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Miss Abi ch.2

This is the second chapter, but the main character *Nathan* has changed to *Chris*

Miss Abi 2

The hour trip back on the plane for Chris seemed to last forever as he replayed last night’s affair through his mind over and over again. Guilt had plagued his body since waking up, but when his mind played the image of Abi to him, he was overcome with lust, pleasure, and hole inside of him feeling that he would never see her again. He loved his wife, but this new found spark he acquired in Vegas tore his heart into two, and he wanted them both. His thoughts turned to this new love, was he being selfish? Or was this just a test? Or was it something he has failed to accomplish in his young life after only being with his wife since they met? These were left unanswered, in his washed brain when a text came through on his mobile.
“Hey handsome. I Just want to let you know last night was amazing and the girls will be compliant with our wishes and to keep what happened last night to themselves, and not to spout off to the media. I have too much dirt on them two to keep their mouths shut, so our secret is safe. Hope to see you back soon, your always welcome Abi xxx”
Chris completely froze and forgot about the two strippers that watched their x rated fun last night, and even though the reassurance from Abi about the silence, panic was starting to topple over. He loved his wife, and didn’t want to ever split like this. He replied.
“Hey, thank you for that reassurance, I’m still a little worried in case something came out after what they saw, I love Katy, and I know it would destroy her if it came out, but last night you turned my world upside down, and I’d love to arrange something to meet up again soon. Xxx”
Abi smiles as she receives the message, and sinks into her office chair. She knows that the girls wouldn’t dare to cross Abi, the dirt that she has on her girls not only keeps them on their toes, but also loyal to her club.
“You have to trust me with the girls. They won’t cross me, they know what will happen if they do. I’d love to meet again and soon! Thinking of how you controlled your cock deep inside me, makes me wet thinking of it now xxx.”
Chriss Cock jumped inside of her sweat pants when he read that, and a wry smile spread across his face. He checked to make sure no one was watching, he took out his cock, and took a photo of it, and sent it via MMS, double checking it was to Abi.
“I hope it won’t be long, but maybe this will help for now xxx”
Abi patiently waited for the reply, and was instantly rewarded when she saw this, she cooed lightly when she set her eyes upon it, and her hand dived instantly between her legs, and let her fingers explore her now soaking wet pussy.
She wanted to return the favour, and tore off her clothing, got on her knees in front of a mirror and snapped a photo of her.
“Oh wow, how I miss that already, my pussy is desperate to feel that pulsating inside of it right now, here is something that will keep you thinking of me” She inserted the picture with the message and sent it on its way.

Chris received this message and he had to stroke his cock, he noted that there was about 10 minutes left until landing, so he got up and hurried to the bathroom with his phone. Locking the door, he dropped his trousers and hit the call button on the text message.
Abi answered it barely before it had a chance to ring.
“Oh baby, I need you in me so badly” Abi muttered
Tugging hard on his cock, Chris replied “I miss you already so much, and I miss the feel of the velvet touch of your pussy has around my engorged cock right now. I just want to be in you now, fucking you up against that wall, our bodies sealed together as my dick slams up into you”
Abi, running her wet fingers through her pussy rapidly, in deep imagination to what Chris was describing, all she could offer back were soft moans, and the encouragement of “yes, yes, more, more.”
“My strong hands holding around your waist, pulling you deeper and harder down on my shaft, your body writhing in pure bliss as your pussy milks my cock of the sweet juices waiting for you.”
“God Yes I’m almost there baby, fuck me please!!!” Abi silently screams down the phone.
“My mouth sinks into your neck and with several more hard thrusts, you cum all over my cock, and the extreme tight seal this produces my balls unleash my thick hot cum deep inside you”
“YES BABBY Oh GOD YES!!” Abi climaxes hard over the phone, sending Chris also into an orgasmic frenzy and comes hard while standing inside the toilet stall.
They both calm down with heavy breaths, both smiling intensely after that. Chris wishes that he could be holding Abi now in his strong arms, kissing her. But he knows he can’t. A knock on the toilet door from the stewardess pulls Chris together, “I’ve got to go, plane is about to land. Give me a couple of weeks, and I’ll try and sort out coming back to see you, how about that?”
Abi, licking her cum from her fingers, replies “I Wish it didn’t have to be so far away, but it sounds good sweet. We’re very anxious for your return…”
“We?” Chris questions.
“Well there’s me and my very hot and very wet pussy silly” Abi replied with a chuckle
“In that case, I hope we will be there very very soon. I must go; I’ll speak to you soon.”
Chris returned home, and Katy was not to be found. He would have been angry if it wasn’t for what happened 24 hours ago; he made himself a drink and listened to the messages on the answer phone. Most of them was from Darren and his assistant reminding him of the many TV chat shows scheduled to film and radio interviews over the next couple of weeks, he noted them in his diary and realised not one day spare for the next 3 and a half weeks. He went to ring Abi, to let her know, but then he heard the front door close. In came Katy wearing a tiny revealing sundress and glasses, carrying a mass of shopping bags.
“Where the fuck have you been?” Katy snorted at Chris.
“Does it matter? Looks like you’ve been out spending my money again!”
“Well you left me no choice, I was worried sick about you” Katy dropped her bags and approached Chris for a hug.
Chris stepped back, “Well you never rang me or text me to see where I was, and besides, you have a lot to explain. I was the one that got nothing back from you for nearly 3 weeks; I rang you every day, and got no reply! I was the one worried, and when I return, you’re in OUR house semi naked with him on top of you. Care to explain?”
Katy stood there, unsure of what to say. The last couple of months she had become bored and unsatisfied in a sexual way and over that time grew closer and closer to James. Nothing had happened, but she wanted it too, and if Chris didn’t return that day, she was sure it was going to go to the next level.
“I never saw those missed calls, I swear. They did not show up on my phone, and I tried to ring but you were always on set and I did leave messages with your assistant!” James had become smart to the fact he was getting the feeling she wanted something, and made sure of the fact by hiding her phone, keeping it on silent, and deleting the missed call log.
“Sounds like utter bullshit to me! So what’s the story with James?”
She hesitated, she didn’t want to tell him what her true intentions were with James that day, “He was just over, and I hurt my back, so he offered to give me a back rub. I Promise, nothing ever happened between us. Please, you have to believe me!”
“I really don’t know what to believe anymore. I need some time to think.” With that Chris left a teary eyed Katy in the living room, and went to his den to cool off. The next couple of weeks passed quickly after what seemed like several hundred interviews, Chris and Katy started talking a bit more, and soon enough they got back to a normal living arrangement.
Abi went on her way of business, keeping an eye on the strip clubs and details. What she enjoyed most was going home and seeing Chris on the many chat shows he had been on. She had made sure she recorded them all, and that’s all she watched. Every time he was on TV, he got more and more attractive to her, and on several occasions she would masturbate furiously while watching him, hearing his soothing voice come through the speakers, remembering that night that changed her life.
Chris was asked on one late night television interview whether or not he had been to a strip club, slightly embarrassed at the question he spat out that he had once and looked at the camera. He thought about Abi, when he was asked, and his cock twitched in his tight jeans. Abi noticed and she knew he was thinking of her. She reached under her pillow and took out her large vibrator and took it straight to her pussy, she watched him on her TV and could just imagine him being there with her. She was desperate to feel his lips on hers, his ripped body pressing close into her, and that noticeably growing bulge now on show for all America to be slamming into her. She came hard on her vibrator thinking it was Chris giving her a fantastic orgasm, but she couldn’t wait any more. She had to have him.
“Please, please hurry and see me. I can’t wait any more; I need you with me now.” She text him, with hope that he still wanted to.
It was gone midnight when Chris felt the vibration in his jeans, he had just finished the same interview Abi was watching, when he read it. He had a feeling that she must have watched that, and was actually excited to realise she was. Katy had gone back to the UK for the week to see her parents, and he knew with only a couple more days left of interviews he could arrange meeting her.
“What you doing this weekend? xx” Chris replied
“Only the usual routine around this place, why? xx”
“Can you take a couple of days off? Xx”
“Of course I can, are you coming down? Xx”
“I Sure am! So you better get some rest! ;) See you soon xx”
Chris made the arrangements for flights and a hotel suite in the grand casino and with a massive smile on his face, went home and slept; as did Abi.
The next two days went agonizingly slow, Abi made arrangements for one of the managers to hold down the business for the weekend, and took the afternoon off to go shopping. She went straight to Victoria secret and bought some sexy underwear, but hoping that she wouldn’t be wearing them for long. A couple of sexy little dresses, and some swimwear – just in case- and charged them to her company account.
Chris made sure that his escapade went as secret as possible, And got Darren to drive away as if he was in the car with him to distract the paparazzi while he drove the back way out, in a beat down car. Reaching the airport, no one recognised him as he tried to disguise his body as much as possible. Some people looked at him, questioning if it was him or not, and even the photographers bought the simple get up of his disguise.
Boarding the private plane, he removed the accessories and rang Abi.
“Miss Abi, I’m boarded and ready to fly, should be with you soon.”
“Hey sweet, tell the pilot to hurry the hell up!!! I’m dying to see you already!!”
“Me too, and he will go as fast as he can. I’ve arranged a car to pick you up in 30 minutes, I hope you’re ready.”
“I’ve been ready for age’s baby.”
“Good, I’ll see you very soon. Bye Sexy.”
“Bye my Sweet.”
The plane started its engines and in a matter of moments it was up in the air and on course to Vegas. Abi heard a horn outside and saw a stretch limo awaiting her, she squealed in excitement, and grabbed her bags, made sure her bar was good to go, and she cantered up to the limo.
Inside, pre-arranged, Were 2 dozen long stem roses, champagne and a long thin velvet box, with a card that wrote ‘Miss Abi x’. She excitedly opened it and read “I Hope this sparkles half as bright as your beautiful eyes xxx” She opened the box and her mouth dropped. Inside was a Lucida round diamond necklace from Tiffany.
She brushed her finger over the delicate jewels, her mind raced with emotions and her body responded in the same fashion. Unsure whether it was the gift she had received, or the anticipation of meeting her lover, her pussy started to tingle desperate for touch. She made sure the barrier between her and the driver was sealed, placed the box to her side, and slunk down in her seat while stretching out her legs wide. She slid her hand up the confines of her firm thighs, feeling the change of the smooth fabric of her stockings and bare thighs; she pressed her fingers hard between her legs and gripped her over excited pussy. She urgently pulled open the side of her thong, and delved 2 fingers straight into her pussy. The juice of her pussy lubricated her fingers instantly allowing her to finger fuck herself with immense speed, her other hand raised itself up her body and firmly handled her breast. Her hips rocked in flow with her finger, bringing herself off to a small but satisfying orgasm.
The plane touched down in Vegas where a town car was waiting for Chris. As he got in the car, Abi was arriving in the luxurious hotel, greeted by the front staff and shown to the suite. The large gold leaf door was opened by the bell boy, and she entered the grand suite, where she seen a dining area, desk, lounge suite and widescreen TV, a large king sized 4 poster bed, desk and balcony window. She moved through towards the en suite, a lavish white marble Jacuzzi bath glistened under the lights. Abi’s mind ran wild with exotic thoughts of where and how she would like to fuck Chris to in this suite, she tipped the bell boy and swiftly ushered him out of the room so she could prepare for Chris.
The short drive from the airport to the hotel ended, and as soon as he opened the door of the car, he was bombarded with flashes of cameras from the paparazzi. Annoyed he covered his face and jolted through them to the entrance. After exchanging some disgruntled and angry comments with the hotel manager, all he wanted to do was get up to his awaiting angel. The elevator ride seemed to last for ages, but eventually he reached his destination and approached the door. Opening the door, his eyes were treated by the amazing vision of Abi, dressed in a cute little black and pink baby doll corset, suspender and stockings. She looked like a dream, and he dropped his bags and instantly approached her in a deep loving embrace.

Their mouths met and they passionately made out, they held each other tightly. Murmuring welcoming’s between heavy kissing
‘I’ve missed you baby… so so much’ uttered Chris.
‘Me too, you don’t know… how much I have’ replied Abi.
‘Trust… Me… baby, I know’
Their kissing subsided as Chris’s kissing passed away from Abi’s lips and across her chin, her hands slid down the arch of his back and over his firm ass, gripping and digging her nails tightly as Chris bit lightly down on the area where her shoulder met her neck. Her eyes half closed as she caught the aroma of his aftershave as she kissed the underside of his ear.
Chris cupped his hands beneath the cheeks of Abi’s perfect ass and lifted her up; she wrapped her legs tight around his frame as he carried her over to the dining table. Laying her carefully down on the chestnut wood, he continued his kissing down the valley of her chest, his hands roaming joyfully over the feel of the fabric of her stockings, up between her open thighs.
Abi ran her fingers through Chris’s short cut hair as he continued his kissing over her exposed breasts, she felt his fingers tease his away around her eagerly awaiting pussy. Her mind was screaming wanting to feel his delicate touch on her aroused vagina. She felt the warmth of his breath as his hands freed her breasts out of its support, and planted itself directly on her erect nipple. His lips clamped down hard on her nipple, playfully nibbling on it while his hand pressed on the fabric of her thong.
Her body reacted instantly to the pressure she felt between her legs, and she let out a long soothing moan. Chris looked up to see Abi’s face locked in an euphoric trance and smiled, he let go of her nipple, and slid his face down between her thighs, which instantly locked around his head, not wanting him to escape to just tease her, she wanted his tongue on her now! She pulled across the thin fabric of her thong, and used her legs to pull his mouth on to her hot pussy. He agreed to this motion and began clawing away at her clit with his tongue. Her eyes secured shut to the feel of his wet tongue and she gripped the back of his head tightly, not letting him loose.
Chris Darted his tongue in and out making sure it pressed hard against her swollen clit. The aroma of her sex was intoxicating, and the flavour of her sweet pussy just made him want to taste her more. Sliding it down and across her labia, his fingers managed to slide open the folds of her pussy, exposing his tongue to the entrance of her tight fuck-hole.
Abi felt the warmth of his breath at the opening of her pussy; her legs tensed around the back of Chriss head and f***ed his tongue into her hot pussy. Chris’s long tongue took no hesitation to this invitation and slithered its way deep inside, tongue fucking her to the beat of her loud short moans, bringing her closer and closer to a hard climax. Chris could sense this, as he eagerly lapped up the juice from her over stimulated pussy, then he felt her legs lock up around his ears as she exploded in an intense orgasm.
The grip around Chris’s head subsided and he slowly arose from between her legs, kissing up the length of her thigh as he stood up. Looking down setting the sight of Abi, one hand thrown tightly through her hair, and the other in a vice grip over her tit, body glistening in post orgasmic sweat, and eyes half closed with a small happy grin across her lips, she could only let out a simple ‘WOW’. Slowly she came from her blissful c*** and sat up, eye level to Chris’s chest; she looked up with glassy eyes, with a hint of a tear, and uttered, ‘that was mind blowing baby, wow.’
Chris just replied with a smug grin, as he lost himself in the gaze of her beautiful eyes. Abi’s hands busied themselves with the belt of his trousers, tugging them open as quickly as she could; she freed his throbbing hard cock from his boxers. She gripped the base tightly, and eagerly let her tongue slide down the underside of his penis, where it met the top finger of her hand. Abi repeated this a couple more times before she let go and had to taste his cock inside her mouth.
She pushed him down onto the nearby sofa, and moved with him between his legs, and engulfed half of his cock down towards the back of her throat. Chris let out a soft moan as he felt Abi’s mouth suck lightly on his cock and her tongue brush under the head of his penis. Abi worked her mouth as much as she could along the massive length of his cock, while her fingers pressed against his cum filled balls, she fondled them gently, desperate for the present waiting inside of them for her. She relaxed her throat, and with a bit of encouragement from Chris, she attempted to take his entire length into her mouth. Abi succeeded, only for a short period, but it was enough to bring Chris on the edge of exploding. She could sense it, and backed off a little bit, just suckling on the precum soaked head, as her fingernails teased their way on the skin between the base of his balls, and the delicate area of his anus. This light scratching was to edge Chris on the brink of Cumming, he jolted up into a seated position, letting Abi sit back on her heels, and she took that as a cue to finish him off with her hand. Stoking with vigour she made a point to Chris, sternly saying, ‘Give me your cum baby, I want it NOW!!’
That’s all the encouragement he needed, and almost instantly began to erupt several long streaks of cum, landing across Abi’s face and hair, while she made sure she caught the rest of his hot load on her tongue. Chris’s cock glistened with Abi’s saliva, while the tip was still forcing out more of his thick white cum, Abi made sure it was all gone by licking it off him and cleaning him off good.
‘You sure know how to make a guy cum baby; I’ve never ever experienced something as good as that!’ Chris complemented Abi, in which she just replied… ‘That is only the start big boy!’ took a finger of his cum, and hungrily sucked it. With a cheeky little laugh and a wink she got up and turned towards the bathroom, ‘Make a drink, I’m going to freshen up baby’. Abi closed the door behind her and stripped off and quickly jumped in the shower.
Chris wasted no time in shredding the rest of his clothes, grabbed a bottle of champagne with a couple of glasses, and waited for her, naked on the balcony. He heard the shower close and he slowly poured the champagne. She entered the bedroom area dressed in a sheer white robe, and nothing else on under. She saw the globes of Chris’ perfect tight ass on the balcony, licking her lips she swayed over to the open door, and posed, letting the wind take the small fabric of her robe. He turned and smiled, ‘You are a vision of beauty Abi, I am so lucky to have found you’ handed her a glass and placed a loving kiss on her delicate lips.
Abi’s eyes closed tightly, these feelings were starting to become very real. She wasn’t overwhelmed in lust or pure sexual yearning, it was now something much stronger, she felt his loving caress on the side of her body, and she knew he felt the same towards her. The kiss was long, passionate and loving; they put the glasses to one side and held each other, as the kiss became slow and intimate. They wanted each other more than anything in the world at this moment, and they both could feel the need to make love to each other. They slowly edged over to the bed where he lay Abi gently down on her back; her legs spread invitingly wanting the closeness of Chris between them.
He slid his body up between hers, their sex pressing tightly together as they continued the passionate making out. Abi felt his hard cock resting snuggly between the lips of her pussy, and she gently grinded up against it until she felt the connection against her wet clit. He rocked his hips back and forth, making sure the tip of his cock connected hard against her clit. Chris lifted his hips and left a slight silvery trail of pre cum from the tip of his cock, to her clit, and rested it against the opening of her vagina.
They looked at each other as the kissing subsided, and jointly they both whispered the words, ‘I Love you’. Both smiled widely and kissed now with a great passion, and without missing a beat, Chris pressed the head of his cock inside of Abi’s grateful pussy. Slowly he inched his dick inside her, stretching her wide as it found its way in. Abi shut her legs around him, and pulled him in tighter, they slowly rocked up against each other, enjoying the soft and erotic feelings that are being created between them.
Abi clawed her nails through his back as the sensual rocking of his hips pushed his throbbing cock deeper into her tight pussy. Eyes held shut as Chris nibbled gently on her ear lobe while his thrusting became more erratic. The sound of the gradual increase of the bed slapping against the wall echoed throughout the room, as both their orgasms slowly amplified also.
“Ohhhhhhhh… Chris… fuck me please, give it to me, I need you more inside me… please baby, please!!” Abi moaned into his ear. “Come on Chris, I’m Cumming baby, cum with me, please”
The heat of them built up with the engagement of furious love making, Chris started giving Abi what she wanted, what she pleaded. He started to fuck her harder, moving his cock in and out of her fast like a piston. Abi Caught her breath in silence as her body shook through orgasm, her pussy clenched tightly around his cock her hips stone steady as she came, instantly instructing Chris to unleash his own explosive orgasm, deep within Abi’s pussy. One final push he locked his cock as deep as he could inside of her constricted pussy and let loose floods of cum deep into her wanting pussy.
Abi felt the warm feeling spreading through her as she feels this, and it triggers another orgasm through her body, this time a soft and caressing one that pushes her over the edge into ecstasy.
“oooo, ooo baby, good… god.. Baby that was amazing” Abi softly cooed
Chris caught his breath bringing it steadily down, kissing Abi lovingly. Their eyes remained locked and open to each other as they kissed and smiled, unknown to them that this is only the beginning to something special and very exciting.

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