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First Experince with black

this is true story not any bs make up type
i was 17 when i experince with black male. i always wonder how would that feel after seeing their pics online and how big they are. I never thought i will have them soon, i was talking to this black guy online for month and he really got me so horny i couldn't say no when he ask me to meet him at his place.
when i got their my heart was pounding so hard i can feel it on my throat.
first time i meet him he was very very nice personwe sit on his couch he had game on rocket vs laker when game was over i was his toy for few hours he took me in his bedroom kingsize bed and we kiss few times he got me out of my clothes quick and order me to undo his pants when i did and pull it down see his huge cock front of me scare the shit of me no joke but i was excited to his cock was hanging between his legs so big and thick and just stare with my big eyes i never forget what he say to me on that moment dont worry sunny its like same as smaller i won't bite take ur time do somehting about it u want it its youri quickly start suking his cok barely fit throw my small mouth streching my lips when he was fully hard i couldn't belive he grow few more inches and he got on my hands and knees using lots of lotion on his cock and my asshole and he told sunny take a deep breath its huge so its going to hurt few time once u relax will beter we begain to enjoy i promise when he fight to get in my ass i sure did felt pain like i was spliting in half once he was in he stop and ask me u ok u ok i replied it hurt like hell he say dont worry just for few mins when he frez for few min i felt his cock getting soft and he say to me if he knew i was really coming over he would had some anal lup
once he start fuking me very slowly gentle i look back and start to feel batter and see only half of his cock inside me not all of it i ask him nicely will it hurt if u shove entire cock he say yes but dont worry lets go inche by inche ok i repy ok after 10 mins i turn my head see still his cock was few inches in i told him i cant take it anymore inches he say lay down sunny let me work it out soon i lay down and he start pounding my ass so hard i couldn't even move to getoff his cock he have me trap and he fuk me so hard i start to cry in pain when he pull out cum all over my back and lay next to me see my face all red and tears he try to make me feel better telling me joke and he did say sorry he got carry awayi did forgive him clean my self and he help me get back in my clothes and walk me to my car next morning when i wake up i sure felt something i couldn't sit stright even in my class teacher ask me i had to lie fall from stair im ok few days later i ask someone online about those type pain lucky me i found nurse online she told me stop lieing just tell the truth when i told her what happen she told me go to cvs get those pain killer they will help u
first experince always suprise
and yes i still do black nothing against them just their big cock is out of controll lol

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