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Thighs Part Three

We arrived at the cabin and had not talked all the way. We climbed onto the porch and Misty turned to us and said that maybe she and Susan should leave. We have to go to work and it would take a long time to get home from here. She added that Sammy might be worried.
Misty walked into the cabin and I asked Susan who Sammy was. Susan said that Sammy was their half s****r who was staying with them until she could find a job. Susan went on and told me that Sammy was really shy. Sammy feels that she is too fat and ugly to find a partner.
I wondered why Susan used the word “partner” instead of man or boyfriend. Misty came out of the door and Susan went in. Misty came up to me and said she was sorry she caused a scene. She said she had no right to spy on me and Susan. I thanked her but added that he shouldn’t have masturbated. Misty paused at the word masturbate. I said I was old enough to be Susan’s father. She replied that I was not old. I was as old as Susan’s father when he would go into Susan’s room in the middle of the night.
I was quiet. I felt bad for Misty and Susan, and now with an overly shy half s****r. I wondered what they’d come up with next. Susan came out of the cabin and Misty and her said goodbye. I hesitated, and then said to them to come back whenever they wanted to. Susan turned and smiled briefly then went on her way.
I couldn’t get the image of Susan lifting up her shirt and showing me her pussy. I was getting hard again just thinking about it. I did some straightening up all the time wondering if he would ever see them again. I hoped so.
I was till aroused even two hours after the event. I wanted to masturbate again. I went to my computer and began looking up all the porn sites I could find. I got fully hard and took my pants off and put my hand on my penis. I stroked gently as I watched man after man shooting their load onto naked women. Soon I was closing in on orgasm. I played gently with my nipples which sent little tingles down to my penis. I came hard again. The cum sprayed on my keyboard and monitor.
I gave a soft breath then took some Kleenex and wiped along my shaft and swollen head, then on the keyboard. I couldn’t get it all, but it would dry and flake off. I stood up and threw the sticky Kleenex into the trash and washed my hands. I felt more relaxed, but still could not get Susan and Misty out of my mind. I turned off the monitor and went outside and sat on the porch.
It was two days later when my phone rang. It was 11 pm and I instantly knew it was my girls. It was Susan on the phone and she was really upset. Misty came on the line and said Susan was crying too hard. I asked what the hell the matter was. Misty told me that they had been evicted. The landlord came over to their apartment and complained that they were late with the rent again and then he saw Sammy and blew his top saying that he rented for two people. He said he was supposed to be informed of any extra tenants. Our rent was two months overdue so he could kick us out the next day. We didn’t know what we could do. They had no friends to stay with. They had zilch monies.
I didn’t hesitate and said the three of them could stay with him until they got back on their feet. Misty choked up a bit, and thanked me profusely. She went on and I had to break in and asked if they could stay in the apartment until tomorrow. Misty said they could and would come out in the morning. Susan got on the phone and began thanking me again and again. They played tough, but now they were like little girls afraid of the dark.
I waited the next morning and tried to think where and extra girl would fit. I thought I might as well take the old army cot out of the attic and clean that up. My mind was flooded with visions of three women being around the cabin all the time. I also thought of my experience with Susan and wondered if that would ever happen again. I began wondering what Sammy would look like. I hoped she wasn’t a fat slob, who would slob around the cabin day after day.
I went out on the porch and put my feet up and relaxed. About an hour later I saw them coming out of the woods carrying a duffle bag apiece. They looked like they were struggling. It was still warm even in September. I walked out to them and saw Sammy for the first time and even though she was a little overweight, she thrilled the heck out of me. In contrast to Misty and Susan, she had very sexy breasts. They jiggled seductively and the nipple points were prominent on her sweat soaked T-shirt. She had a full behind and nice thighs and legs, which I could see pretty well because she had on a short skirt. Her skin was dramatically pale and her red lips, dark curly hair and dark eyes set off against the paleness. I had fantasies of what was under her short skirt.
We went into the cabin and put their belongings down. Misty asked me how we were going to all find places to sl**p. Susan said only two would fit into the bed in the spare room. I said my bed could sl**p two, but wasn’t sure one of them would want to sl**p with me. I went on, getting nervous, after all I wore pajamas to bed and I was sure one girl could wear something similar if they didn’t mind.
I expected shock, but they seemed to take it as natural as could be. Susan said we could rotate I’ll sl**p with you tonight, then Misty, then Sammy. The other two agreed and I was flabbergasted, yet kept it to myself. I normally slept naked. I knew I had a pair of pajamas somewhere; all I had to do was find them.
The girls spent the rest of the day cleaning up my pigpen. I had a good time watching them. Here and there I caught a glimpse down a top or up a skirt, but they didn’t seem to notice. We made something to eat and went out on the porch. Sammy sat next to me and put her legs up on the railing. I felt a creeping arousal. We talked for a while then we were all going to hit the hay.
I went into my dresser and found the pajamas and put them on, and then Susan came in a long flannel nightgown. It was a little warm and I felt uncomfortable because of the warm night and my pajamas. We climbed into bed and I felt the tension rise. I knew it would have to be like this for awhile and I better get used to it.
After an hour or so I wasn’t asl**p and Susan wasn’t either. She turned her head to me and mentioned that she always slept naked. I said that I did too. She wondered why we couldn’t just take our night attire off and not look. Once we were in bed we would be all covered up. In the morning one would wake the other so they could turn away when the other dressed.
I said OK calmly, but my penis felt something else and stiffened. We stood up and took our respective clothes off, and slipped into bed. I felt hot in my face and groin and still couldn’t sl**p for a long time. Eventually I fell to sl**p, but woke up again and looked at the clock. It was 3 am. I realized that Susan wasn’t in bed. I figured she had gone to pee. Then I noticed there was a light on in the living room and it was my computer. I got up quietly and went to the bedroom door and peaked out through the crack. Susan was sitting in front of my computer. She had her feet on the chair and her thighs apart. I realized she was masturbating. My body screamed out in sexual amazement. She was fingering faster and faster and taking quick breaths.
I immediately took my stiff penis and started stroking. It didn’t take long and I cam hard onto the floor. My eyes were burning and may body was flushed. She was through too and was turning off the computer. I moved quickly to bed and turned on my side. Susan came in quietly, but paused by the door for a moment. She sc****d her foot on the rug then got into bed. She tapped me on the shoulder and said that I should wipe up my cum next time I watched her.
I said I was sorry. She said there was no need, we both got our rocks off, but it had to be our secret. Sammy can’t know, or Misty either, even though she knew what we did before. I agreed and we both fell asl**p.
I awoke to feel Susan getting out of bed. I said good morning and she said it back. She also said I didn’t have to hide my face that I’ve seen everything she had. I looked over at her and she was just pulling up her panties over her beautiful bush. Her thighs, in the morning light, were so sexy. I wished I could take pictures of them.

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