesome, breasts full and topped with hard large nipples which were obvious under her top, her hips were rounded, not too large and her bikini bottoms left little to the imagination. As she lay by the pool the globes of her breasts spilled out the sides of her top and I just couldn't get enough. Once only did I manage to see her breasts uncovered, by accident as she changed her clothes down by the beach, and although she apologised I swear she had a rye smile on her face and a glint in her eye as if to say 'I know you like what you see'.

I contented myself with the vision I had seen and wanked often recalling her massive tits.

Two months after we returned home, I had an accident on my motor cycle and was bed ridden for a month with badly broken legs, as my wife worked my mother in law moved in to nurse me through the day, nothing sexual happened but the tension was obvious on both sides. As she rubbed lotion onto the tops of my legs her hand would deliberatly brush against my balls and cock and with a chuckle she would apologise, this was killing me.

The doctor during a visit requested a sperm sample from me to check my count as my balls had taken a severe battering during the crash, embarrased I told him I couldn't produce on demand so he agreed to call in the next day to collect the sample, leaving a sample pot he left. My mother in law came in after the doctor had left and asked how things were, I explained to her about my legs and how well she was doing moisturising them. when she saw the sample pot she asked what it was for, I tried to explain only for her to collapse onto the bed laughing. I told her that it was nearly impossible for a guy to produce a sample on demand especially with a male doctor looking on, and with her just about out the door she looked back over to me and asked if she could do anything to help. I told her I was too embarrased but she wasn't having any of that.

She told me to lay back and relax and pulling back the bed cover she carefully pulled my boxers down over my casts revealing my rapidly hardening cock, I asked her to get a magazine I had stashed in my locker to help me get off which she did. She opened the magazine and held it infront of me as I gently stroked my cock tuning each page as I asked. When I reached my favorite picture I asked her to stop my hand now getting faster up and down my shaft. She asked what I liked especially about the picture I was studying to which I told her I liked her bigs tits and nipples and especially liked her hairy pussy slightly open just revealing her clit. My mother in law flushed and nervously asked if her tits matched my fantasy girls. I told her I didn't know as I had only glimpsed them briefly once, with that she opened her blouse and the most spectacular tits I have ever seen fell out. She took her nipples between her fingers and gently squeezed them bending down to rub the tip of my cock with each in turn. By now I was rampant and my balls were aching to empty. She moved my hand aside and taking my pulsing cock in her hand she expertly wanked my cock, she felt I was about to cum and with her free hand opened the sample pot guiding ittowards the tip of my cock, within seconds I emptied my load into the pot to her squeals of delight.

As I lay exhausted she rearranged my shorts and with that wicked smile told me the doctor would probably need a fresh sample tomorrow, she left the room telling me she was going to have to bed bath me to get me cleaned up, I smiled to myself in anticipation of both the bath and my next wank with her helping hands.

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