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My wife and her escapades

The other night me and my wife were d***k and just got settled in bed, her b*****r and his girlfriend were still in the other room among other people in the house. lots of other company had just left for the night. Like always my wife started rubbing my dick and got me hard in no time. i pulled back the covers and pushed down my shorts so my dick plopped out. she slid her way down and started giving me one of those amazing blowjobs that drive me crazy. she moved a hand down rubbing my balls while she stroked me with the other one. the hand on my balls moved down lower between my legs till i felt a finger tease my ass. this was a normal thing for us, she likes to fuck my ass with her fingers and i love it too. soon i was moaning and she pushed a finger in me which turned into three in no time. she started to focus more on my ass and less on my dick so i started stoking myself while she fingered me. it was so good i was bucking my hips and said " oh damn that's all yours baby please fuck me". she said okay and got up for a minute. i new she was getting a toy because shes done it before. i laid there stroking my dick waiting and wanting her so bad. she got back on the bed with a toy in hand. i couldn't see to well cause it was dark i just flipped over with my ass in the air for her. she used some spit to get me ready and i felt the toy press against my hole. thats when i noticed it was her biggest toy that i never have been able to take, "oh you the big one" i said. "yeap" she replied. all i could say was "okay i'll try babe". i reached back and pulled my cheeks apart for her. she had to really push on it and i gritted my teeth the whole time. she f***ed it in and i don't know what happened but right as it did there was a loud popping noise. i moaned that it was huge and she seemed to enjoy my reaction pushing more. it stretched my ass so wide i had to grab a pillow to muffle my moans and keep from being heard. she worked it in and out a little then shoved it in and made me scream. i pulled away for a minute and asked her not to go so deep i couldn't take it all. she agreed and then continued to work my ass over good stretching it. soon i was pushing myself down on it and she encouraged me "mm yeah thats it baby" she said. i'm not sure how much i took but damn that was a hot freaking night. And yes this is a true story.

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