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Inside of her pt2

as i mentioned befor i was puzzled were could they havewent? i thought to myself as i continued on with the day one of my coworkersasked meif every thing was o kay i replied yes,i just had a wildnight she smerkedand said i hope it was 1 to remeber i replied it sure was one i wont forget it for a while and smiled back soas the day progressed it was time to go home and basically follow same routine but the night had come and gone i didnt think i would ever have that encounter again when suddenly she appeared and things were just as before it was a rather stormy night but not to bad there were no power outtages and the rain was sort of a fine mist not a downpour i could see her shaply body there threw the dimlight on my front porch i rushed to get the door but when i got there the image disappeared i waslet down i felt sort of like i was used in a sense but as i stoodther on my front porch i seen a small not on the welcome mat it read "dear luv for we are not the normal woman that your used to we r woman of the water" i looked puzzeled i stood there very confused i went back inside to gather my thoughts so i sat down on the couch and looked at the door once more to she the shape of my beatiful goddess this time i bum rushed the door and when i got there she stood and said there r only certain times when u will be able to see me and i asked when she said on when the rain hits as hard as thunder and the lightning from the sky comes down only then will you be able to really see me i was really puzzeled then i had some many questions to ask but she had disappeared that following morning i woke up to violent winds and crashing rain for sure i thought i would see her tonight so the whole day i prepared for the evening events i called off work so i could be well rested for her i supper cleaned the house and even bought sexyyyy lingure for the ladies to model i bought the most exspensive liquer that money could buy and long stem red roses to cover the floor and bedroom area as i sat there getting things just right for the evening i heard the rains hitting the window like a level 4 hurricane and lightning came crashing down i could see the lights flickering like they were bout to go out
i heard a faint knock at the door i came from the kitchen area to yell im coming and when i got to the door there she was but she looked differnt sexy but defentily some thing had changed i could not figure out what it was but she was def....different she greeted me with that voice it was so sexy and soft just to here her talk would make you stiffer than a rock she asked me if i wanted her to ivite her friends again i said sure why not she lead them in by waving her middle finger intresting i thouht she told them to line up one by one and strip and they did as she requested and when they took off there cloths there was defintly some thiong i didnt realize the first time as a matter of fact there was something very different about the woman i had such fun with the perfect shaped assess and tits i couldnt belive what i was seeing TO BE CONTINUED

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