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Black Delivery

My mailman is fucking my wife. I can hardly believe it, because Sharon has never seemed very interested in sex. All that has changed now because a young black stud with a huge black cock found out exactly what turns her on. As best I can tell, Sharon's being fucked every day while I'm at work and at least two times a week at night. It's by far the most exciting sexual experience either of us has ever had in our 15 years of marriage.

It all started about eighteen months ago. All of a sudden my wife began to wear sexier clothes, such as very short mini skirts, very short, tight dresses, stockings, garter belts, 4 inch heels and make-up. Sometimes it looked as if she wasn't wearing a bra or panties either. Man did she look hot!

I began to get suspicious when she started going out a couple nights a week. One Saturday night around 8:30, she told me that she was going to the mall to do some shopping. I said that was fine but didn't fail to notice her very short, tight dress, the attractive red high heels, or the unrestrained bounce of her tits.

It was well over two hours before she returned. Her hair was disheveled and her dress was rumpled and creased. She had a flushed dreamy look about her. I said nothing. I heard the water running for the shower and quietly entered our bedroom and examined her dress more closely. There were several heavy creases on the back of it, and in the clothes hamper I found her discarded red lace panties. The crotch was slippery with a heavy coating of semen. Vicious, huge threads of some guy's come had formed and began to drip when I held them up. I returned them to the hamper. Sharon had been thoroughly fucked. Instead of being angry, however, I found myself with a huge hard-on.

I could just imagine what it looked like with some guy plowing my wife, her maoning and thrashing around under him. The vision stayed with me all that night and we ended up having great sex that night. I fucked her like a mad man and knowing that it was her second time with a man plugged into her tight hole only drove me on until there was nothing left to give.

For the next week I watched our house at random times until I finally saw our mailman go in one morning and not come out for over an hour. I could now see why my wife had suddenly become more interested in sex. He was a young guy, about 25, a very dark black man, with a toned and well muscled body. The thought of this black stud fucking my wife really turned me on. I could invision his black staff buried deep in her, him grunting as he fulled my wife with his come.

The next day I waited until Sharon's black lover had been inside our house for about 15 minutes before I crawled behind the hedge and carefully raised myself to the opening at the bottom of the window shade that I had left open. The sight was incredible. I began to jerk off immediately as I watched the show before me.

My wife was completely naked except for her black high heels. She squatted in front of him, her hands on his black ass and his black cock fucking her mouth. His cock was truly huge, not only in length, but girth also. It looked like it was at least 10 inches long and as thick as my wrist. Sharon had to stretch her mouth and lips as wide as possible to allow him to get just half of it inside. He held the back of her blonde head as he fucked her face, but his cock was so thick that he couldn't shove it's entire length down Sharon's throat. He never slowed his strokes, pounding hard, even when she gagged.

I was certain he intended to come in her mouth and down her throat, but as it turned out, he had other plans. He moved Sharon to the couch, spread her legs wide and put a pillow under her ass to elevate and spread her cunt wide. As he was doing this Sharon never took her eye's off his thick, long black cock. He began to mount her, shifting his hips to place his black cock at the opening of her wet and open cunt. He pounded it in and my wife began to cry out and moan as her hot hole was stretched wide. Backing off for a second, he paused and pounded into her again, shafting her deep and hard.

Sharon begged and moaned for him to go easy, but he ignored her. His hips and ass began to hammer back and forth with increasing speed and depth, causing Sharon to shriek loudly on every thrust. He was fucking her fully, driving his huge black cock in to the hilt, his huge black balls slapping lewdly against her ass. He fucked her like this for 20 minutes, causing Sharon to scream in orgasm every few minutes, and then we both came, me against the side of the house, him deep inside my wife.

The next day I could hardly wait to spy on them again. They didn't disappoint me. He arrived at the same time. When I had gotten into position to watch he had Sharon stripped naked and already. I watched him move between her wide open thighs and aim his massive black cock at her waiting eager cunt. Sharon's thigh blocked my view as he moved forward, powering into her, but when she stiffened and screamed out, I knew he was going in.

He rammed her hard, causing her mouth to fly open and emit piteous mewls of pleasure. Lodged half way into her stretched wet hole, he backed out momentarily and then pounded his black cock into the hilt in one long thrust. Her gasps and screams of pleasure could be heard miles away as he began to fuck her in a steady pounding rhythm. I wished I could see her cunt opening wide, spreading into a huge oval around his thick black shaft. My cock was throbbing as I watched him pumping my wife with long, deep, pleasurable strokes.

With a quick movement, he hooked his arms under Sharon's legs and shoved them back on either side of her tits. In this position, her cunt was totally open to him and best of all, I could now see his huge black cock as he withdrew it then rammed it back into her cunt. He hammered into her, driving her thighs deep into the couch on each hard stroke. Again and again, her eager cunt stretched wide to swallow his thick steel hard black shaft. He was now fucking her harder and more devastatingly than I ever had.

Sharon was moaning and screaming as she had one huge orgasm after another. It was an amazing thing to watch. I could see his huge black balls slapping her upturned ass each time he plunged deep into her pussy causing her whole body to jerk and spasm in rhythm. Suddenly I heard him yell he was going to come and fill her womb so full of his black seed, that he was going to knock her up. He told her it was time that she make good on her promise to have his black baby.

With that pronouncement ringing in Sharon's and my ears, I watched as his ass muscles flexed as he hit her with short hard deep strokes. I knew his come was pumping into Sharon's cunt and filling her womb so that there was no doubt that he would knock her up with his black baby. Afterward he made her suck him again and this time, to my surprise, he blew his heavy load all over her face and hair.

This is how it has been going for months. I've managed to watch this young black stud pound my wife dozens of times. I don't think he ever misses a day. Sharon also meets him at night whenever he calls and tells her he wants her cunt. She drops everything and rushes off to meet her black prince. When I get to spy on them it's the high point of my day. Sometimes she's naked when he arrives, others she wears only high heels and lingerie.

Rarely is she ever fully dressed. He fucks her on the couch, in the bedroom, the floor, the kitchen and even up against the wall, and pretty soon her secret will come out as the little telltale rounding of her stomach is proof that she has kept her promise and is indeed knocked up with her black lovers baby. I love it. I just hope that our black stud of a mailman doesn't get tired or bored with fucking my wife any time soon.

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