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I was walking home from work one day when all of a sudden there was a hand over my mouth and I was being dragged. A blindfold was placed over my eye, tape on my mouth and cuffs on my wrists behind my back. I was placed inside a car. The ride seemed to last forever. I was so scared.

When the car came to a stop I was pulled out of the car by my hair. I was kicking and trying to scream. I heard what sounded like a door being opened, I was pushed inside. I fell to the ground, the door was closed. I tried and tired to unbound my hands to no anvil. I just thought, wow this person knows what they are doing. Even though I was scared I noticed I was becoming turned on.

When the door was finally opened I heard loud foot steps come towards me. I just stayed still. I felt a soft gentle stroke on my face, than my face became hot and stung. I was just slapped. I cried out. I heard a husky voice say this is just the start. I recognized that voice from where I didn't know.
He repeatedly slapped my face until he pulled me by my hair and made me stand. I struggled hard in hopes of getting out. He took the tape off my mouth and I screamed for him to let me go. He just laughed.

He pulled me against his chest. I could feel his erection against my ass and I could feel my soaked underwear between my thighs. I notice something on my stomach, it doesn't feel like a finger or hand. His cock twitched as I froze in his grip. I than heard the what sounded like my shirt being cut. Sure enough my shirt comes off and I am left in my bra and pants. He snaps the side of my bra and I yelp from the pain. He than snaps the back before he undoes it. This time I just gasp.

He makes me promise I will not run as he undoes my hands. For a moment I think of running. The reasons I didn't, might of been fear or the excitement of seeing how this plays out. Or it could be something more a****listic I really don't know.
He grabbed me by the hand and walked me to a different part of the building, never told me to watch myself, he just let me trip and fall. I knew I was going to be left with some bruises.

When we finally can to a stop he told me to put my hand together and out in front of me. I asked why what are you going to do to me. I found out that was a mistake. He grabbed my nipples and I feel his nails dig into my skin and I scream. Upon him releasing my nipple says don't ever question me. I just sniffle and nod my head yes. He than asks me if I remember what he told me to do. My hands were together and out in front of me and I feel him grab my hands and put what feels like rope around my wrists. He pulls on them and I stumble forward and fall to my knees. He says good place for you whore. I keep thinking, where do I know that voice from. Still in clothes, he pushes his hard cock in my face, I cannot breath. I am starting to get scared again and hate the fact that I am so wet.

He pulls my hair to make me stand again, I struggle to my feet. He tells me not to go anywhere with a smile in his voice. I almost say ask him where does he expect to me go, but I remember what happened a few moments ago so I don't. He comes back and he lets me know this by slapping my left breast nice and hard. He puts a clamp on my left nipple and than attaches a weight. He does the same to my right, it hurts really bad. I have never been into rough sex before and yet i was still turned on. He slaps both my breast and I howl in pain.

I hear people start to whisper in the background now. I think to myself how many people are here? He sees me moving my head in the direction of the noise. He says in a very loud deep voice. LET THE FUN BEGIN.

To be con't

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