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Ben and Katie's Story Ch. 02

Ben continued his sucking and pinching of her nipples and he sensed that her hips were beginning to move back and forth, first withdrawing slightly and then back, banging into his dick. He reached down and saw that she was wearing those tiny white panties that he had seen earlier. He reached the area of her pussy and discovered that her panties were totally soaked. She whimpered as he touched the area of her clit from outside her underwear. This was it. He couldn't stop. He half rolled over her and moved his cock into the area of her vagina.

"No Bennie, no baby, we can't do this. You were right. I'll go back to my room. OK Ben?"

"Oh no, not now Skeets, we are going to finish what you started."

With that he pulled her panties to the side and pushed a finger into her pussy.

Oh God, Oh Ben, my God that feels so hot, I'm boiling over, oh God that feels good."

Ben moved over her and began dragging his cock back and forth then up and down her pussy slit with only that thin layer of cotton between them. He pulled back, sitting on his haunches and began to pull her panties down.

"Now Ben, it's OK for you to look and touch but remember we can't really have intercourse."

" Yeh, right sweetie."

"Ben! I'm not k**ding."

He worked the panties down over her hips with her raising her ass off the bed to assist him. Now they were off and he had full access. He began to finger her and she began what sounded like a low growl. At the same time she was jerking her ass back and forth in rhythm, grunting and growling as she did so. Ben was so hot for her now that he decided he was not going to wait much longer. He moved up, the end of his cock probing the entrance to her pussy.

"No Ben, remember we can't do this," she said f***efully.

Ben relaxed back again and lowered his face to her crotch. The odor of pussy juice and excitement was everywhere. He was intoxicated by it. He began to lick her outer lips, tasting her wonderful womanly nectar.

"Ben, what the hell are you doing," she demanded," don't do that, it's dirty."

"Katy, believe me everyone does this. Everyone loves this. It's one of the most popular ways to get someone off."

"Oh, you mean you do that and then you don't put your cock in me?"

"No baby, I mean I will do this and get you all wet and sloppy and then I will put it in you. And fuck you by the way."

"Oh no Bennie, we just can't do something that evil. We just can't Ben."

Ben went back to work on her pussy. He was glad that she didn't follow the leader like every other gal and shave off all of her genital hair. It wasn't a big out of control bush but there was a good bit of dark hair down there beckoning to him to come to the party. He resumed licking now the inside of her lips, licking from the perineum between her rectum and her pussy, licking up toward her clitoris. She was really moving now and groaning. She was juicing so copiously that he knew he was going to have to play the good son tomorrow and change his own bed and try to get it into the wash before his mother did. There would be no doubt what all the wetness was. Katie was groaning so loud that he had to shush her a little. This was one scene he did not want his mother to see. Katie was humping up at his tongue really hard now and he had to literally hang on to keep contact with her clit. When he sensed that she was getting close to an orgasm he moved up presenting his cock to her entrance. He imbedded the cockhead in her pussy and started to push. It was as if she only then suddenly discovered what he was doing and she reacted.

She tried to slide out from under him and said loudly "No Ben, No Ben, oh sweetie I love you so much but please I don't want to do this. Please don't fuck me. Don't make that mistake that we'll regret forever. Ben felt bad about it, sort of, but he was not about to stop. He applied a little pressure and she whined, "don't baby, don't make this terrible mistake, oh Ben, it's going in, I can feel it. Ben, I'm a virgin and it is so big, I didn't realize that it was so big, oh please Ben stop now."

"I can't Katie, not now, I just can't" With that he pushed again. It felt like he had half or a little more of it in now. His s****r was so damn tight! He began pulling out until just the cockhead was still in and then pushed again, going in a little farther each time. He sensed that Katie was now moving with him, her healthy libido betraying her. In no time he was buried balls deep and loving every minute of it.

"It's all the way in sweetie, all the way in."

"Oh Ben, it feels so big. I feel like I'm stuffed full. " What do we do now.

"Just lay back and relax," Ben said, You'll enjoy it if you do". With that Ben began a slow rhythm, fucking his s****r in a gentle but consuming way.

She was so tight but wet as hell which made it a smooth ride with his cock gliding in and out of her pussy.

"Baby, why don't you rub your clit while I fuck you. "

She reached down and began rubbing her un-hooded and swollen clitoris, sending what felt like electrical currents through her pussy and nipples. She was really starting to enjoy this. Ben began to pick up the pace and Katie was rubbing now in earnest.

"Oh baby, I love that pussy. I could fuck this thing every day."

"Oh could you Ben, could you?" I think I'd like that."

She had now adjusted to the idea and was feeling as though all her senses were heightened. She felt every stroke of his giant cock, it was doing new and exciting things to her genitals and it was great.

She could feel her orgasm starting to build. She had masturbated a little but had not really gotten into it and didn't think it was that great. Already it was better than any time before when she used to rub herself and she hadn't even cum yet.

"Oh Ben, I think I'm going to cum soon."

"Wait for me baby, slow down a little, wait for me."

Ben picked up the pace again and was now slamming into his little s****r's pussy. You could hear him slapping against her, caused by all the pussy juice that was now streaming out of her.

"OK baby anytime now," Ben choked.

Katie was rubbing her clit frantically now, pulling more and more girl juice out of her pussy and loving every minute of it."

" Oh Bennie, here it cums, it's almost here, oh Ben I, I'm going to cum hard!!"

With that Katie fucked up against him and let out a yell, causing Ben to be fearful that their mother would hear them. Just when he was about to tell her to quiet down a little her pussy started to spasm with her orgasm, it was the most incredible thing he had ever felt, he wanted to pull out and cum on her tummy or tits but just then she reacted by wrapping her legs around him. She didn't realize what he was trying to do. Suddenly he felt his balls tighten and before he could f***e his way out of her he shot a gigantic rope of cum into her virgin pussy, then another and another. He was shooting off like a machine gun. Suddenly Katie realized what he was doing and hugged him even tighter. He gave one last groan and kissed her tenderly, then began kissing her cheek and down along her neck telling her over and over," I love you Katie, I love you little s****r," and she responded in a like manner.

Ben awakened the next morning early. Normally he was a late sl**per unless he had to work but he had difficulty sl**ping all night and when the sun came up it was impossible. Something was troubling him and he thought he knew what. What he and Katie had done was evil. He knew it was wrong and yet another part of him said " if it feels so right, how can it be wrong?" Oh how he wanted to fuck her again. He was already going back on his promise to himself to forego this new relationship with his flesh and bl**d s****r. Man he was evil.

" Hi Ben, what gets you up so early?"

" Oh Hi Mom, just couldn't sl**p I guess."

Marian reminded him that the next week she would be gone for most of the time. " I wish I didn't have to go to that stupid conference. What's worse is they scheduled it for the hotel out by the airport clear on the other side of town. Originally I hadn't planned to stay overnight but it's two hours and 45 minutes from here so I guess I'll have to stay."

"Well, Mom I'd forgotten all about that. If you stay over you can treat it like a mini vacation I guess."

" I would still rather be right here in my own home. I'll be bored to death. One thing I want to ask honey is if you'll stay around the house so you can keep an eye on things? I know Katie is 18 but she can't drive your stick shift and sometimes is just a little unsure of herself. I think I'll see if her best friend Debby might come over and keep her company."

"Well that's OK Mom, but not necessary. I don't mind watching over her and keeping her company."

See, already he was maneuvering, trying to set up an entire week when he and Katie can just stay around the house and fuck each other silly. His resolve to end this kind of conduct was dissolving already.

The week went by quickly. Ben and Katie grabbed bits of time when they could kiss and perhaps feel each other up a little but no actual sex.

"Ben, as soon as Mom leaves I am going to fuck you half to death. Oh Ben, I can hardly wait. By tomorrow we'll be fucking each other silly."

Ben was torn. He had a hard-on just from the conversation but at the same time felt the guilt that came with it. He just couldn't believe that he had had sexual intercourse with his younger s****r. He had resolved last night that it would never happen again and yet now, he found himself thinking that he had better drop by the d**g store and pick up some condoms. I guess it was true what he had heard when a young man ..... " A stiff dick has no conscience."

"Hey Bennie," Katie whispered to him in the hallway that evening, " just one more day and then you know what."

"I know what," Ben replied, "what is it I know? "

"Oh c'mon Bennie, you know what we'll be able to do. Morning, noon and night. You better be saving it up baby cause I'm gonna milk you dry," Katie said with a snicker and a smile.

"God how I love that smile," Ben thought.

He would sometimes just sit and gaze at Katie when she wasn't aware of it. She was so much more mature than he had realized. Oh sure, she had her little girl moments too but Katie had a good head on her shoulders.

Ben retreated to his room to put away his recent purchase and to maybe catch a little shuteye. He turned as he realized that someone had entered his room. He turned slowly to see his s****r leaning against the door jamb, in what would surely be described as a very sexy pose. She had pulled her hair back into a pony tail which made her appear even younger.

" What's that," Katie inquired, " what's in that little package?"

" Something to keep us from becoming parents Babe, in other words condoms," Ben replied in a matter of fact way.

"Oh damn," Katie replied angrily, "why do we have to use those awful things. I hate the look of them even. I hate it when people call it a cock rubber or a boot or whatever. Can't we use something else?"

"Something else what Katie?", Ben replied, a little angrily. " I mean for me it's either that or get a vasectomy and I'm not ready at my age for something that drastic. Of course you could do something."

"Like what Ben," Katie asked, " what all is there?"

"Oh I'm not serious, easiest thing is these little latex receptacles for all that powerful sperm I'm intending to dump into that hot little pussy of yours."

Katie giggled just a little. "But what else is there for me Ben, I'm serious."

"Well, there's the pill but I hate to see you taking chemicals like that. There is the barrier method, like a diaphragm, I don't know, I think there are a lot of different things that a lady can do. "

Katie shrugged. " I'll think about it babe. I'll just have to think about it."

Their mother had turned in early and was now, Ben was certain, sound asl**p.

"We gotta be quiet little one, " Ben whispered, " we don't want to get caught now."

Ben and his s****r made love quietly, at least as quietly as crazy Katie would let them. She was almost insatiable this younger s****r of his, and to be truthful, he loved every minute of it.

In the end Katie decided on the pill after all. It was her belief that it would be easier to use than something she had to insert. That would remove the spontaneity of the moment. Katie had visited a gynecologist for the first time and it was necessary for her to have a pelvic exam and pap test. She was reluctant at first but then glad that she had done it. Ben had paid for everything. It was now safe for them to have intercourse whenever and how often they wished. But they had to wait a little until the medication took effect.

Saturday dawned and found Marian busy packing in preparation for her trip to the big city and her business conference. She had decided to go on Saturday afternoon as several of her friends wanted to get together for dinner on Sunday and also it would give her a chance to rest in preparation for the conference itself. Ben and Katie of course had no objection to their mother leaving a bit early. Both of them however, were a little groggy, getting up so early. Neither could sl**p with their mother slamming doors and shoving drawers closed. Both had conducted a yawning parade from their respective bedrooms to the big kitchen table.

" OK you two," Marian said, "now I want you to enjoy yourselves but please don't wreck the house. I mean it won't hurt to keep the dishes done and the place picked up, at least a little. In other words, don't wait until Thursday night to clean the place up."

"Oh Mom," Ben murmured, " we're not little k**s. We intend to keep the place looking OK. If it gets too dirty I'll just order Katharine to get busy."

Katy shot him a dirty look, " just keep it up Mr. Smart Guy," she said, " I'm not still twelve years old after all."

Ben glanced at the clock and saw that it was nearly eleven. He didn't want to push his mother out the door but was looking forward to her leaving. Believe it or not he wasn't thinking about sex, he just wanted to go back to bed. He glanced across the table and saw Katie yawning widely.

"I think I'm going to go ahead and go. You know me, I always go everywhere long before I need to, never want to risk being late."

She kissed each of them on the cheek, " Ben, look after your little s****r," she said seriously.

" Mom, c'mon. You know I will."

It was at these times that Ben did actually have some pangs of guilt." Yeh, he'd take care of her OK. He'd take care of pounding that sweet pussy of hers."

Ben carried both of Marian's bags to the car and placed them in the trunk. Katie walked arm in arm with her mother to the car.

"Katharine, you're not wearing very much to be walking around the neighborhood," Marian said seriously.

"Oh Mom, really. It's a long t-shirt and I do have underwear on."

"Yes, but no bra," Marian replied. "Oh well, here, give me a kiss and get back in the house."

"Ok Mom," Katie replied, as she gave her mother a kiss on the cheek, " please be careful mom and have a good time."

"Oh sure, I know I'll just have a ball."

Ben gave her a peck on the cheek, Marian got in and started the car. She waved to them both as she backed out the driveway. They were standing shoulder to shoulder and Ben jumped slightly as he felt his s****r put her hand on his ass.

"Please s*s, at least wait till she's out the driveway," Ben murmured out of the side of his mouth, " we don't want her to wreck the car even before she gets started."

They both waved again as she started down the street then turned and walked back into the house.

" I don't want to make you mad first thing," Ben said, " but if you had anything planned right away forget it. I'm tired as hell, didn't get my sl**p out so I'm going back to bed."

Katie cocked her head as she looked at her b*****r with a sparkle in her eye and said, " well guess what dear b*****r, I agree. I think I'll grab another couple of hours myself.

With that they both ascended the stairs and went to their respective rooms. Ben had followed his s****r up the stairs watching her panty clad ass all the way up. It was enough to almost cause him to change his mind but his desire for sl**p won out.

This was going to be some kind of week. He hoped he could keep up with her.

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