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The Long Drive

"The Meeting"
I was sent to a larger city in my area, to meet with some clients for a huge deal, that would set our company way over the top, higher than it has ever been before, and these African American men are the ones who were making it happen.
Donnell was my boss, and I had always done has he asked, but i was sorta nervous about this trip. not the meeting, but the co-worker he sent along with me, he was very well built, and very controlling, and even when he was being mean, it still turned me on.
we had a 4 hour drive, and left early that morning, in his 2010, luxury car, is was very nice car, and I got the presentation ready as he drove.
The meeting was good, and i landed us the account, so Tyrone took me to lunch.
during our meal, Tyrone had began to ask me about my personal life, and some questions that began to made me feel weary. he had then asked me to go to the ladies restroom, and remove my panties.. when he saw i was not complying, he told me that was a order, and that Donnell, had gave him the power to be my boss for the day. and within a few mins. i was removing my panties, and bringing them to him as he ordered me to do so.

"The take over"
For some reason my panties were soaked as i removed them, and stuck them in my purse, i handed them to him under the table, as i looked to the ground, he told me to look at him.
He can feel i had soaked myself, as i sat there in my dress with my pussy exposed i had noticed, that he had noticed my nipples were fully erect.
we proceed to leave, and all i can feel was this red blush feeling thru out my body.
he pulled up around the corner, and we were in the parking lot of this pay by hour motel.
before i could ask what he was doing, his big hand was up my skirt rubbing my defenseless pussy. My head was spinning, and next thing i know, i was paying for a 2 hour motel room, on my debit card, so this huge black man could fuck me.

He had the biggest cock i ever saw, it hung close to 9" soft, and it was just fucking huge hard, but he fucked me good and hard. he made me suck his cock, and with it well inside my mouth, his hot load was already hitting my tonsils, all i could do was swallow it.
we ended up going over the 2 hour limit, so i had to pay for extra time, but i got fucked good and hard that day. and sucked on his long black pole most of the way home.
he has a key to my place, and he shows up at any hour of the night, and i allow him to use me the way he did in the motel room that day.

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