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Thighs Part One

I took a walk almost every day in the woods that surrounded my house. I lived far out in a cabin I had built when I retired from the army. The only way to get to my cabin was a dirt road that ran off the main road a couple of miles away. There were paths and trails in and out of the woods and I would walk them almost every day. I was on a path when I heard someone cough. I moved off the trail and hid in some bushes near the path.
A young woman came into view about a hundred yards down the path. She wasn’t really pretty, but pleasant to look at. I saw she was wearing a tight pair of short shorts and they hugged her big thighs.
I love big thighs on a woman, unless they are fatty, but this girl’s thighs were tan and firm. She had on a flimsy white top and I could see that her breasts were rather small, but her nipples made a bump on each side. Her hair was darkly blonde and tied up on her head with only a few tresses falling down. Her waist was thin; the kind of waist you’d like to put your hands around. Her rear end was full like her thighs. Just looking at her walk toward my hiding spot,
I felt a surge in my penis as I watched her. I couldn’t help thinking of what she should look like naked. I fantasized what it would be like to run my hand over her firm legs up to her pussy. I wondered if she had shaved herself. I loved a woman with pubic hair; it lent some mystery to her sexuality. I imagined lying next to her feeling the small drops of excitement that her vagina drooled out...
My penis was completely hard now. I watched her walk toward me, trying to memorize her body and face so I could masturbate later. To my surprise she stopped a few feet away from me and took her small backpack of and set it on a stump. She stretched and raised her arms above her head. I could see some sweat had soaked into her shirt under her arms.
She then walked around a little looking in the woods. My heart pounded as she seemed to look right at me, but then she looked away. She bent over her pack and took out a water bottle and took a deep drink. She took some Kleenex out of her pocket and looked about. She took a few steps off the path and looked up and down the path before undoing her belt and pulling down her shorts and panties.
My penis surged as I saw the white panties come down her legs. I saw she had a bush of dark pubic hair which stood out against her un-tanned hips. She squatted again looking up and down the path for anybody who might appear. I could her stream of urine as it splashed against the dry leaves under her hanging hips.
When she was done she reached under herself and wiped with the Kleenex, then stood and pulled up her panties and shorts giving me a brief look at her pussy again. She walked over to her pack again and rummaged among the inside and pulled out a white T-shirt which she laid over her pack as she unbuttoned her white top and took it off.
I could barely control myself as she took her top off and exposed her bare breasts. They were small but sexy with a long nipple on each one. She quickly pulled her T-shirt over herself, but her nipples were very visible on the thin cloth of her T-shirt. She picked up her pack and moved on down the trail.
I was cramped up from hiding in the bushes, but stumbled down to the trail. I went over to where she had peed and took out my penis and stroked it, shooting jets of hot white cum over the Kleenex she had used.
I walked up the hill to my land then over to my cabin. My penis was still stiff as I walked. I went inside and took a shower, all the while thinking of the girl on the trail.
I sat by the picture window and looked out over the field that spanned the distance to the woods in back of my land. To my surprise I saw a person walk out of the woods and toward my cabin: It was her! I couldn’t believe it. I went out on the porch and watched as she came closer. All I could think of was her nakedness that I had seen just a few minutes or so.
She saw me and came up short. She hesitated then resumed her walk. She said hello and would I mind if she crossed over my land. I told her she already had. She smiled and continued walking. She soon disappeared into the woods again and was gone.
I kicked myself for not talking to her more, but my voice was choked up from the passion I was feeling. I couldn’t take my mind off of her. She wasn’t very pretty, but just seeing her bare breasts and full thighs in the open air with no one else around. As a k** I always got a thrill of jerking off outdoors, it seemed risky and more exciting. I sat for about an hour then was going to go inside.
I was just about to go in when I saw something moving among the tree line about a hundred yards away. It was her, stumbling out of the woods falling down. As she came closer I saw her knee was bl**dy and her face was dirty. I went down to her and helped her up to the porch and onto a chair.
Her face was sweaty and dirty and her top was wet with sweat. Her nipples were easy to make out in the thin fabric. I went inside and got a first aid kit and a wet towel. She said she had lost her way and had slipped down a hill. She couldn’t find the trail, but managed to make it back the way she came.
I handed her the wet towel and she wiped her face off with it. I kneeled down with the first aid kit and my heart began to race as I was close to her naked legs with her beautiful thighs. I could smell her sweat tinged with a hint of worn out perfume.
She leaned over and said I didn’t have to help her. She said she was sorry to intrude on my day. I silently blessed for doing just that. I cleaned her sc****d knee and put a dressing on it. My penis was erect as I touched her naked skin. I glanced up her thighs to the bunched up shorts between her legs, then looked away quickly.
She stood up and was close to me as I cast a furtive look at her small breasts under the thin material of her top, her erect nipples making noticeable points. My body was shaking with excitement as we moved around. She said that it felt good and could I show her the way to the path.
We stepped down off the porch and walked toward the trees. She had to keep tugging at her shorts which were riding up into her crotch. I let her go first through the narrow confines of the forest. I watched her butt and thighs before me. My penis was still hard and it began to ache. I wished I could take it out and show it to her and masturbate as she watched.
We arrived at the trail and she turned and gave me a hug. I felt her hard little nipples pressing against my T-shirt. She let go and thanked me for all my help. She said that she planned on coming up here again, because it was so peaceful and clean. She then added that she was going to bring her s****r along next time, to show her how nice it was. I told her to stop by the cabin if I was home. I said that I often spent hours in the woods around here just walking and enjoying the woods. Oddly, she said she would have to be careful if she had to pee. She laughed and said goodbye and walked down the trail.
I followed her at a distance until I heard her car start and pull away. I then pulled out my penis and stroked it until I came; shooting strips and globs of white cum onto the ground. I wondered if her s****r was nice looking and had thighs like her s****r. I knew women hated to have big thighs, but I thought they were sexy. I imagined how the smooth wide area of skin would feel under my fingertips or against my erection.

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