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Me & the 'porn star' 2

Me, the porn star and my 1st DP – Part 3

Learning to fuck like a porn star

For those who have read parts 1 & 2 of this little ‘saga, you’ll know that at a photo session in 1985 I met an ex-porn actress called Nikki. We hit it off and ended up going out for 2-3 months. Like most 24 yr old guys at the time, I thought I had hit the ‘jackpot’ in meeting a porn actress – GUARANTEED great sex and, if I was REALLY lucky, a route in to the world of MAKING PORN! Well, not all was what I thought it would be....

Nikki had already shown me her scene from one of the films she had been in. She played a receptionist at a health farm who gets fucked by a businessman arriving for his day of ‘pampering’ (ho ho!) and I wanted to see and know MUCH more about how you get to do what she did. I kept asking her and Nikki refused to talk much more about it other than to list the things she’d done in the 10-12 films she been in. Then, one night when we were having sex, she asked me if I had ever done anal. I said yes. I had, a couple of times, but not too successfully. She looked at me with a bit of a frown and said “You sure about that?????”

I admitted I had tried it with a couple of girlfriends but had never been able to do it the way you see it in porn films. “That’s cos it ain’t done the way you’ve been trying to do it, stupid!” she said, making me feel a total inadequate. “Come on down here and I’ll show ya.” She jumped off the bed and popped into the en-suite shower room (her parents were loaded and had a very nice house!) and came back with a tube of something. “Come ere then..” she beckoned me onto the floor at the end of the bed. “Now, have you used this before?” She was VERY ‘matter of fact’ about it, and showed me a tube of KY Jelly.
“” I mumbled, not wanting to show my lack of real experience.
“Don’t be shy about it babe. S’not a big deal. Now gimme your hand”. I stretched out my hand as ordered and she squeezed a dollop into the middle of my hand as she turned round with her back to me. Nikki bent forward onto all fours and turned her head to look at me. “Right, now get my arse hole nice and slippery...”. I looked at her and looked down at the jelly. “Go on then! I ain’t gonna shit in yer hand!!!!” I put my fingers against her pouting arse hole and started to apply the KY. “Get it right inside babe – you’ve got a thick old cock and I’ll need plenty up me arse for you”

I squeezed some more out of the tube and applied it to her arse hole again, this time forcing it in with my fingers. At one point I almost lost my balance and fell forward, nearly fisting her in the process! “Whoooooaaaaaaa!” she yelled. “I ain’t doing fisting!” I apologised and carried on thrusting more KY into her butt hole. After a few more seconds of ‘application’ she said that that was enough and turned round to face me. “Now get yourself a really stonking hard on babes.” I started wanking for all I was worth “But don’t overdo it, cos I want your cum up me bum babe”. I thought..... YEEEE-HARRRRR!!!!

I wanked myself nice and hard and she said “Ready?” I nodded. “Right, you lay on the floor on ya back babe and keep wanking”. I did as I was told. Nikki then stepped over me and crouched down, taking a hold of my throbbing cock. She lowered herself down and guided my cock right to her pouting sphincter and as the tip of my shaft made contact with her, she said “Now babes leave this bit to me, but when you feel my hole open a bit, pull me down GENTLY onto it. I’ve got to push like I’m having a shit, but don’t worry, I ain’t gonna shit on yer cock either!”. I just laid there with my cock throbbing and Nikki noticeably pushing just as she had said. Suddenly I did feel her butt hole widen and I pulled her as gently as I could towards me. Nikki took the cue and sat herself down gently onto my cock. It was the most fantastic feeling having the head of my penis pop into her bum. She settled slowly, further and further down my cock until she was sitting right on my hips, with my cock fully inside her. “Hoes that feel babes..?” she said, all sheepishly.
“Just about wonderful” I groaned.
“Good” she said. “let me just sit here for a minute and then we’ll have a proper fuck”. I was puzzled.
“This is how you do it for a scene babe. You don’t think we just turn over and take a 9inch cock straight up our arse, do you?” I shook my head.
“Well, I did wonder” I said.
“Thing you gotta learn babe is that what you see on screen is not always – or hardly ever – how it happens” Nikki got off my cock and jumped on the bed. “Now come here and fuck my arse!”

By the time I joined her on the bed, Nikki was on all fours again with her arse up in the air and her hands back clenching her bum cheeks. I got into a normal doggie position, put my cock up to her bum hole and pushed in. It went straight in, with no problem at all, right up to the hilt! I started to thrust in and out, but Nikki gave a little frustrated groan and I knew she wanted it harder. I gripped her hips and started pumping in and out as hard as I could. She was getting so turned on by this.
“Oh babe, that feels sooo good – keep going – I want your cum inside me....” She put her head down and I pumped hard and faster. Within a minute or so, I could feel the pressure in my balls starting to build and I said “here I cum baby....” My hot sticky load shot inside her arse, and as I kept pumping to make sure she got every last drop, she sighed with pleasure and started slowly, softly panting – Nikki had very low-key orgasms, but she had just had one! It felt great!

We laid on the bed for a while just holding and kissing, and she very kindly licked my cock clean (and boy did I love that.....!) and we chatted a bit. “I amazed about something with you” she said.
“What’s that?” I asked, worried what she was going to say.
“For someone who is a professional photographer, I thought you’d know more about how it’s made. Dick does, but he shoots the stills for it” I looked at her shocked! Dick, the guy who ran the class I helped teach had never told me anything about this!!!!! “Didn’t you know babe?” she asked, quizzically.
“I had an idea he did something a bit ‘murky’ with photography up in London, but I didn’t know it’s that!” I exclaimed. “Certainly answers a few questions”.
“Why don’t you do it? You’re great with a camera and you’re good with the girls. Well, VERY good with one of them.......” she winked at me. “But you need a little lesson on how they’re made and what you DON’T see first. Hang on...” Nikki jumped up and walked naked out of her bedroom and ran downstairs. A few minutes later she same back with a video cassette tape in her hand. It was the one she had shown me a few nights before with her as the ‘receptionist’. She opened her wardrobe door and inside – and unknown to me up to that point – was a TV and VHS player. She switched the TV on and popped the tape in the machine.

“Let’s whizz through the shagging” she said as the film came up on screen. She pressed the fast view button and it flew through at about 10 times normal speed. She stopped in just before the guy finished fucking her doggie style and pressed Play. The tape started to play normally just as he pulled his cock out of her arse and turned her round to set up the cum shot. “Now watch CAREFULLY....” she said as the tape played on. I watched as closely as I could. The guy was wanking himself up to the cumshot and after a few seconds shot his load onto her face. The whole scene lasted no more than a couple of minutes, if that. “Well??? Spot anything odd about that?” she asked.
“Not really. But what am I looking for??”
“Thought you were good at spotting little details” she said, as she wound the tape back again. “Now watch again.... and look carefully....”
I watched and this time I tried to separate the fact that it was my girlfriend taking a load of cum from a 40 yr old guy with a big cock, and tried to watch what actually happened. There was the guy, wanking, then he shoots a big drop of cum onto her cheek, then . . . . . Oh YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Spotted it?” asked Nikki, now that the penny had dropped.

She went on to point out that what you REALLY saw first was a side shot which showed the guys side and his cock in his LEFT hand wanking away, but the second the first drop of cum hit her cheek, the shot cut to a close up which only showed the end of his cock, slightly higher than the first cut, and Nikkis face much larger in the frame. Then a load more ‘cum’shot out and splattered her face, hair and everything, then the shot cut back to the side view again. But I noticed in the middle shot that he was now holding his cock with his RIGHT hand and something with the way he came was not ‘right’. She wound the film back again to the moment her face was splattered with cum. “Notice anything odd about his cum-juice babes?” Nice question from your girlfriend! I looked carefully and said “Yeah. Mines not as clear white as that and it looks, well, runny rather than sticky”
“That’s cos it’s NOT cum babes . . .” And she looked at me with a grin.
“What is it then?” I asked rather naively.
“Do you like Pina Colada babes?” Nikki asked.
“Don’t think I’ve ever had one. It’s . . . . WHITE isn’t it???????” The penny dropped!
“Got it Einstein! It’s Pina Colada drink mix. It’s just about the best thing for looking like cum, but it’s a bit more runny”

Nikki explained what really happened in shooting that scene. The guy in the scene was well-known in the business for being able to keep an erection, but for doing pretty poor cumshots. BUT, he had to do one or he wouldn’t get paid (I also learned that day what a ‘money shot’ was), so they mocked up most of the cumshot with a clear tube and a bottle of Pina Colada mix (which apparently is standard practise in the trade!!) – they then did a close-up of him wanking and holding the tube on the other side of his cock, out of sight, and one of the film crew did the ‘honours’ by pumping the stuff onto Nikkis face.

“Anyway, do you think I’m gonna have that old gits salty cum-juice in my gob??” Nikki asked all indignantly.
“Er... no!”
“Fuckin’ ‘ims one fing, but a mouthful of that shit is sumfing different!” she said, getting all ‘prissy’ for a second.

So, dear reader, what did I learn from this? Well, as with any other form of movie making, do not believe all you see on screen. Remember, it’s acting. Okay, the actors may well be enjoying themselves fucking each other’s brains out, but it’s STILL acting. And sometimes, it’s ‘special effects’ too......

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