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My first time

when was fifteen and my best friend alex was nineteen, we decided one night, out of the blue, to have sex with each other. i was a virgin, but he had had two sexual partners before. we began by kissing, and i then realised he was sliding a hand slowly up my leg, he ran his hand on the inside of my thigh. he unbottoned my skirt and i let it drop, and he pulled off my white cotton panties. now his hand parted the lips of my vagina, slowly, i hadnt realised how wet i was until this moment, which just made me wetter. he rubbed my clitoris with such a passion that i thought i would explode. he looked into my eyes and kept on rubbing. then, with his other hand, he unbuttoned my school blouse i had on from earlier. i pull of his t-shirt and get to work on his belt and jeans. he undoes my white cotton bra and pulls it off, throwing it to the floor. i go to pull off my school tie but he tells me to leave it on and it lies on my heaving breasts and the material rubs the hardened nipples. he slips out of his jeans and boxer shorts. he pushes me down onto the bed and i feel his weight on top of me. he enters me with one sharp thrust, and there is a moment of pain, but him kissing my breasts takes the pain away. he pumps me as hard as he can, in and out. he bites my nipples, sucks them. i am going to cum. when he has finished pumping me, he moves down to attend to my throbbing, dripping wet pussy. he kisses it and worms his toungue up inside me. he is the first man to ever touch me, taste me and he has taken my virginity, but all is okay as i love him. he is kissing my pussy and i cannot stop cumming. he then stands on the bed and i kneel, now kissing his rock hard penis. he lets out orgasmic cries and holds my head, supporting me as i suck, when he cums i swallow. he tastes amazing.

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