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Want to Play a Game - Part 2 - Her

I can't believe I am following you into the closet. With my husband here it could end so badly.
But there is something about you that makes me risk everything, even if it is just for a few
stolen moments in a closet. I want to make you pay for that little touch in front of everyone, but
those little things you do makes my heart race and I get such a rush of adrenaline and desire, that
I hope it doesn't disuade you from doing it again.

I open the door and look inside, it is so dark I can barely make you out in there, but I can feel
you, smell your cologne. When you reach between my legs and take out the balls
you had me use I forget all about making you pay. As I am licking my juices off of the ball
you put in my mouth, all I can think about is having you inside me. My mouth, my pussy, every
part of me wants you. I think about what I want to do to you, lick you, suck you....I kneel in front of
you and unzip your pants. Sliding them down so I can see your hard have been waiting
for me. I lightly touch you, slipping my fingers down the length of you, brushing against your
balls gently. Barely touching you, I feel your hands in my hair gently guiding my mouth to your
cock. Now that I have you in my control, thoughts of punishment return.

I know how much you like the feel of my mouth on the length of your cock, sliding it into my mouth,
down my throat, but I am not going to give that to you yet. I let you move my mouth towards you
but do not take you into my mouth. I start to just lick you slowly from the base to the tip. Enough to
keep you hard, but not get you off. You start to moan and tell me to take it into my mouth...but
I stand and unbutton your shirt instead. I know we may not have much time, but you don't get a
quick release. I know how sensitive your nipples are, so i start by licking them, then
body is pressed against you and I feel your stiff cock against my stomach. I bite your nipples
lightly - then a little harder -until I hear a sharp intake of breath. I put my lips next to your ear and tell
you that tonight you won't be getting what you want because you have been very bad, touching me
like that in front of everybody. You start to protest, but I turn to leave....

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