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My Day as a Hooker

I was quite depressive for some time after the abuse I endured in the strict female highschool and I didn't turn myself into a woman for at least two weeks. Then an order from eBay arrived that I ordered almost a month ago a crotchless full body fishnet stocking and a pair of black satin crotchless thongs.

That gave me an idea. It was time for me to get a revenge and destroy some dreams as mine were destroyed. I will dress as a hooker and let guys pick me up and then I shall fuck them in their sorry asses until they cried. The plan was perfect.

Since I wasn't really a woman for more than two weeks I had to shave my manly parts first. I took a bath and shaved and took special care for my male vagina. After some consideration I decided to give myself two enemas to make sure everything's properly cleaned. As always, the enemas gave me an erection but I had to keep it for later.

I wore my fake tits, the full body fishnet, and crotchless thongs. It was hard to decide where to go from that but I settled with with a plaid schoolgirl skirt and a white blouse. I have put on some makeup, took my bag with lube and condoms, and went out in high heels.

I walked towards the main square and a lot of people turned after me. I even heard a few whistles. I ignored them all with a smile on my face. When I reached the square my legs already hurt from the heels as I was not really used to them. I spied a spot that "take out girls" normally occupy and stood there for some time.

A several guys passed but nobody was interested. One even stopped and tried to talk to me but I sent him off as he seemed to be dangerous. My legs really hurt by that time so I took off the shoes and held them in my hand. Finally once nice guy came around telling me that he was looking for some fun and if I would help him out. He told me he wanted a blowjob and regular sex and I said him it will cost him roughly $50.

When I said that he flashed a police badge and I tried to run. It was not easy to run without shoes but I thought I was escaping him. The problem was that there was a police car in the next street and they managed to catch me. I was put on cuffs and they threw me on the backseat of the police car. It seemed like they still tought I'm a woman.

I was marched into an interogation room in the police station. The room had no windows and only one lamp on the table. I saw some hooks on the ceiling and one wall was covered with something that looked like a side of a tent.

Two mid-age police officers came in and when they saw me looking around said they're sorry, but the other rooms are occupied so the had to interrogate me in this old storage room. They sit on the other side of the table and started asking me questions like who is my pimp, where do we go with the "clients", how much money do we make, and such. Of course I couldn't answer because I'm not a hooker and I just wanted some revenge.

They did not believe me but since they had no real proof they couldn't hold me. After some more interogation they told me that they will release me if I agree to be punished by them. They showed me a paper I had to sign. I just wanted to go before so I gladly signed the paper. When it was done they left the room with the paper and came back with two large bags.

When I looked at them with a puzzled look they just told me they already know I'm not a woman and they won't allow such things to walk on the streets and spread diseases. I got scared at that moment and tried to resist as they took my cuffled hands and lead me to the covered wall. They uncovered it and I saw it had many hooks and rings on it. They uncuffed my hands and turned me facing to the wall. Then they spread my hands and legs and cuffed them to the rings on the wall.

When I tried to say something they've put a ball gag in my mouth and I knew this is not going to end well. I just hoped I won't end up worse than I did in the highschool. They lifted my skirt and laughed at my naked bottom. Then one of them took off his belt and started hitting me. I wanted to scream but somehow I enjoyed the whole thing. Soon the erection was pushing hard on the concrete wall.

After maybe 30 hits my bottom was red. I felt something moving over my bottom and I was told they have written "SLUT" with a permanent marker on my ass. I wasn't thrilled at all. After that came a few more hits with the belt. Then they released me from the wall and put on a leash. They tore off the skirt and blouse and laughed at my fake tits. I had to walk around the room as a dog.

Then they ordered me to get on the table and lie on my back. They shackled me to the table and took out a whip. They took off my fake tits and hit me several time on the chest. Then a few hits with the whip landed on my crotch. It hurt like hell. When they stopped my whole body was on flame. Then they came back with a candle.

They waxed me all over my body and took special care for my nipples and cock. They asked me if that burned me and when I nodded they took out their penises and pissed on me! I was disgusted when the piss started pouring into my mouth on the side of the ball gag but it turned me on.

They released me and I had to kneel down and bend over. Without a word of warning something was pushed into my man vagina. I turned to see and saw that it was their police baton. They were playing with it for a few minutes until I got an erection. They left the police baton in my vagina and lowered their pants. I had to give them both a handjob while moving up and down on the baton. After some time they both cummed on my face and in my hair which triggered a huge orgasm for me all over the floor.

My orgasm made them angry and they cuffed my hands behind my back and took off the ball gag. I was then ordere to lick up the mess I did. It wasn't easy at all to lick that all while my hands were cuffed and the police baton still in my man vagina. They even hit me several times with the whip while I was licking my own cum. The torment did not end there. When I was done the took out the baton and I had to lick that clean, too. I was very happy for the two enemas I gave myself earlier.

They walked me half naked (wearing only the fullbody fishnet and thongs, both crotchless) and cuffed through the station and into a car. People were laughing at me all the time. I smelled of piss and cum when they threw me out of the car on the main square. They took of my cuffs and ordered me to go home and never appear like this again in public.

The walk home was lonely and scary. I had to hide in the bushes in parks from people walking by. I was really afraid that someone will take advantage of me once again. Halfway home I had to take a piss. I went behind a bush and lowered myself like a woman to piss in the pitch dark. When I did so nettles burned my vagina and cock. I resisted to stand up because I deserved this punishment. When I was done I resumed my walk home.

I took a shower when I arrived and decided this was not enough punishment for what I did. Looked like I was not ready to be a woman in public and especially not a whore. I've put on a chastity with spikes on my penis and went to sl**p. I will look for a job tomorrow in the morning. Maybe I shall look for someone looking for a maid...

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