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Me and my aunt again

Sorry it’s been a while since I have written anything but iv been having college exams but I hope you enjoyed the pictures in the mean time sorry for cutting out my aunts face but I don’t want her to be recognized . Any way am going to tell you about another experience I had with my aunt. It was late in September 2011 and I was sat in the college library and felt my phone vibrate so I checked it and it was a message from my aunt and it said are you going to your cousin ? Birthday party tonight? I replied that I was and was she going? She replied back within a couple of minutes saying she didn’t want to go but she best shows her face. I replied to her I know something better we could be doing than going to the party. With a wink at the end of the message. She replied back just thinking about what we could get up to makes me horny why don’t we leave it and you come around and we have some fun of are own? I started laughing which is never a good thing to do in the college library as you get weird stares of people, I text her back I think both of us not going would be a bit strange why don’t you leave early and say your not feeling to well. She replied something like - that’s a brilliant idea and I can ask you to drive me home. I text her back that’s an even better idea and that I would call her once I finish college as I had a lesson in 5minutes.
I left college later that day and phone my aunt as she picked up she said wait one second Mandy. I didn’t say anything as I didn’t no what to say maybe she thinks its some else calling her. I heard a door close on her end of the line and she then came onto the phone with a whisperer voice and said she was in my house talking to my mum. I said ok do you want me to call back? She said no she was by herself. But she kept her voice low. I said are we still going with the plan tonight? She replied yes. I said can you wear you red underwear that’s see thru do you know the one am talking about? She replied yes I will do. I said ok I see you there tonight can’t wait for the after party though. She laughed and said me neither and we said are goodbyes. As I walked through my front door and was greeted by my mum asking how my day was. I said everything’s good and that I was looking forward to the party. She replied that’s good you just missed your aunt? We were talking about the party actually but you will see her tonight. I replied yeah I hadn’t seen her in a week or two {that was a lie I had been around to hers 3 times that week} I went to the kitchen and made myself a drink. Later that day I got showered and ready to go out to the party.
Me and my mum arrived at the party I done my normal hellos to everyone and wished my cousin happy birthday. I seen my aunt sitting at a table with a f****y friend I went over and said hello and sat down next to my aunt we made small talk with are f****y friend and the she left after about 5 minutes leaving just me and my aunt at the table. She leant over and whispered near my ear Iv got the red underwear on that you asked me to wear. I replied to her that it looks brilliant on her but looks even better when she was taking It off. She giggled and said to me she wanted to try something new tonight if that was ok with me. I asked her what it was and she said she didn’t want to say it hear in case someone heard. Which I doubt would have happened as the music was blasting and was whisper ring to each other but I smiled and said ok tell me when where in the car and by the way what time are you going to say your not feeling well and that you are going home. She replied at 9:30. Looked at my watch and realised I still had a hour and half left before we went. I said ok and that I was going to mingle. She smiled and touch me on my arm. I went around for the next 1 hour 30 minutes talking and reluctantly dancing a couple of times. I sat back down next to my aunt, the table she was on was now full of f****y and friends. She turned to me and made sure other people could hear and said she wasn’t feeling to good. I replied why whats up? She got concerns from a few people around her and said she felt sickly. My other cousin replied its this weather aunt there so many bugs going around you may of caught one of them. She replied I think its best I go home as if I do have a bug I don’t want you all to catch it. I replied do u want me to drive you home? She smiled yes I would appreciate that. I said no problems I will just tell my mum what am doing and say my goodbyes. I went over to my mum and told her that I was taking her home and that I would walk home after dropping her of. My mum said ok text me when your home. My mum went over to my aunt to see if she was ok. I went around and said my goodbyes. I went back to my aunt and said was she ready she said yes and handed me the keys to her car. We got into her car and I started the engine and drove out the car park I turned to my aunt and said and the award for best actresses goes to you. She started laughing. I looked at her and said I hope that’s the only thing you fake. She smiled and said I can say I never acted when me and you are together that’s always real. I smiled pleased with myself. Once we was out of sight of the car park I pulled over and said to my aunt she would have to drive as am not use to her car and that I didn’t want to crash it. She said ok and we swapped over. As we started to move the car again I said what is it you want to try that’s new. She replied can we try anal tonight. I looked at her and said iv never done it before. She put her hand on my lap and said its ok I love it up the ass and I want your cock up my arse tonight. I replied ok but you will have to tell me what to do as I don’t want to hurt you. She laughed and said it wont hurt her as she puts her dildo up there regularly. I asked her does she have lube. She said yes. 20 minutes later we pulled up outside her house.
As we went in she locked the door behind us and I text my mum saying that I was at my aunts she still not feeling to well so going to sl**p on the couch to make sure she is ok for the night. Couple of minutes later she text back saying yeah we don’t want to leave her on her own if she isn’t feeling to good, see you tomorrow. As I sat in the living room my aunt came in and said is everything ok did your mum fall for it. I replied with a nod she then said good lets get upstairs and have some fun. We walked into my aunts bedroom and put my hands around her and started kissing her neck and slowly undone her dress which fell to the floor which revealed the red underwear she was wearing. You can see right through the underwear I started kissing her breast while her bra was still on and put my hand over pussy and started rubbing it. I then took my top, shoes and jeans off while I was doing that she took her bra of and lay on the bed. I went back to her breast and started sucking and licking her nipples which she loves. She started rubbing my cock with her hands over my boxers. I went down to her pussy and moved her knickers to one side and started licking her pussy for about 5 minutes she moaned in pleasure. She pulled my head away and said let me get that cock in my mouth. She sat up on the bed and took her knickers off while I knelt on the bed and pulled my boxers down. she started by kissing my cock and then pulled my foreskin back and started sucking. while she was giving me a blowjob I was gently caressing her breasts. She gives great blowjobs after about 3minutes she stopped and said are ready to fuck me in my ass. I replied yeah but tell me if I hurt you. She said she had plenty of lubricant so it wouldn’t hurt her. She leant over to her bedside draw and pulled out a condom and lube. She handed me the condom and I put it on. She had the lube in her hand and put some of it on the condom and started wanking me off slowly. She then handed me the lube and said I want you to put some on my ass. She bent over in doggy style and i put some on my hand started rubbing It in for her. She said to me that she was ready but for me to enter slowly at first. I did as she told me as I enter her slowly it felt very tight around my cock but it felt good. She gasped in pleasure the further I went in. once I was in she told me to take it slow at first. Which I did after about a minute I started going faster and she started moaning that’s it fuck me in the ass. I had my hands on her waist moving her backwards and forwards. After a couple more minutes I pulled out, she turned around and said lay down. So I lay down on the bed she swung her leg over and put some more lube on her hand and then gripped my cock and rub the lube over and the put my cock back in her ass for a second time. At first she rode me slow which created a little bit of tit bounce but after a minute she was going harder and her tits where bouncing up and down. She was moaning and saying I love it in my ass. She rode my cock for about ten minutes taken little breaks throughout which I was glad of otherwise I would of cum. She got off and said she wanted my cum all over her face. So I took the condom off while she lay down I then knelt over her and started wanking she was playing with my balls it felt so good I came within half a minute and cum over her face and put my cock in her mouth and she was happy to suck it dry. As I got up I said I would get her a towel but she replied no problem that she was going to eat every last drop on her face. She did just that and used her hand to scoop all the cum up and eat it. Once she had done that she said it tasted great. It was the first time she had properly ate my cum. I told her that I had plenty more when she wanted another taste. We both lay naked on the bed and fell asl**p. The next morning I left and went back to my mums and she just asked how my aunt was and I said she felt a bit better this morning but I think she is staying in bed to recover.


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