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Now it's my turn

The light fog added a moisture to the air. The coolness of the night wrapped around her like a wet towel, sending a shiver up her spine. She was lucky she knew the area so well, or she could have easily become lost. She looked through the trees at the house where he lived, slightly smiling at the one electric candle burning in the kitchen window.

Little did he know that the candle provided a signal for her. He, in his excitement, meant the signal for another. Just the thought of what she had planned had her so excited that she could barely control her movements. She was wet down to mid-thigh and felt like she had a fever.

His signal was intended to ensure her mother that the 'coast was clear' and that her mother was welcome. For the past 3 weeks she had been following her mother every night down the same path she had followed tonight. However, her mother was occupied tonight because her youngest son was not feeling well.

Walking all the way down here naked, even though it was dark, was so exciting that she could hardly control her breathing or her hands. She kept finding her fingers involved with toying with herself and enjoying the moisture that was now running down her thighs and would have to f***e herself to stop.

While her Mom was occupied with her little b*****r, she decided to see if he would be interested in doing to her what she had watched him doing to her mother every night. That would be so good and thinking about it sent a shiver down her lovely back. The only problem was how to convince him that it was okay.

She knew the signals her mom used with him when she wanted to play different games and those used by him. The girl decided, because of the surprise she was playing on him, that she should give her mom's signal for him to blind-fold himself and to let her '****' him by surprise. She was hopeful that she could at least capture the part she was interested in before he discovered it was not her mom in whom he had his cock buried.

Sneaking closer to his house, trying to be as quiet as possible, she finally got to his back door. She gave the three-tap signal her mother used to tell him to get ready for the special game then she waited for him to get ready and to let her know. When she heard him give the 'ready' signal by clearing his throat twice, she quietly opened his back door and slipped inside. She felt deliciously naughty walking into his house with no clothes on and was very wet 'down there'.

Sneaking out of the kitchen into his living room as quietly as she possibly could, she looked around the corner and saw him. He was sitting on a straight backed chair with no clothes on and his hands behind him in his fur-lined handcuffs. She knew those handcuffs could easily be opened by the person wearing them because her mother had a pair just like them and she had played with them enough to know how to operate them. He also was blind-folded. He was ready for what he thought was going to happen.

The girl quietly crept closer to him and saw that he was already fully hard. He was indeed ready for her mom. Getting close to him, between his knees, she bent over and placed her mouth around his cock. This was a first for her. In fact, she had never done anything sexual with anyone, boy or girl. She sucked his cock for several minutes as sort of a learning experience. Watching his reaction to what she was doing showed her what felt good and what felt really, really good. It appeared to her that nothing she did felt bad to him. His excitement rose as rapidly as did hers.

He was moaning and sighing and the volume gradually increased. He said "Gladys, you are the sexiest woman in the world and your mouth is so very hot and talented." Gladys is her mothers name. As excited as he was getting, she thought she should try to slow it down a little. She did so want this to last.

Taking her mouth away from his cock, she started gently touching it all over with her fingers and kissing the head once in a while. She was getting just about as excited as he was. Her juices were now running down her legs and dripping onto the floor. She had watched what her mom did often enough that she knew how to excite him (and herself) to the point of no return. She was rapidly getting there and it seemed he was, too.

Remembering some of the things she had watched her mom had done to and with him, she decided to drag this out as long as she could. The girl played with his testicles and his cock, rubbed his chest and legs, and kissed him everywhere but on the mouth. She was afraid if she kissed him on the mouth he would know that it was not her mom doing it. This was so very exciting and she found that dragging it out was just increasing the excitement she was feeling. From his moans and groans, it was obvious he felt the same.

She was very careful of making sure he would not know it was not her mom until it was too late to do anything about it.

She noticed that his tube of lubricant was sitting on the coffee table, as usual, and got an idea. She had seen her mom use it on her butt when she had him in the same situation the girl now had him in. This gave her an idea for how to continue their adventure without him finding out that it was not her mom he was burying his cock in.

Quietly and gently, she picked up the tube of K-Y jelly and carefully but thoroughly lubricated his cock. She guessed that she had put too much on, but he didn't say anything except; "Oh, Gladys, is it going to be anal again tonight?". Not answering him seemed to increase his pleasure by increasing the mistery. His cock was so hard she could hardly move it.

To keep everything secret for just a little while longer, she decided to let him think he was going to do her mother in the butt. She carefully got up on the chair with her bare feet on either side of his legs, and slowly squatted down. Down further, until his cock was almost at the entrance to her cunt. Her hymen had already been broken, by her Barbie doll, but she instinctively knew his cock was much larger than her Barbie. This was really going to hurt unless she was very careful and slow. She was so excited she was dripping.

She slowed down even more because she was dreading having his cock in her almost as much as she was looking forward to it. She knew that, because she had just had her first period two weeks ago, that she could get pregnant tonight, but she loved the idea. The girl adored this man and always had. Before she knew it, the head of his cock had started to part the lips of her pussy. He did not realize, at that point, where he had his cock. He still thought he was starting to gain entry, once again, in her mothers ass.

As the girl continued to lower her body, his cock gained further entry into her, filling her with some little pain and an enormous amount of love. This was, without doubt, the most wonderful feeling she had ever had and she knew that she had never been this excited. Further down, and he started to wonder what was happening, His first words were "Gladys, what is going on - what are you doing?".

Further down, until, finally his cock was fully imbedded into her little cunny. She had never felt this full, never. Oh, it was the most wonderful feeling ever. She started stroking up and down as slowly as she could. The feeling was so intense that she started her first orgasm caused from something other than her fingers. She was so overcome by her orgasm, she started to pee. Because of the tremors inside her tight little cunt caused by her orgasm, and the heat from her peeing on him, he started cumming, also. She felt him spurting inside her and started another orgasm for her. The feeling was so intense that she could not prevent her twelve year old self from crying out loudly; "Grandpa". She loved her Grandpa and always would.

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