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I admit that I love to make my girlfriend Suki dress up like a slut and then take her out in public for everyone to see.
Suki is a cute little asain doll about 5'-8" tall, 120lbs, great legs, tight little ass and lovely 34b breasts. She is a little shy and submissive and it often turns me on to imagine what other men might do with her if they had the chance. Tonight I am taking Suki to a bar in the hood not only to satisfy my desire to show her off but also with the idea of going a step further and satisfying my desire to see my girlfriend taken by another man and turned into a slut.
I helped Suki get dressed for our night out, but before she got dressed I made her shave her pussy bald. It was something she did reluctantly but once it was done I think Suki realized this was not going to be our typical night out.
Suki put on a pair of shear panties and a little pair of short denim shorts that basically wrapped around her hips and allowed the firm cheeks of her ass to hang out. Then she put on a sheer white tube top that barely covered her firm tits and allowed you to see her nipples through the shear material. A pair of red stilleto hees were added to that and Suki was dressed for our night out. She then painted her face and put on some hot red lipstick and dark eyeshadow and braided her hair into a long ponytail. She definetly looked very slutty and I couldn't wait to show her off.
We got in the car and headed for the bar. Suki looked so hot that it was all I could do to hold back my desire to pull off along the way and fuck her. I hoprd that the men that would see her at the bar would have the same desire as I did.
I hadn't told Suki where we were going and I think she was a little nervous as she realized I was taking her to the hood. We pulled in the parking lot which was crowded with black men just hanging out and headed into the bar.
"I don't want to go here." Suki said. "Well I have already decided we are." I answered. "Your going to be a slut tonight just like we have talked about. Put this on." I said as I handed her a leather collar with the words "I am a slut" written on it. Suki took it and put it on. "Thats better now get out of the car."
Suki got out of the car just as a group of young black guys were walking by.
"Damn bitch you lookin hot tonight." one said. "You lookin for some of this big dick ain't you bitch." another one said as he rubbed his crotch and looked at her.
I got out of the car and went around to the other side where they had circled her. You could see the look of fear in her eyes. "Man your bitch is hot." one said. "Your girlfriend?" one ask. "Yes." "Well we gonna make your girlfriend our girlfriend tonight." one said as he pulled up his shirt and showed me a gun. "Understand." "Yes I understand." I answered. It was obvious we were not going to make it to the bar.
"Comon bitch." one said as he grabbed Suki by the arm. "Your boyfriend whorein you out tonight." Suki looked at me and I told her to just do as he said.
They led us out of the parking lot and down a dark alley to an abandoned building which we went in. In the back was a makeshift bedroom set up with a few pieces of old furniture. It was definetly a place they had brought other women to party. In one corner by the bed there was an old chair facing it. "Tie the boyfriend up and gag him." the guy who looked like he was the leader said. "We don't want him interfering once we start fucking this slut." Suki looked helplessly as they tied me to the chair and gagged me. This could a nightmare or my darkest fantasy come true I thought. I hoped for the latter.
I watched as the guys started drinking and smoking weed and getting higher and higher. Suki looked nervously at me as she sat on the bed wondering what was going to happen next.
"Come her bitch." the on I think was the leader told her. Suki did as he said and he stood her in front of me while he stood behind her. He reached around her and started feeling up her tits, her nipples got hard as he played with them.
"Look at your whore girlfriend." he said as played with her tits in front of me and removed her top as the other guys moved in to watch. "This bitch gonna make a fine slut, right bros." "Yeah she make a fine ho." one said. "This bitch could make us some good money." another said.
My cock was hard and I could see Suki looking at the bulge in my pants. I couldn't help it, I was actually turned on by what was going on.
I watched as he ran his hand down over her belly undoing her shorts and sliding it into her panties. "Spread your legs a little for me bitch." he told her. Suki spread her legs slightly as she stood there while he pushed his hand deeper and rubbed her pussy. As he did that I could see Suki moving her hips a little as he rubbed her. "Fuck yeah, I think your bitch is wanting to be a whore." He then pushed Sukis shorts and panties to the floor and she stepped out of them.
"Look at your little whore girlfriend now." he said as he ran his hands down over her ass. "I think your girlfriend wants to be a black cock slut, lets see." he said as he ran his hand up between her legs from behind and rubbed her bald pussy. Suki spread her legs a little further apart as he rubbed her pussy and her hips started moving back and forth. "Thats it bitch." he said as Suki rubbed her pussy against his big black hand. Suki looked so hot and my cock was so hard.
"Show your boyfriend whata slut you are." he said as held up two fingers for her to fuck. "Fuck them." he said as he tease her clit with the tips of his fingers. I watched as Suki squatted down a little and started rubbing her pussy against the ends of his fingers. "Yeah, thats it bitch." Suki started working his fingers into her pussy, slowly she worked her hips back and forth taking them deeper. It was such a turn on to see Suki in front of me moaning and fucking his big black fingers.
"You wantin some black cock bitch." he said to her as she fucked his fingers. "Yes." she moaned. "Look at your boyfriend and tell him your gonna be our whore tonight."
Suki looked at me as she continued to fuck and her cum covered his fingers and said. "I'm going to be their whore tonight."

To be continued

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