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It was Saturday December s*******nth 1988. Tyler was playing a video game when his mom came down the stairs. Her high heals clicking quickly across the hardwood floor as she was making her quick exit from the house. He paused as I was sure she was going to give him more instructions about dinner and what time she'd be back. She looked at her self in a nearby mirror and gave one more adjustment on her black mini-skirt, and of her breasts before turning towards him, to fill him in on tonight's plans.

"Tyler, I left 20 dollars on the counter in case you'd like to have a pizza for dinner, but there is plenty of leftovers in the fridge and TV dinners in the freezer. I don't know when I'll come home from the office party, but I'm sure you can handle the house on your own." She smiled.

"Yes, Mom, you have fun tonight."

"I'm sure I will." she said giving him a kiss on the forehead. The smell of her hair spray filled his nose so much that he coughed. "Sorry." she said as she backed away and headed out the door.

Tyler continued playing for a while before finally getting hungry and called to order a pizza. Every December was like this as far as he could remember, she'd go out to the office party and have a few drinks, and would come home before midnight, but as the years went on she would come home later. He knew what kinds of things would go on at these parties from stories he'd hear and that he was sure that the party would never really go until 1am. But his mother was single and he'd do the same thing in her position.

When the pizza showed up Tyler turned off the game system and put on a movie. Tyler sat back in his underwear and enjoyed the pizza and the movie. His mother has seen him in his boxers before as it would be what he wore on weekend mornings during breakfast. Tyler was always cautious to make sure his penis was well inside them, but now that she wasn't home he didn't care, and it felt nice not to worry about how he looked when he was comfortable.

After almost all the pizza was gone, Tyler decided it was about time to get to bed. He knew that his mom would be home eventually and there was really no point in him staying up too late, and if she brought a guy home, it might be awkward for him to still be there in the living room.

Tyler was awoken at three in the morning when his mom came home. He could tell she was intoxicated just by hearing the way her shoes sounded hitting the floor. He heard as she dropped them off on the floor and began walking up the stairs to her room, part of him wanted to make sure that she'd get to bed safely, but he knew he had to trust that she didn't get that d***k. When he'd get d***k, he would just crash on the couch, but that was because the stairs frightened him when even walking on solid ground was difficult. He respected his mom's bravery for making it up to her room.

Later that morning Tyler decided to make breakfast for his mom, to once again show some independence and to show her how much he cared for her. The smell of frying bacon filled the kitchen and he hoped it would the rest of the house as well. He set some coffee to brew as he was sure his mom would need a mug of hot black coffee. He put the bacon on a plate and used the grease to help in making some pancakes. He was sure his mother would enjoy his efforts and would like to be out of the house for the night more often.

"Ty, what are you doing?" He heard his mom ask as she walked down the stairs.

"Making breakfast Mother, How was your night?"

"It was Ok, it was nice to be able to leave you here all night on your own. It looked like you handled it well."

"I sure did Mom, thank you for trusting me."

"I probably should have done it years ago, I just don't know how to let go of my little boy sometimes."

"It's ok Mom. I just hope that you realize I'm a grown man now." He said as he placed the mug of coffee and plate of bacon and pancakes in front of her.

As he placed the items down he looked down her blouse and admired her cleavage, she had a nice tan on her tits and it matched the rest of her body, they looked firm for a woman of 45, but he knew she took care of herself in order to still pick up men for dates. He pulled his eyes away before his mother noticed his gazing eyes.

"Who brought you home last night?"

"Amanda, she's also bringing me to work tomorrow so I can pick the car up. I really didn't mean to get that d***k."

"Well, why did you?"

"Well, at first it was just something to do to be social, but then after a while everyone started talking to each other, even Amanda was chatting up the boss for a while, so I drank just as something to do and before I knew it I was trashed. Amanda was nice enough to take me home before I made too much of a fool of myself. I just don't think the guys view me the same way as they did 5 years ago and it's kinda depressing." She looked into his eyes, "I'm sorry, I guess I'm saying too much."

"It's ok Mom, and you're still beautiful to me. It's not your fault that others don't see it, and I would love to be able to date a woman like you." He was shocked at how honest he was, but his mother just looked up at him and smiled.

"Why don't we," she said, "It's been a while since I've been out on a real date, and I'm sure you know how to treat a woman."

He chuckled, "I sure do, you taught me well." She smiled back at him and the two went on enjoying their breakfast.

The whole day he spent time watching TV with his mother. She changed from her outfit from last night into a pair of sweats so that she wasn't showing off as much leg and cleavage. Even though she wasn't wearing something as form fitting, he still thought she was beautiful, her hair was a messed up version of the high hair sprayed version that it was last night, and the blush on her cheek appeared to be lightened and spread further across her cheeks. He tried not to spend too much time looking at her as he was worried that she would think his motives for the date were not pure. But when she would catch him looking, she'd lightly smile to herself, as she was still happy to catch the eye of someone half her age.

That evening Tyler headed up to his room to get changed into something a bit nicer than t-shirt and jeans which would get him through most Sundays and into a nice pair of black slacks and a white dress shirt. He was going to make sure he looked his best and added some gel to his black hair in order to make it look good and stay in shape throughout the night.

His mother was in her room getting dressed after her shower to get rid of the hair spray and makeup from the night before. She felt nice and refreshed as she went to her closet to find something to wear. As this was dinner with her son, she thought that she should go with a long gown, but as it was also a date, she wanted to go with something that she would have worn on that occasion. It was black dress that went down to her knees and was a bit low cut in order to show some cleavage, but not too much that she'd feel uneasy around her son. She put on a pair of nylons and black high heels and went down stairs to see him.

He was waiting for her as she walked down the stairs. He noticed how wonderful her legs looked and how much time she took to get ready for this date, even though it was more like dinner with her son. "Wow Mom, you look stunning." He said as soon as she reached the first floor.

"'Stunning' Really?' She said smiling and a slight blush coming to her cheeks.

He went to get the door for her and followed her out to his car. He repeated his gentleman gestures to let her into his car. He got into the driver's seat and took her to the nicest restaurant he knew.

It was a restaurant that wasn't too fancy as he didn't want to make a reservation or think that he could at such a short notice. But it did have candles on the table and his previous dates have always enjoyed the special feeling that he was treating them well, he could tell by the wide smiles on their faces and how there would be a second date soon after.

They were lead to their table and Tyler quickly went to pull his chair out for his mother. She smiled at him as she sat down and smoothed out her dress. Tyler went over to sit across from her and look over his menu. As soon as he made up his mind he put the menu down and found his mother looking at him.

"Thank you Tyler, it's been a while since I was treated on a date like this."

"No problem Mom, you deserve it."

"Please call me Anna tonight."

"Ok, Anna, you deserve it because you are the strongest woman I know and the kind of woman I always hope that I can find."

"I'm sure you can Tyler, but what makes a woman strong to you?"

"Well, I'm sure it wasn't easy raising me on your own, and that really says a lot about you. You chose to take up the challenge and I think you've done a great job of it."

"If being a single mom is your definition of strong, it must be difficult for you to find one your age." She said with a light chuckle.

He blushed a bit, "Well, I guess you set the bar a bit high." He laughed and she joined him.

Dinner went well, as they would keep eye contact during various parts of the evening and shared smiles and laughs together. He watched as his mother transformed from a mature woman to a flirtatious girl before his eyes. She watched as he went from a caring son to a perfect gentleman. To both of them a dinner between a mother and her son turned into a real date. They talked about school and work and really paid attention to what the other was saying. It was a magical night for both of them, and as the waiter walked off with their empty plates they knew the night would have to end and things return to normal.

The two continued their talk into the parking lot, walking hand in hand and her head resting against his shoulder. They got to the car and he once again got the door for her and watched as she slid in and adjusted her dress. He got in and drove off towards home.

They got home and he realized that his mom fell asl**p on the ride home. He smiled at her as he remembered that she might not of had a good night's sl**p the night before and had just eaten a big meal.

"Mom, we're home." He said lightly shaking her. She came to enough that he felt that he'd be able to help her out of the car.

He opened the door for her and she turned towards him and stood up and took his hand. They walked up to the door hand in hand and he guided her into the house and to the base of the stairs.

"I had a wonderful night." she said as she kissed him on the cheek.

"Me too mom."

"It made me feel young again, and I remember how dates were when I was your age and it wasn't just an excuse to meet up with some guy, but to have a good time and great conversation. I love you son, thank you." She said before giving him another kiss and heading up the stairs. She'd look back at him to see if he was paying attention to her still and he was watching her feminine form as she walked into her room from his sight.

Monday was Tyler's first day off from school for the holiday and he enjoyed it by sl**ping in and playing video games. He normally didn't have a lot of time for them and in the days before memory cards and battery pack savers time was what was needed in order to actually beat a video game. Many of his friends from college were away visiting with f****y, and his friends from high school had f****y visiting from out of state to visit with so he was very satisfied with his game system and hoped that he would be able to have a good time with his mother tonight.

Anna came home and went straight up the stairs to her room. Tyler understood that she didn't like being in work clothes too long after work. He paused his game and waited for his mom to return. Anna came down the stairs in a pair of grey sweats that she usually wears to wrap the day up in. She sat in her recliner and watched TV with Tyler.

"What are you watching?"

"Just what came on, how was work?"

"Same old thing. I just cant wait for Christmas to get here so I don't have to worry about going out and buying more gifts."

"I know what you mean. We should go to the mall together one of these days so we can wrap it all up."

"Have you already bought my gift?"

"Well, I might have a better clue of what you want while we're there."

"I understand, so is it like a date?"

"Sure, I had fun last night, and I got to see another side of you."

"I did too, did you like that other side you saw in me?

"Of course, it was like seeing the girl you once were, the kind of girl I hope to find."

She smiled upon hearing this and the two of them enjoyed another evening together watching TV. It was mostly repeats and holiday specials, but they didn't care they discussed things that they never really had the chance to discuss before like Their favorite bands, movies, shows. Tyler even found time to talk about his love of video games. They were now feeling like they were in a relationship that was more than the one given to them as mother and son, but as really close friends.

The next day went just as the day before had done. Only this time Anna didn't get changed into her sweats but instead into her usual jeans and a t-shirt like she would if she was going to do some housework. She still looked as beautiful to him as she did for their date. Her dark hair down to her shoulders lightly messy from just coming down from her bun that she kept it in at work. He was amazed at how little work she had to do to get ready for a date like this, but it made him respect her a bit more. She took his arm and they headed off together to the car and then off to the mall.

Mall parking was insane on the Tuesday before Christmas. But they found a decent spot not too far away from the mall, but not to close as well. She took his hand and they walked into the stores together. They bought things for his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and a few friends as well.

"What would you like for Christmas this year Tyler?"

"Oh, there's a new game that just came out this month, and it's a sequel to one of my favorite games."

She smiled, "I know that," she said playfully hitting him on the shoulder, "you mentioned it last night."

"Fine," he chuckled, "what would you like?"

"I don't know, something cute, sexy."

"Mom." he said in an embarrassed groan.

"What's wrong with that, and please call me Anna."

"I'm sorry Anna, I just don't like seeing you and that word together."

"Are you saying I can't be sexy?"

"Yes, no, I mean I can see it, but you're my mom."

"What if I wasn't?

"It would be different."

"How come?"

"Women should feel cute and sexy in things they choose to wear when they go out, but you're my mom."

"Well, what should I wear when I go out?"

"What you're in now works, I think you look beautiful just like that and any guy who deserves you should see that."

"So Tyler, you think I look sexy like this?"

"Do you feel sexy?"

"I asked you first."

"Yes, I think you look sexy."

"To answer your question, no I felt sexy when I went to that party the other night, and I used to feel sexy a lot more often when I was younger. Now I feel like I just am dressed for comfort and not to show off what I have, and you know I work hard to maintain my body for men to notice."

"I know you do mom, and I think you looked great that night. I know how hard you work to maintain your great body and I think you should have things that are sexy, I just don't know if I should be the one to buy them for you."

"I understand." she said as she wrapped her arms around him. "I love you Tyler."

The two of them walked from the mall hand in hand and headed home in the car. He once again lead her to the base of the stairs.

"Thanks for the date tonight, Dear."

"No problem, I had fun tonight. Are you watching TV with me tonight?"

"I had a long day today, I should probably be getting to bed."

"Oh, ok. Goodnight Mother."

She kissed his cheek. "Goodnight Son." She headed up the stairs and off into her room.

Tyler got up the next morning to find that his mom already took off towards work. He's been enjoying these nights lately. Last night at the mall really felt like a second date to him, as she talked about her right to be sexy and not just as his mother, but as an older woman. He never really thought about older women and what they had in common with the girls he saw in college. He began to wonder if there was ever an age where a woman changed from the expectance to be sexy to finding a reason to be. All day when she was at work he thought about what to tell her and maybe it would bring them closer together if he explained these ideas to her.

Anna came home to find Tyler still playing his video games.

"Mom, come over here, I have something I want to say."

Anna walked over and sat in her recliner and looked her son in the eyes.

"Mom, you can be sexy if you want to be and you don't need to cover up for my benefit. If it makes you happy, do it. I've walked around in my boxers before and you never made me put more on. If I'm uncomfortable about it I'm sure I'll let you know."

Anna smiled. "Thank you Tyler. Just being with you has made me feel better about my image that I had after being ignored at the party. I still hope I turn heads and I want to dress like I still can. You don't need to worry about me wearing my bra and panties when we hang out in the living room, but I like the idea that I can still do that to grab something from the garage or kitchen and not have you be too weirded out by it." She got up and headed up the stairs to her room to get changed from her work clothes.

Tyler watched her as she headed up and he could tell that her mood lightened a bit just by her walk. He liked how happy she looked when he made his speech to her and really hoped that it would help his relationship with his mother could keep getting closer. He turned off his video game and waited for her to return.

She came down the stairs wearing a pair of pink sweat pants and a white tank top. He also noticed her feet, which she usually had covered in sox when he saw her. Her hair was still messy from just coming down from the bun like yesterday. Instead of sitting in her recliner like she had done before, this time she sat next to him on the couch.

"What are we watching tonight Mom?"

"Please, call me Anna." she whispered in his ear. It felt good to feel her breath on his ear, but he kept trying to remember that it was his mother.

"Ok, what are we watching tonight Anna?"

"Whatever's on, I don't care, I just enjoy spending time with my favorite guy." she said wrapping her arms around his right arm.

"I enjoy my time with you too Anna." He said keeping his eyes forward, he could feel her breasts against his arm and that aroused him enough, he really didn't want to see them in fear that he'd get caught or get an erection.

The two sat back and watched what ever was on TV that neither would object to too much and just enjoyed each other's presence. It was about 11 o'clock when Anna got up from the couch and went to her bedroom. Tyler thought that she was going to bed, but she never said good night. He missed her being near him, but soon she came back down with a bottle of lotion.

"She must be getting lotion to put on her hands and feet before bed, but why would she bring it down?" He thought. But he was surprised at what did happen.

Anna laid her feet down across his legs and handed the lotion to him.

"Can you rub lotion on my feet Ty?"

"Sure Anna, I'd love to."

He pumped twice on the lotion bottle giving his hand a good amount of cold lotion. He rubbed his hands together to warm it up before placing his hands on her aching feet.

"Oooh," she moaned, "it's been a while since a man rubbed my feet after a hard day of work. You're good at it Tyler, you're girlfriends must have been lucky." He smiled upon hearing how good of a job he was doing on her feet.

"I love and respect you Anna, you deserve it." Tyler said looking her in the eye, before going back to watch as his hands worked the tops of her feet and massaged her toes.

He loved to feel her arches and the balls of her feet, they felt different than the other girls he has dated before, but he knew it was because of how often she walked in those black heels that caused the difference in the muscles and the need to have them rubbed. After both feet were massaged, Tyler wiped the lotion on his hands onto his jeans.

Anna got up and slowly worked her way up to her room, making sure to not slip on the floor. Tyler felt very accomplished this night, not only did he see how comfortable his mom could be around him, but heard her compliment him on his foot rub. Then he thought longer on the subject and realized that his mom is the best girl he ever dated.

The next day Tyler felt very conflicted. Still realizing that part of him saw his mom as a woman he was dating and another part kept screaming that it was his mother, a woman who birthed him and raised him for 20 years. But she was everything he wanted in a woman and she knew that, the fact that it was his mom wasn't a big deal, was it? This was something he wanted to talk to her about tonight.

Anna got home and immediately checked the thermostat. Tyler paused his game, and called his mom over. She sat next to him on the couch. He looked her over, from her black high heels, nylon stockings, grey skirt that covered her knees and thighs, her white blouse covered by a grey vest. He liked the way she looked, very professional, when he realized what he was doing he quickly drew his head up towards the ceiling.

"Anna, I've been feeling weird lately."

"Tyler, look me in the eyes and explain."

"Sometimes it feels like you're my girlfriend and not my mother."

"Oh," she said looking away for a second."

"It's not you're fault and I worry that there is something wrong with me."

She looked him in the eyes again and put her hand on his. "There is nothing wrong with you, I wanted to feel like I was dating a younger man, and to me it felt wonderful, I felt 20 years younger. I love hearing you compliment my body and I love even more catching you looking at me. You're a man, I'm a woman and what we're experiencing is biological, we can't deny that."


"I've been looking at you too, and I think you're a handsome young man, and you know how to treat a lady. I'm glad you're my son, and if you want to stop dating, I understand but I want you to know I don't regret it, you've made me feel like your special lady and I hope that I made you feel like my special guy."

"You have mom, I mean Anna,. You're my favorite girl, you always have been and I've feel more liberated at being able to share more of that with you lately and treating you the way that I wish every guy that you've dated would have. I don't want it to stop, I just want you to know that I'm seeing you more like another woman and not just as my mom."

Anna said nothing and got up and headed off to her room to get out of her work clothes. Tyler turned off his game and left the TV on knowing that no matter what was on he and his mother would enjoy it because they were together on the couch.

She walked down the stairs wearing jean shorts and the same white tank top from the night before. Tyler took notice of how form fitting it was, more than any other thing he's ever seen them in.

"Wow, Anna, you look great in those shorts. I've never seen you'd wear them before, where did you get them?"

"These, I got them at the mall today." She turned around. "Don't you think they make my ass look great." She said turning back towards him.

He smiled, "Yes Anna, you have a great looking ass." Tyler enjoyed seeing how tight those shorts were so that he could see the cheeks of her ass through those jeans.

"Thanks Dear." She said and she gave her son a kiss on his blushing cheek as she took her seat next to him on the couch. She cuddled close to him and watched TV breathing in his presence.

Tyler liked the look of his mom's tanned legs, he didn't see them enough before, she usually had them covered in nylons or pants, but they looked muscular and feminine. He wanted to touch them but was worried about what that would do for her and if it would cause her to not want to expose her skin to him again, but it was fun to look.

Anna loved to be physically close to her son, she loved the feeling of his masculine arm against her as well as the feeling of her soft breasts against his firm strong arm. She felt safe with him unlike with any other man that she dated before. She felt as if a schoolgirl crush on him, but she couldn't blame herself for it, he was attractive and caring, and most importantly he made her feel sexy. He wouldn't say she looked sexy, but sometimes it was just a look that made her feel like he appreciated her body, and he enjoyed the conversations with her that he also appreciated her mind. She pulled herself closer to him.

Tyler loved the feeling of her breasts pressing against her arm through the tank top. He looked down her shirt to see what he could see and saw her tan mounds covered by a white cotton bra. She was sexy and he couldn't deny her that even though she was his mom. Like other women that he found sexy he wanted to touch her, feel her, see her, explore her. His mind began to wonder a bit more than he would have cared to and soon he had to get up.

"I'm sorry Anna, but I have to go to bed. "

"How come?"

"You're sexy, you're a great woman and I respect you for who you are and what you've done and I worry that my thoughts are straying from you being my mom and a girl I date to just a girl I date."

Anna noticed the slightly aroused bulge in her son's pants and knew what he was referring too. She turned him on. "Tyler, it's ok. I find you sexually attractive too."

"Mom! You're not supposed to. I'm not supposed to."

"But we are, and I'm ok with it."

"You are?"

"Yes, I feel blessed to have raised a man who has a great mind, and is a gentleman. You make me feel sexy and safe with you, if you weren't my son I'd feel lucky to call you my lover."

"I feel the same way Mom, I feel like you're my best friend and if things between us were different. I'd wish to call you my lover too."

"There is nothing wrong with what we're doing, there is nothing wrong with looking."

"You're right Mom, I guess there isn't."

"So you'll sit next to me longer?"

"No, I think I need to get some sl**p now. I plan on wrapping up some gifts tomorrow and I think I killed the mood a bit."

"I guess we should both be getting some sl**p. Walk me to the stairs."

Tyler took her hand and guided her to the base of the stairs. She kissed his cheek and held him close to her. She rubbed his back and felt his member begin to stretch the fabric of his jeans against her leg. He wrapped his arms around her and caressed her back making sure not to go too far beyond her waist line. The two of them let go and gazed into each other's eyes before finally just going off into their own separate rooms.

Tyler woke the next morning to find his mother had once again gone off to work. He was glad to know that he now had the full day to really think about what transpired the night before. He settled that he was in love with his mother, but what did that mean for them? He was sure she felt the same, but he wasn't 100% positive. He decided that he would follow his mother's lead and wear less. He put on some shorts and tank top before sitting down to his daily video game playing.

Anna got home and saw Tyler sitting there in his shorts. She's seen him in shorts various times in her life but she noticed his muscular legs more this time, and how muscular his arms were, over the past few days he was turning her on but seeing him now was really getting to her. She went up to her room to change, and hoped that he would like the outfit that she had spent all day thinking about.

Tyler didn't really see his mom head down the stairs, but he saw her as she stood next to her recliner. She was wearing something that he never saw her in before. It was a black nightie, it went down to just below her crotch. It wasn't see-through, but it was low cut and he could see more cleavage than he ever had before even in the outfit that she wore for the Christmas party.

He paused his game, and stared at his mom. She blushed a little noticing how he couldn't keep his eyes off of her.

"How do I look?"

"Hot." He said, he couldn't wait for her to sit next to him, feeling her leg against his and those round tanned tits against his arm, nothing between them but that bra and nightie.

She took her place next to him on the couch, and wrapped her arms around his and she was happy to feel his shoulder on her cheek as she rested against him as he was happy to feel the sheer material of the nightie up against his arm. They watched TV together as they have the nights before. But this time he couldn't keep his eyes off of her, he has never ogled a woman like this before and he hoped that she didn't notice.

Anna put her hand on his knee and rubbed a bit, her hand going a bit under his shorts. "I love the feeling of a man's leg, so strong and hairy against my soft smooth skin." She said.

Tyler smiled and closed his eyes as he enjoyed his mother's caress against his knee and part of his thigh. He felt as she moved around on the couch and placed his hand on her tanned thigh. He felt her smooth flesh as he rubbed around. "Your thigh feels so good Anna." He opened his yes and watched as his hand felt his mother's thigh, and seeing if he revealed any sign of what was underneath. He found that her nightie had still concealed what was under, but he still wanted to feel more of her leg.

The two continued to caress each other's legs, and she noticed him looking down towards the hem of the nightie she was wearing. She removed her hand from his knee and raised it up a bit revealing her light blue lacy panties. Tyler's jaw dropped at the sight of the dark patch of hair that showed through the lace. She smiled at him and then moved in to kiss him, he followed her lead and leaned into her and they kissed on the lips.

Their first kiss was soft and it showed the care for one another that they had as a mother cares for her son, and a son towards his mother. She kissed him again, this time opening her mouth in order to share a breath with him. He felt the intimacy in their kiss increase and opened his mouth the same. Her hands ventured off of her son's leg and up his chest and messed through his short black hair. He ran his hands over her breasts and face up to her hair as well loving the way it felt between his fingers. His hands went down and fondled her breasts though the fabric, pushing them against her and squeezing them in his hands. Her moan entered his mouth and her tongue licked against his lips.

He returned the kiss to his mother and tasted her tongue as it flicked against his. Tyler lost himself in his mother's arms and mouth and felt the need to come back down to earth. He pulled his mouth away from hers and looked her in the eye.

"Anna, that was hot. I never felt so connected to anyone in my life."

"I'm glad to hear that Ty. I felt so connected to you as well, it was like something that I've wanted my whole life and I didn't find it till the instant that we were kissing."

"I'm glad to hear that, because it's what I think you deserve, after all you've done for me."

She smiled a bit and went into kiss him again.

"I think we should get to bed, tomorrow's Christmas eve, and I'm sure there are lots of things left to do.

"I'm sure there is Baby, and I guess early to bed early to rise." She didn't want to tell him that she wanted more from him in fear that he'd run the other way, but she knew that it might take more time for Tyler to catch up to her.

The next day was the first whole day that Tyler had to spend with his mom since that had begun going out on dates and exploring their relationship. He wasn't really looking forward to the day as he didn't know how to be around her, her son, or her boyfriend. He went down the stairs to find his mother wrapping gifts on the living room floor. She was still wearing the nightie from the night before, but he didn't mind as he was just in his boxers.

"Good morning Son." She said with a smile. "How'd you sl**p."

"I slept well, you?"

"Like a baby, you really awaken something in me Dear that has brought me peace."

"How so, Mom?"

"When I am with you , like I have been this past week, I feel like I have found the love of my life."

"Really, that's how I feel when I am with you. But it's forbidden, right?"

"I don't care what society thinks, it feels right with you and that's what matters."

"I love you Anna."

"I love you too Tyler." She smiled at him and he returned it. With that one small conversation it was like a weight was lifted off of both of their shoulders.

"So, how should I be around you?"

"As though I am your girlfriend, and you're my boyfriend."

"But what about the mother, son thing?"

"That maybe how the public views us, but we'll always know better."

Tyler didn't have a doubt in his mind, that this was where he wanted to be this Christmas, both physically and mentally.

The two spent the day together laughing and having fun, they were both behaving as young teenagers in love with one another . They would kiss deeply and caress each other as lovers would, they were happy, truly happy maybe for the first time in their lives. Anna mad cookies to share with the f****y members tomorrow as Tyler just laid back and watched some more holiday specials on the couch. They felt like a couple in many ways, the wanting to touch when they were close and their ability to have roles for one another around the house. Before sundown, the gifts were wrapped and the cookies baked, the stress of the holidays were over and now they could fully relax and spend more time together on the couch watching TV.

Anna wrapped her arms around his and put her head on his shoulder. Tyler put his hand on her thigh and lightly rubbed up and down, as she moaned in appreciation. She took right arm off of his arm and placed it on his thigh, enjoying the feeling of his hairy leg against her hand. She felt around his thigh trying to get as much of it as she could.

"I love you Tyler." She said turning towards him.

"I love you too Anna." He said as they both moved into kiss each other.

Their tongues exploring each other's mouths, They moved their hands up to each other's chests to feel them, Tyler loved the softness of his mother's breasts, and she the firmness of her son's. Anna felt down his abs, Tyler stopped her hand from going to far down. They broke their kiss.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Mom, I'm....excited." He said. Anna's gaze went down to the rise in his boxers.

"I see, but it's ok. I'm excited too."

"I'm glad to hear that. But I want to touch more of you Mom, may I please remove that nightie?"

Anna stood up and Tyler soon joined her. He put his hands on the hem of the nightie and slowly pulled it over her body. First exposing her red lacy panties, then her tanned toned stomach, then her red lacy bra. Anna raised her arms so that he could put the clothing item on the floor and be more exposed to her son as she has been in years. Tyler stepped back and took full appreciation of his mother's body.

"You look great Anna."

"Thank you Tyler, you look great too." They kissed again. They caressed each other's backs and slowly reached down to feel each other's ass, both groping and grasping them feeling the toned muscles. Anna could feel his hard cock pressed against her loins and loved how hard she made this young man. She had to have more of him, she slowly pulled away from the kiss.

"Tyler, why don't we put those hands to better use?"

"What do you need Mom?

"I'd like a massage, the stress of the holidays are over, I could really use some relaxation. I know you could help me Son."

"I'd love to Mom, where do you want it?"

"My room, meet me up there in 10 minutes." Anna removed her hands from his ass, and his hers as she then went quickly up the stairs and disappeared into her bedroom.

To Tyler they were the longest 10 minutes ever. He watched the clock on the VCR like a hawk. Once the time was over he tucked his semi-erect cock back into his boxers and headed quickly up the stairs into his mother's room. He opened the door and was surprised at what he saw.

Her room was only lit by a couple of candles, one on each of the two wooden night stands in her room. She laid on top of the bed on her stomach. Next to one of the candles was a bottle of massage oil. Tyler looked her over before opening his mouth to speak.

"Where do you want me to start Mom?"

"Feet, legs, back, arms, start where ever you want Dear."

Tyler walked up by his mother's head and grabbed the bottle and walked down to her feet and sat on the left side of the bed. He poured some of the oil in his hand and rubbed them together. He placed his hand on his mother's left foot, and began working it into her worn feet.

"Oh God Son, that feels so good. You know how to take care of your mom." She said.

"You like the way I take care of your feet?"

"Yes, you have great hands."

Tyler massaged her right foot as well before going back to her left calf. He added more oil to his hands. Her calves felt so smooth and hard as they were very muscular.

"Mom, you have very sexy calves, they feel so good."

"You're rubbing that one really well too Son, I can't wait for you to get to the other one. It's so relaxing."

Tyler was satisfied with his actions as his mother was just able to lay back and enjoy his touch and being able to take care of and pleas his mom mad him very happy. He oiled his hands and began working on her other calf. He oiled up his hands again and worked it into his mother's thigh. He rolled his hands over every inch he could see. He loved the feel of her ass on the side of his hands and he could feel the warmth radiating between her thighs and knew that she was as turned on as he was in this experience. His hands would make light brushes with her crotch, and she'd let out a slight moan and push her hips back against his touch.

Tyler decided to skip her ass and go right up to her back. He straddled her ass and poured oil onto his hand rubbed them together and placed them on her shoulders.

"Go ahead and undo my bra, so you can get a good rub on my back." she requested.

Tyler did what she requested and used his oil hands to unhook the bra so that he could see her bare back. He saw her tan line and began his rub there and went down to the waist of her panties and back up to her shoulders. He could feel a lot of stress in her shoulders so he rubbed really hard to get the toughness out, slowly moving the shoulder straps a little as he did. He re-oiled his hands and worked down her sides, almost feeling under her breast as he helped her relax after this difficult holiday season. He took a deep breath in satisfaction and found that the scent of the lavender oil added to the scent of the burning candle wax.

"Mmmmm, you're hands feel so good. Take these panties off so you can do a good job massaging my ass." She said.

Tyler couldn't believe what he was hearing, it was like a dream to him. He was surprised at his mother's language, but he seemed to take it in stride. He placed his hands on her hips and she raised her pelvis off of the bed. Tyler put his fingers into her waist band and pulled them off of her hips, over her ass and down her oiled legs to put them onto the floor. He loved feeling the side of her ass against the back of his hands as he undressed her. He admired her ass and how the tan lines looked against her olive complexion.

"Mom, you have a great looking ass."

"Thank you Son, I can't wait to feel your hands on it."

Tyler couldn't wait to touch it either, he quickly oiled his hands and startled her legs. Grasping a cheek in each hand, and his thumbs nestled in her crack, then he worked his hands into a rub over her soft ass working the oil up to the small of her back. He noticed how her back and ass shined in the candle light.

He got up and moved to the right side head of the bed and poured some oil onto his hand and rubbed it on one of her arms and worked the oil in from shoulder to her hand, adding oil as needed in order to further make his mother feel good.

He then went to the left side head of the bed and poured oil onto her left arm. His mother noticed his dick wanting to break free of his boxers.

"Why don't you take those boxers off son, let mama see that cock."

Tyler was surprised, ass was one thing, cock was another, and the fact that she referred to him as 'son' and her as 'mama' really made him think about what he was doing. "What happened to calling you Anna?" He asked as he rubbed oil into her arm.

"Tonight I want the love of my son, not this lie I've tried to get through this week of you being a boyfriend, some young guy I date, but my son. I hope that by now you do love me the way a man does a woman, even though I am your mom."

"I do Mom, but Anna made things easier for what I was doing."

"Haven't you noticed how little you've called me that tonight, you're ready to admit to what we're doing."

She was right, he undressed her, touched her ass, felt her press her pussy against his hand, and felt the side of her breasts and she was giving him an erection, if he wasn't living it he wouldn't believe it, he wanted to have sex with his mom more than anything in the world right now.

"But Mom, isn't that i****t."

"Yes, but I don't think we should label our love, I love you son, and I want to feel that love and show that love to you. I want to share my body with you, and you share yours with me."

"I'd love that Mom, I want to be your lover, I have almost all week."

"I wanted to be your lover all week too." She said as she rolled over onto her back.

Tyler loved seeing this side of his mom, but the light only showed her upper half, and as it got to her hips it dissipated, so her pussy and legs were almost unseen by him.

"Mom, I'd love to see more of you, but I'd hate to ruin the mood that you've set up."

"I understand baby, turn on the dimmer switch, not too high, I want you to see all of me as I want to see all of you."

Tyler slowly turned up the dimmer switch by the door slowly until he was able to see his mother's pubic hair stand out from the rest of the darkness in the room. He went back to the bed to continue giving his mother that Christmas massage that she was asking for.

He applied oil to her right shin and rubbed it in, blending the oil into the oil he already applied to her calf. He looked up the plane of his mother's body and noticed a slight smile across her lips and her eyes were closed in a very peaceful manner. He massaged her other shin as well before moving up to her thighs.

He moved his hands over her thighs, inside and out working slowly towards her hips. He felt as his cock jumped in excitement knowing that his thumbs would be making contact with the soft black curls of hair around her pussy. As her reached up he felt as she pushed her hips towards his thumbs as they rubbed the outer lips, he smiled as his mother's breath deepened and a moan escaped her lips.

"I want you Son, I want you to feel you inside me."

"I want that too Mom, but I want to touch you all over first."

"I understand Baby, I can't wait to feel your hands all over me."

Tyler moved up closer to the head of the bed and poured the oil onto his mother's stomach, some of it pooling in her belly button. He rubbed the oil up and down and around her belly and sides, causing the light of the room to reflect off of her tanned body.

"Son, remove the bra, I think my tits need a massage too."

Tyler slid the straps down her shoulders, Anna moved her arms around in order to help him remove the garment. Tyler looked at his mother's large brown nipples on her cantaloupe sized breasts, as he threw the bra on the floor behind him. He loved the way her tits rolled to the side of her body and how her nipples seemed darker because of the light skin around them. He loved his mom's tan lines and couldn't wait to get his hand on her breasts.

He drizzled the oil onto her chest and quickly went to rubbing it in before it rolled off of her and onto her bed. He maneuvered her breasts to go together and apart as he massaged them. He then pinched and pulled at her rising nipples and then lightly stroked them up and down in order to make them well lubricated, he even made sure to rub under her breasts and down her sides to blend it all in.

Tyler stepped back and walked to the foot of the bed to look over his handy work. Anna spread her legs wider to give her son a great view of her wet pink pussy. He slowly pulled his boxers down and allowed his mom to see if fully erect cock.

"Mmmm, lay next to me son."

Tyler walked to the right side of the bed and laid down next to his mom. He felt as his cock pressed and rubbed against her hip. She grabbed her left breast and offered it to her son's lips. He felt her oiled erect nipple brush his lips and slowly opened his mouth to take it in. He sucked it deeply into his mouth as his mother moaned.

"That's it, suck your mama's tit."

Tyler licked his tongue around her nipple tasting the bitterness of the oil as his nostrils breathed in the scent. She let go of her tit as her son had it firmly in his mouth, she moved her right hand down her body and reached for his cock which was pressed against her. Her son moaned into her breast as she made contact with it.

She wiped her thumb across the slit of his dick and smeared his precum along the tip. She brought the thumb into her mouth and licked it clean, she moaned. She removed her breast from her son's mouth and got up from the bed.

"What's wrong Mom?" He asked with a voice of worry, trying to mask his disappointment.

"Nothing Son, I'm just wanting to get into a good position to suck your cock."

Tyler has had blow jobs before, but one from his mom caused him to almost rush to his feet. He went to join her at the foot of the bed. They looked at each other, her green eyes seemed to sparkle more than he had ever seen them before. He looked her over, it was the first time he saw his mother fully naked and standing before him. He liked the way her tits sagged a bit more than women his age and the way the tan lines fit her hips. He walked towards her and she towards him and they met in the middle.

She put her hands up on his shoulders and looked up at him, he tilted his head down a bit and looked at her. She loved the way he smiled at her and his green eyes shined with love even though she had already offered him her mouth. She thought back to all of the other guys she's been with and how they just pushing her to get their dick in her mouth, but not her son, he was patient and could wait for his mom to get on her knees and service his member. She slid her hands down his arms and looked down at the hard cock between them, she looked up at him once more before sliding her hands down to his hips, she kneeled down following her hands and using her strong son for support.

As she was kneeling before her son's erect penis she thought about how much she loved him, and now in this position of servitude she was glad to do this for him. She ran her fingers through his dark course pubic hair before leaning in and placing the purple head of his manhood into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the beginning of the shaft. He let out a moan as she took more of him into her mouth. She moved her head back and forth across the shaft fucking his dick with her mouth. She enjoyed the way his dick felt on her lips and the way he tasted in her mouth. He felt the her breath exit her nose and land on his wet cock cooling it a bit before she slid it back in her mouth. She felt that she was a great mother doing this for her son, letting him get sexual pleasure from someone who's loves him as deeply as she does.

"Mom, suck my dick, make me cum." He said as he ran his fingers through her hair.

She wanted to suck his cum from his balls and swallow it to let him know how much she loved him and wanted him to have an orgasm, but another part of her wanted him to put all his seed into her pussy. She wanted to give him a few more seconds of oral. She moved her tongue in circles around his tip before plunging more of it back into her mouth. She kept her left hand on his leg as her right hand pulled and pinched her nipple, she could feel her pussy getting drenched by the second as she continued to tease him and herself. She felt his knee weaken as he was getting closer to shooting his load.

She popped his dick from her mouth and looked up at him, and he looked down at her.

"How's Mama's mouth, Son?"

"So good, I was so close to cumming."

She rose to her feet. "I know you were, I could feel as your cock started to twitch."

"Why'd you stop?"

She sat at the foot of the bed and spread her legs. "I tasted you, I want you to taste me." She laid down on the bed and waited for her son to taste her pump wet pussy.

Tyler had very little experience of eating pussy. Most girls saw it as too intimate for their relationship, but it was expected of them to give blow jobs. Tyler dropped to his knees using the bed as support as he looked over his mother's sex. He reached his right hand up and caressed her left thigh, he rubbed his thumb through her black curls. Her hips twitched as felt against her plump pussy lip. He repeated his movement with his left hand on her right thigh. She moaned as her hips gyrated against the bed. Tyler slowly pulled her lips open to reveal the dark pink flesh of her pussy. He kept pulling until he could see her erect clit, he moved his head in and lapped it with his tongue. He tasted her musky nectar as his nose took a deep breath of her excitement. He stuck his face into her crotch, her pubic hair tickling his nose as he smelled and tasted her juices. Her hips pushed up against his face.

"Oh that's it, eat Mama's pussy." she moaned as her hips rose and fell on to the bed in ecstasy.

Her son kept licking her pussy, tasting the juices as they poured from her and he sucked it deeply from her pubic hair and clit. It tasted so sweet to him, sweeter than any he ever tasted before, and hearing her moans let him know that he was deserving of her cum. He stuck his tongue into her excited hole lapping at her like a thirsty a****l. He went to her clit and sucked on it drawing it to become more engorged. Anna was pulling at her nipples as her body was pulsating and spasaming in pleasure, she couldn't wait to get her son's cock inside of her. She removed her hands from her tits and ran them down to her son's head feeling his hair as he pleasured her. She moaned and shook as she came from her loving son's mouth on her pussy.

"Son, you're so good, but I want your dick in me." She moaned as she came down from an orgasm.

Tyler pulled back from his mother's crotch, unable to really comprehend what he just heard her say. He put his hands beside her legs on the bed and pushed himself up. He saw her there laying on the bed, her breasts heaving up and down and her pussy wet with excitement and saliva matting down the surrounding hair.

Anna used her elbows to push her back up from the bed and crawl up the bed so that her whole body was laying on the mattress. Tyler looked at her eyes and saw love looking back at him, a love and guidance that only a mother could provide. He got up on the bed next to her, pressing his hard wet dick against her leg. He put his left hand on her thigh feeling around her wet slit, he couldn't wait to feel her warm pussy around his throbbing dick.

He removed his hand from her and placed it on the bed between her legs in order to help him keep his balance as he got up. He used his right shoulder to push himself up off the bed and his right hand to help him stay up as he climbed on top of her.

"I love you mom." Tyler said while looking down at his mother.

"I love you too son." Anna said as she reached down to take her son's smooth shaft in her hand and pull it towards her wet gaping opening.

Tyler allowed his mother to guide him in as he felt the warm wetness of her pussy around the tip of his cock. Tyler then slowly pushed it in as he felt her opening envelop the tip of his dick. He looked down between them seeing his erection disappear into his mother. As the light between them vanished He looked up at his mother to find her eyes closed.

Anna let a moan escape her open mouth as she felt her son enter her deeper. She closed her eyes to just let the feeling sweep over her. She opened her eyes once she felt her son's balls touching the bottom of her ass. She found her handsome son looking down at her and felt his hips thrust back and forth against her slowly so that she could feel every inch of his manhood slide in and out of her.

"Mmmm, my God Son, fuck me. Fuck your mother." she purred.

"Your pussy feels so good Mom, I want to enjoy every inch of your walls around my cock."

"Mmmm, I understand Son, but I want to feel your body thrust against mine, and fill my pussy with your cum. Fuck your mother Son, fuck her like you've never fucked anyone else."

Tyler realized that he loved it when his mother talked dirty to him. He thrust harder and faster, the sound of their bodies colliding echoed off of the walls joined in with his mother's cries of passion as she felt him inside her and his hips slapping against her sensitive clit. He felt as her muscles pulsed around his rod.

"I'm cumming son, I'm cumming, join me, cum with me." She commanded him in between deep breaths.

He wasn't there yet, but enjoyed giving his sweet mother another orgasm, this was the first he gave her with his cock. He smiled at her as she came down from her climax, and her moaning and breathing returned to how they were before her orgasm. Tyler watched her tits as they bounced up and down with his thrusting against her on the bed. He wanted to get as much of this into his memory as fucking his mom was the best night of sex he's ever had and knew he'd stroke off to this night for years.

Anna raised her legs off the bed and placed her feet on the small of her son's back. He loved being able to get deeper into his mother and felt as his cum rushed up from his balls.

"I'm gonna cum Mom." He said.

"Cum in me, cum in your mom's pussy, fill me up." She said as she locked eyes with him.

Tyler arched back, thrusting his cock balls deep into his mom. He groaned as his seed shot out of him and into her. She moaned as she came in a second orgasm feeling as her son swelled inside of her to empty his balls.

"Oh Son, fill your mommy with that cum!" Anna seemed to shout at the ceiling. She lowered her legs back down to the bed.

Tyler slowly pulled his slackening member from her dripping wet pussy, leaving a trail of his cum from her stretched open hole down the crack of her ass to her bed. He stood at the foot of the bed, watching as her chest was still heaving and down to the matted black hair and dark pink lips still blossoming open showing her opening dripping with his white cum. He walked back over to the right side of the bed to lay down next to his still quivering mother. Shivers seemed to over take her as he placed his arm over her stomach. Some cum on the tip of his softening dick hit her thigh and quickly cooled.

"That was great Mom." Tyler said still trying to catch his breath.

"That was the best sex I've ever had." she said.

Tyler saw a tear in his mother's eye. "What's wrong Mom, wasn't that what you wanted."

"Of course it was, it was beautiful watching my son enjoy my body, it was great to feel him cum in me. I've never loved anyone more than you and I've never loved making love to anyone more than you either."

Tyler wiped her eye and kissed her cheek. He too never loved anyone the way he loved her, and this was a special love to him it was a mix between unconditional love that a c***d has for a parent, mixed with the love of that between two lovers, he was glad to be in this relationship. He laid on his back and looked at the ceiling.

"I love fucking my mother and filling her with my cum." he shouted at the ceiling. He turned his head and found his mother looking back at him.

"I'm sorry I didn't get you anything for Christmas."

"You got me just what I wanted Son, I wanted to feel sexy and tonight proved to me that I still have it."

They leaned towards each other and kissed.

"Merry Christmas Mom." He said as he caressed her cheek.

"Merry Christmas Son." She said.

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