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Masturbate for everyone

I love to maturbate.
This goes way back to being a teen and stealing my b*****rs Playboy mags and jerking off when no one as at home.
I has continued to involve so many different situations.
I've been married for a long time and my wife is very old school and we do have sex once and awhile, I still like to get off on my own.
I feel like I'm a sneak when she's not around, watching porn and masturbating.
My favourate times are stoking my cock in front of someone.
When I visit massage parlors and have a great naked chick jerking me off, I often take over and finish myself off in front of them.
Some of the ladies like to watch, however it's probably that their work is made easier when I cum by my own hand. I really don't care, because I get the satisfaction of cumming for them.
My wife has always known that I jerk off, but won't talk openly about it.
A couple of years ago I was horny as usual and asked to go at it and she was busy and told me to take care of myself. This was a break though.
I went in my room, had a hugh boner and came in no time.
Since then I've told her that I'm going to jerk off and if he want to watch. The usual answer is no thanks. That's OK, because just her knowing that I'm stroking my cock in the next room is a turn on.
When she's in the shower I will be in the bedroom masturbating so that when she comes out, here I am stoking my cock in front of her.
When we vacation, I'm always naked in the hotel room with an erection and stoke it in front of her all the time. This doesn't do much for her, but it sure does for me.
When we're home alone ( without our older k**s at home ) I wear a bath robe and as were watching TV will open it and start stoking my cock. I go into the other room and make as much noise jerking as I can so she can hear me finishing myself off. She's a neat freak and to cum right there would probably rein everyting.
When we make love, she now pays more attention to jerking me off until I fuck her.
I've resently gone to a place that has videos with glory holes.
Seeing through the hole at someone else jerk off is great. My last visit had the guy next to me stick his cock through one of two holes and I did the same in the other hole. We jerked each other off.
Went to a gay bath house. This was interesting. Walking around naked with an erection. Didn't get involve, however sitting in the sauna playing with my cock in front of these guys was a great time. Having others watch was fantastic.
I could go on and on about wanking, but the what it comes down to is, is that it's soo much fun to be able to satisfy your self on your own, but it's beeter in front of someone else.
Life is good, but masturbating is better.

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