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First Gay Experience

This is the story about how I realized my bisexuality and my first gay experience.

I started to question my sexuality late in high school. I never did anything about it until my freshman year of college. I went to a very small school in New England, and I’m talking small: less than 1,000 students living on campus. So needless to say news traveled fast, as well did rumors. All of that plus the fact I spent my first semester living with two obvious homophobes made even the thought of trying anything with another guy impossible. By the end of the semester I was ready and in need of a change.

My friend Dave was transferring to another school during the semester break and I took this opportunity to make my move. I talked to Dave’s roommate, Josh, and he agreed I could move in. An added bonus was 2 of my close friends lived together in the room next door to my new room! So after the holiday vacation I started to move my things and settled in. Things immediately got better. Josh and I got along and we even had some classes together. I even had the room to myself on weekends when Josh went home and worked his weekend job. With the stress of my previous living situations gone, I was free to explore my sexuality.

When I moved in with Josh I had suspected he was gay but I had nothing to prove it. That is until the night I got my proof. It was a Friday night, when I thought Josh would be gone, I came home to open the door and find Josh and his boyfriend, Alex, in the middle of rocking the top bunk! Feeling embarrassed I immediately shouted “SORRY!” and left the room. Not sure what to do I spent the night next door in my friend’s room. I returned the next morning, Josh was sitting at his computer and Alex had apparently already left. After a few awkward moments of silence, I turned to Josh and said, “I’m sorry I barged in like that last night.” I could tell Josh was not sure about where this was going he kind of shrugged it off as a “no-big-deal” attitude. I told him it didn’t bother me as long as they didn’t do it on my bed… something I would have expected of a heterosexual roommate as well. I didn’t dare tell Josh I had strong gay sexual urges myself. I just wasn’t ready.

A few weeks went by and I finally lost my virginity! Now don’t get ahead of the story, it was with a girl and wouldn’t you know it… on a night when I was expecting to have the room to myself, who should come through that door, Josh and Alex! That brought Josh and I to another awkward conversation. During which I finally gathered up the courage and told Josh I thought I might be gay. I told him I was having confusing and conflicting urges towards men and women and didn’t know what it meant. He told me about his own struggle to find himself and how hard it was to come out. He gave me a lot of good advice that day.
Weeks went by where nothing changed for me. I just couldn’t get the thoughts out of my mind. “What would it feel like? Would I like it? Does it hurt? What if I am gay?” All those questions ran through my head daily. I was tired of wondering and I wanted to find out.

One night while Josh and I were both in the room working on school work, I broke the ice and stated chatting with Josh. Nothing in particular, but it got us talking and focus away from the term papers on our computer screens. Then I went for it, I started talking about sex. I asked Josh what it was like his first time. When he was done with his story, I moved my desk chair closer to his and leaned in and kissed him. I KISSED A GUY! That was a sentence I once thought I would never say. Josh gently pushed me back and took a deep breath and told me he couldn’t because of his relationship with Alex. I understood and I told him I was sorry to put him in that position. That was the end of that, or so I thought. That Friday, I came into the room after dinner and found Alex and Josh sitting in room waiting for me. I was so nervous; I thought Alex was mad I kissed his boyfriend. I was dead wrong.

They wanted to help me and said they had arranged a double date with someone from Alex’s college (about 20 minutes away). His name was Jeff. He was 20, 5’11, 170lbs and toned! I was so nervous all night at dinner, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. The four of us had a blast and after dinner we went back to the dorms at Alex and Jeff’s college to hang out in Alex’s room. Alex put on some music and the lights were turned down. Alex and Josh started making out and I immediately got hard, I was so distracted by watching to men make out for the first time I didn’t notice Jeff sit down next to me on the bed and move in close. My heart was racing! “Oh my God this is it!” I thought. Jeff leaned in and whispered into my ear that he knew it was my first time and I was going to enjoy tonight. He kissed me and when his tongue entered my mouth we exploded into a passionate make-out session that for me will be unforgettable for the rest of my life. After what seemed like hours, but was in reality only a few minutes, I looked over the other bed and saw Josh and Alex now shirtless paying no attention to us. Josh was unbuckling Alex’s pants and getting ready to go down on him. I would tell you more about their experience, but my attention was drawn back to Jeff by the feeling if him pulling my shirt up over my head and running his hands over my chest. Not exactly sure where to go next I followed Jeff’s lead and unbuttoned his shirt exposing his smooth chiseled chest. His nipples were rock hard and I could resist playing with them.

Jeff took things to the next level. He leaned me onto my back and started unzipping my fly. Sliding my pants off, my raging hard-on sprang from my boxers like a NASA launch. Jeff smiled and said “looks like you’re enjoying it so far.” And he was right! He then pulled down his pants and boxers before coming back to my body lying there quivering with the anticipation of what to come next. Jeff removed my boxers and started to gently run his hands on my cock. He also played with my balls while he stroked my shaft. Jeff looked at me and said, “This is it. You ready?” In a moaning nodding gesture I said yes as his lips covered my cock and I got first gay blow job. It was amazing. He did things with his mouth and tongue that make my toes curl even to this day. When I started getting that feeling every guy knows what that means, I didn’t know what I should do. Was I expected to have him stop before I blew, or do I bust it in his mouth? I couldn’t make up my mind in time and I blew my load down his throat. To my relief Jeff didn’t seem to mind. He stayed down there until I was done and as he picked up his head he smiled and crawled up to my head. He kissed me and I tasted my cum on his lips. All I could say was “wow!” Jeff laughed.

I looked over at the other bed again and Josh and Alex were way ahead of us. Alex was fucking Josh and still not paying any attention to us. I wouldn’t expect them too anyway.

I looked back at Jeff and told him I was still nervous about sucking my first cock. He told me it was not a big deal and didn’t pressure me at all. After a little while of stroking his 7 inch cock I finally said to myself... “Fucking just go for it!” I leaned in and paused for a second before I took his cock into my mouth. I started with just the head at first. I eventually got more in and I could tell by his moaning and squirming that he liked it. After I got going for a bit, I actually stated enjoying sucking Jeff’s thick cock. I think he knew I was unsure about his cumming in my mouth and he stopped me moments before. By now I was ready and I told him I wanted it! Well timing again was a little off as Jeff blasted his massive load right in my face as I was trying to get my lips over is dick to catch it.

After I cleaned up I noticed Josh and Alex were over by our bed. Josh asked me, “Well, what do you think?” All I could respond with was, “I love it!”

Jeff was already getting ready for what came next. He handed me a condom and told me he wanted me to fuck him. So I put the rubber on and lubed it up. While I was doing this, Jeff was playing with his ass and lubing his hole. I moved in behind him after a few tries to find the right angle, I was in. Before long Josh had a surprise for me. Alex got onto the bed and got behind me. He started playing with my asshole. I kept humping Jeff and when I left the lube being worked into my hole I knew what was going to happen next. Alex took me by the hips and he slowly inserted himself into me. HOLY CRAP! I was getting fucked by a man! I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing with Jeff and I pulled out. Alex was very gentle with me and since I was no longer fucking Jeff, Alex reached forward and pulled off my condom. That was all Josh needed to get under me and start sucking my cock. I was in heaven.

I soon got a turn to return the favor to Josh after Alex finished. This time I was going to make sure I got that hot shot in my mouth. I didn’t take too long to make Josh squirt. The first time I swallowed cum it was from my roommate.
After we all had our chances to suck, squirt, and fuck, it was after 2 in the morning. I was exhausted and so was everyone else. I knew Josh wasn’t going back to our dorm that night and I started to panic. What was I going to do? After Jeff got dressed he told me he was going to his room across campus and invited me to go with him. He assured me Josh was going to give me a ride back to our dorm in the morning.

I spent the night in Jeff’s room. We slept in the same bed together and I woke up the next morning to Jeff sucking my cock. Since we were already in somewhat of a 69 position, I started sucking him. Waking up to a hot 20 year old college stud sucking your cock is one of the best ways to start your day.

We met up with Josh and Alex for breakfast. After we ate, Josh and I drove back to our campus. Josh asked me if I thought I might still be gay. I told him I truly enjoyed last night and even thought I wasn’t sure (at the time) if I was gay or bisexual, but I did know I wanted to do that again.

Josh and I fooled around a few times after that night. The school year ended shortly after and sadly Josh was transferring to another school the next year. I never heard from any of them after that. It was before Facebook and I lost contact with Josh over the summer. I still think about that wonderful night when I sucked my first cock, fucked my first ass, and had my ass taken for the first time. Jeff, Alex, and Josh; if you are reading this and know I’m talking about you, please know you 3 changed my life forever and I wanted to thank you for helping me find who I really am.

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