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The Daughter in Law

Hi! My name is Grace. I’m thirty-seven. Divorced with an nineteen year old son and I have discovered a totally new life opening up for me.

It was five years ago when Ted - arsehole of a husband - broke the news that he was leaving me for an eighteen year old who he’d got pregnant. I told him and eighteen year old tart would not do all the other things a housewife does. He replied that the way she fucked, HE was prepared to do all the other things a housewife does. To be honest, I saw her shopping the a few weeks ago. She had two toddlers in the shopping trolley and a belly that looked ripe to burst so I guess she was still doing the one thing she was good at. And to make matters worse, she looked stunning. I hated the bitch then and even more now.

But I digress. Seeing her made up my mind and I booked a cruise with the intention of reviving my flagging sex life. Since the arsehole had gone I have been romantically attached to only the second finger on my right hand and an ageing vibrator. I need cock.

The cruise was such a success I found true love with my left hand second finger and a very large dildo I bought in a shop in Marsailles.

I got home from Southampton to my little house in the sunny suburb of Carshalton at just gone midnight and, too exhausted to do anything else, fell into bed and slept soundly.

It was just gone nine o’clock next morning when I woke. The house was silent and I guessed my son, Tony, had stayed with his girlfriend. They were getting married in six weeks time.

Tony had worried me when he came home and said he’d found the perfect partner. George! I took a few minutes and some misunderstanding before I realised it was Georgina. She’s a pretty red-head. Five feet tall with a figure I would die for.

Anyway, I guess I had the house to myself and when I have I don’t worry with clothes.

I was just humming along with some of my favourite records waiting for the kettle to boil when I nearly had the heart attack.

“Sinatra,” George said. “I love him.”

“Oh, my god!” I squealed, turning to face her. “You frightened the life out of me.”

She was smiling and naked also and I suddenly realised and did my best to cover myself, mumbling apologies.

“Don’t be silly,” she said. “It’s your house. You wear what you want and let’s face it. When you’ve got it - flaunt it! Coffee?”

“Er!,” I stammered. “Yes. Please!”

She wasn’t a bit abashed and walked over to the cupboard and prepared the cups.

“Is Tony…” I began.

“He’s had to go in to the office for a while,” she said over her shoulder. Pouring the water into the cups she turned and smiled. I was horrified to find I was getting a little - well, not to put too finer point on it - excited.

Silence reigned for a few moments and I could see her eyes roaming over my body. Well, as much as she could see. I still had my arm across my chest and a hand strategically placed at the top of my legs. George was casually leaning against the worktop and her body was beautiful. No hair whatsoever. Nice, well proportioned breasts and legs that, despite her lack of height, seemed very long and a neat little mound under which a tantalising cleft nestled.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be here,” I said at last.

“I gathered,” she replied and tilted her head to the side. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Yes,” I said. Relieved at the break in tension.

“Why are you embarrassed by your body?”

“I - I’m not,” I said.

“Why are you covering up then?” she asked. “We both have the same fixtures and fittings. It‘s not as if I don‘t know what a pair of tits look like.”

“I suppose not,” I said.

“And I have a cunt too.”

I blushed. I had never used the word outside of sex.

“Look. Does this make it easier for you?” she said and hitched herself up onto the work surface, her legs spread apart. She really was a beautiful girl and I was shocked at the trickle I felt between my own legs.

“Yes. But you are my son’s fiance and it’s hardly right, is it?”

“Who decides what’s right and wrong. Come” she said and held out her hand. I was completely gob-smacked but I found my hand stretching out to take hers as if under its own volition. She took it and I let myself be pulled towards her. She gently pushed my fingers between her legs.

“See,” she whispered. “I’m as excited as you are.”

“How do you know I’m excited?” I asked. My voice hoarse. She eased off the worktop and I felt her fingers probe between my legs. All I could do was stare into a pair of emerald green eyes and her figer found my clit. That is the point I knew I was lost. Her other hand was behind my head and pulling me into a long, lingering tongue wrestling kiss as we massaged each other’s sex. My fingers strayed into her hole and she was mirroring everything I did. I knew I wanted to come so I began a steady rhythm between her hole and her clit. That meant she was doing the same. I could feel it building and was on the very brink when she stopped.

“Wait! Wait.” she said. Two plates were quickly moved from the kitchen table and she pushed me back onto it, lifting my legs and putting them over her shoulders. “Have you eever had a woman muff you before?”

I shook my head.

“We know just the places to lick,” she smiled and bent her head between my legs and I felt her tongue open me up and then I was gone. I would have done anything rather than have her stop. She used every part of it on every part of me. The flat along my spread pussy, the tip of it deep in my hole and flicking my clit until I could stand it no longer and came with an almighty scream. I’ve never come that hard in my life and it just went on and on. I held her head firmly in place while I rode the wave of orgasm. In the distance I could hear her lapping up the juice I was sending out and heard some filthy language. It wasn’t until later I realised it was me using it.

Then I was sliding down the far side of the wave and sobbing and she was gently massaging the whole of the area with her tongue.

“How do you feel?” she asked when I let her head go.

“Wonderful,“ I said. “But I need cock. A big fat hard juicy cock.”
“Maybe this will help.”

My head jerked up. George was smiling, her face glistening with my come. And behind her - TONY! Naked a

“Oh, my God!” I cried and went to move but his hands pushed my knees apart and George whispered to me.

“Ssssh! You’ll love him fucking you.”

“But I can’t!” I said. “We can’t. He’s my fucking son!”

“Yes,” she grinned. “And your fucking son is fucking you.”

I was so bl**dy wet his prick slid into me with ease and I hate to say it, felt so bl**dy good. I curled my legs around his body and he was soon in a good rhythm. George was sucking on my erect nipples and another orgasm was building inside me. When it came it was a long, slow and deeply satisfying one and I felt it. His spunk. Deep inside me. Shooting into me.

“Wonderful, isn’t it?” George was saying as she gazed into my eyes. “Wait til he comes in your mouth. You think you’ll never be able to swallow it.”

I did try to say no but her mouth was on mine and we were kissing and Tony was slowly withdrawing. Then I was being pushed from the table.

“Come on, Grace.” George said. “My turn. Get that tongue working.”

I looked at Tony and he grinned.

“She’s a hard taskmaster, mum, “ he said and as she lay on the table, her head over the edge, he slid his cock into her mouth and nodded to urge me on. The sight of my son mouth-fucking his fiance was enough for me and I went down on the smooth pussy before me.

I’ve never licked - in fact, never even touched - another woman and to be honest I was actually like a nervous virgin. Gently I pulled her lips apart and gazed at the soft pink interior. I gently touched her clit with my tongue and tasted her come. It was sweet and warm and delicious. I began to flick over the hard little lump and was rewarded with a groan from her. My tongue was now investigating. A small hole. Her pee hole I surmised and then her cunt. Tony was a big lad. Far bigger than his father and he’d obviously stretched her so I had no trouble licking up inside and scooping out as much of her juice as I could. She was coming ovr and over and I was revelling in the thrill of having this young woman come at my command. I heard her grunt and looked up. Tony was emptying his balls into her mouth and she was right. He did come a lot. It was dribbling out of the corner of her mouth and thinking ‘What the hell?’ I just went up and helped lick it up.

That was the start of it. They stayed with me til the wedding and we all slept in the same bed and fucked nearly every night. On their wedding day, George and I wore the same underwear. Nothing! We’d fucked in the morning, just the two of us and a strap-on we’d bought and Tony commented on the sparkle in our eyes when he saw us at the registrars office.

I did not, however, join them on honeymoon.

Yesterday they returned and arrived home just in time for lunch. I was nervous. George was excited and Tony was smug.

“I have to tell you something,” I said but was stopped.

“No, Please,” my new daughter said. “Us first. We’ve been dying to tell you. I’m pregnant!”

She was radiant and Tony was bursting with pride. I smiled and laid a letter in front of them. George opened it and her mouth dropped as she passed it to Tony.

“Me too,” I said.

She jumped up and hugged me.

“Boy can my husband fuck!” she said.

“About as good as my son can.” I replied.

“Tony,” she said. “I think you ought to take us to bed and make bl**dy sure of this. And when you’ve done us both I think a nice cup of coffee.”

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