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I guess the first time I sucked a cock was when I was about ten. The
cock I sucked belonged to my friend, Ted who was two years older than me.
Even at twelve years old Ted had a gigantic cock. Then it was a good seven
or eight inches long. Ted had just started to cum and that is the reason
that I sucked him. We were in the woods and he was telling me that he had
jacked off and he came. We had jacked off together before and had talked
about what most boys talk about, cumming or shooting off as we called it

I was able to have that good feeling when I beat off but no sperm came
out. Ted was proud that he had reached thet plateau that made him a man at
twelve. Not only did I watch him jack off for me that day but i caught his
cum in my hand. I'll never forget the hot gooey feeling of it and when I
put a dollop of it in my mouth it was the most delicious stuff I had ever
tasted. I kept dipping my finger into the pool of sperm that rested in my
cupped palm and then sucking that finger clean. The next day Ted wanted to
cum in my mouth and to do this I began to learn how to suck a cock.

Over the next few years as Ted and I grew up we sucked each other 's
cocks and he was the first person's mouth that I ever came in. We began to
go out with girls, not on real dates but just riding around with them.
Naturally all the girls were older than me and were all after Ted's giant
cock. It had grown with him and from my measuring it was eleven and a half
inches long and as thick as a beer can. It was years before I ever saw
John Holmes in a movie and this was about the size of Ted's cock.

Then I met a girl that I fell in love with, Lisa Wilkins. Lisa was two
years younger than me which made her fifteen when we started to going out.
Naturally Ted and Lisa's slut s****r, who was, Ted's age dated Ted. While
I drove the car to where we parked I was in front with Lisa messing around,
as much as she would let me. Ted was in back with Stephanie sucking his
cock. Lisa turned a few times to watch Ted's cock plunge in and out of her
s****r's mouth with wide eyes. I will have to say that it did make her hot
cause she would jack my cock off as we both watched.

It wasn't till we were alone a few months later that Lisa sucked my cock
the first time. I had to hold her head while I shot off in her mouth but
after a couple of times She was eagerly swallowing me. The first time She
swallowed my cum I kissed her after. Her lips were slimy with sperm and I
loved the taste of Lisa's lip's and my cum. Lisa would not let me fuck her
as she was saving it for when and if we got married. I played with and
fingered her pussy and got sucked off.

That was the extent of our sex. I guess for a s*******n year old boy
with a fifteen year old girl was it was a lot. Then I learned something
about Lisa. It seemed that when she was thirteen she had been caught by
her s****r with her little friend Carol, who was almost thirteen. They had
only been playing with each other's pussies. Stephanie had told Ted about
this and naturally Ted told me. Ted and Stephanie were going out a lot.
Lisa found out that Steph had told Ted and she was sure that Ted had told

When she confessed to me I told her it was alright because Ted and I had
done the same thing with each other. It made Lisa a little mad when I told
her about me and Ted. I was a little surprised when she later asked me.
"Can you get all of it in?" I told her that I could almost but that
Stephanie was the only one who really could. I don't know why it excited
me when she asked this. When we confessed we were almost asking for the
others forgivness for our transgressions...Now when she showed an interest
I felt my cock harden.

A few days later Lisa and I were driving around with Ted in the
backseat. I had pulled off the road and we had walked down a trail through
the woods. I had not seen Lisa in a few days, she had to go to school
during the week, and I was wanting my cock sucked. Truth be told I wanted
her to suck it with Ted close by. He had wandered off a little ways. Lisa
was sitting on a old oak tree that had fallen down years before. I was
kissing her and feeling her pussy through her panties.

I stood before her and took my cock out. It was now about seven inches
and not skinny or fat. Lisa tried to make me put it away and kept glancing
toward where Ted had dissapeared. I finally got my cock in Lisa's mouth
and she had relaxed a little and was eagerly sucking me. Ted had seen Lisa
with her head burried in my crotch in the car at night before but he had
never seen my cock actually in her mouth. I looked back and Ted had come
up from behind Lisa and looked around at her sucking me. It took a minute
or so for Lisa to become aware that Ted was watching her suck me. At first
she tried to pull away but then gave in and openly let him watch her.

"Damn Jim," Ted spoke to me "Looks like it runs in the f****y." Sreph
had gone off to college a couple of weeks before and he was horny as hell.
He dropped his pant's down like mine and was stroking his monster cock
while he watched. My own cock seemed to swell up twice as fat knowing that
my friend was watching my girlfriend suck me. Lisa did cut her eyes around
and saw Ted jacking off that cock of his. She had seen it before when
Steph was in the back seat sucking him off but not as close as this. Lisa
was seated on the tree log with her feet dangling down.

I was sort of bent over a little so I could reach between her legs and
play with her pussy. I wanted Ted to see more of her so I lifted her dress
up over her belly and Ted was able to see my hand under the crotch band of
her panties as I fingered her. Lisa tried to cover back up but never lost
my cock from her mouth. I got carried away a little with my hand and
pulled her panties aside to give Ted a better look. "Don't Jim," Lisa took
my cock out of her mouth just long enough tell me, "You'll tear my
panties." Then she went right back to sucking my cock. I knew she wanted
to swallow my cum. She had really got into that.

Not daring to hope I just took her panties and began tugging them down.
Lisa couldn't lift up , the way she was setting but Ted reached his arms
around her waist and lifted her body as I pulled her panties off. When he
sat her back down it was on the bare wood of the log. He stood up and
whipped his tee shirt up and told Lisa to let him put it under her ass.
This time she slid to the ground and Ted spread the shirt over the log.
She had to let my cock go again but she kept her grip on it. I lifted her
dress and once again Ted, being a tall strong guy, lifted her back on the
log. With me holding her dress up she sat on Ted's shirt with her bare

I had to kiss her and tell her how much I loved her to get my cock back
in her mouth. This time as I played with her pussy I spread her legs apart
and Ted cock seemed to swell up seeing Lisa's pussy. Ted was jacking his
cock and moved to where his cock was just over Lisa's shoulder. There was
something exciting about seeing his cock this close to Lisa's face that I
shot my load in her mouth. She let me drain in her throat and was
swallowing it down like a baby. Ted suddenly reached and took one of her
hand's and placed it on his cock, holding it there with his hand over

"Suck me too Lisa, "Ted begged her, "I need to cum too."

Lisa kept looking around at it as she licked my cock off. Suddenly she
looked up at me "You do it" she said quickly with a real husky voice for a
little girl like her. I dropped down and looked her in the eye as I took
my friend's cock in my mouth. I got into sucking it.Ted had moved his hand
from over her's but she kept it there as if holding it for me. I could
look up at them and saw as Lisa had lifted her face up to his. He was
lissing her on her cum smeared lip's. I still had a finger in Lisa. She
made me not shove it all the way in so I only fingered her till I felt her

Ted moved a hand to her pussy with mine while he kept his mouth covering
hers. I could see that they were doing a lot of tongue sucking. I helped
Ted get his finger in her but made it clear by keeping a grip on it till he
got the idea not to put it in far. Lisa was cumming from Ted fingering
her. Then Ted was filling my mouth. I mean he really filled it. He must
not have gotten off since Steph had left. I started to swallow but then
just let it fill my mouth till it stopped shooting. Ted had staggered back
some and Lisa and he parted lips.

Lisa was looking right at me when I brought my mouth to her's. It was
filled with Ted's thick sperm. I kissed Lisa and felt her tongue dive in
and lick around my mouth and the sperm. We must have kissed for a full
five minutes and during this time Lisa and I shared Ted's cum. On the
drive back to town it had gotten dark. I drove and let Lisa play with my
cock while she and Ted kissed some more. Lisa really liked to kiss and She
was kissing Ted much as she does me while he fingered her pussy. We had to
let her out a block away from her house.

Ted and I went back to his trailer and got in bed naked and sucked each
other some more while we talked about my girlfriend. I suked his cock and
told him him much I would like to see her suck it. The next time we got
together Steph had come home for the weekend. Lisa and I were in the front
seat again and watching Ted fuck Steph in the back seat. I wanted to fuck
Lisa real bad then but she said we had to wait for that. "You can fuck my
s****r if you have to" she suddenly said. "I talked about it with he and
she'll let you."

I could hardly wait for Ted to get off her. He came around and got in
next to Lisa and I went into the back seat. I could see his hard cock
glowing in the dark. He held his pant's up but his cock was sticking out.
Steph was just in her blouse and she told me to lay in the back seat on my
back. She straddled my cock and it went in her easily. The only thing
that wasn't as I expected was that Ted had not cum in her. I was hoping he
had so I could fuck Stephanie in his cum. I looked up front and Lisa and
Ted were hotly kissing. I could hear her make those little sounds she
makes when i finger her. I saw that she was hunched froward and her
shoulder was in motion.

My Lisa was jacking off my friend's cock but I couldn't see it. I
wanted to get up and watch but Steph's pussy felt real good on my cock. I
let Steph ride my cock and watched my girlfriend and Ted kiss like mad.
Then just as Steph's cunt was bringing me off Lisa's head disapered. Steph
had manage a small orgasm on my cock. I just let my cum spill in my
girlfriend's s****r's cunt and watched Ted holding Lisa's head down as he
grunted out an orgasm. His head was thrown back and he almost screamed. A
minute or so later Lisa's head reapeared and she looked back at me. I
could make out the glistning smears of sperm on her lip's.

My leg's were so weak it was all I could do to change seats again with
Ted. I was almost in a frenzy to kiss my girl with all Ted's cum on her
lip's. I had been right. Ted had cum in Lisa's mouth. We had to get Lisa
back home for her curfue. She wasn't quite sixteen then. Ted wanted us to

him and Steph to his trailer. As soon as we were alone as I drove
toward her house. "Did you suck his cock Lisa" I asked.

"No I just jacked him off" she told me.

"What were you doing when your went down" I wanted her to tell me what
she had done.

"I just caught his cum in my mouth," she was almost pleading with me, "I
just did it...I don't know." Then she looked at me "Is it ok with you?" I
told her that it was. Then she told me that she had swallowed all his cum.
We parked a block away from her house and she went down on my cock as I
thought about her swallowing cum from the same cock that I had so many
times. I was cumming in her mouth when I saw her porch light come on.
That was a sign that meant for Lisa to get her butt in the house.

The next week I started a job in a large garage as an aprentice to this
old mechanic named, Horace. Horace was in his mid fifties or so but he was
in good shape for it. Not quite as tall as me he was lean like me. We had
a shower room in the back for the mecs to shower off before going home. In
a couple of days old Horace and me had to work late. I had to do some
clean up and by the time I hit the shower the water was already running.
The shower was a large roomy metal affair and there was room for two

When Horace told me to come on in I wasn't prepared for what I saw.
Horace had his cock in his hand. It wasn't as large as Ted but it was long
and thicker than mine. All over the walls were picks that had been clear
coated on. They were some of the hottest open cunts you can imagine. I
had figured out real quick that they were for jacking off. That's what
Horace was doing when I walked in. He saw right away the the scene had
excited me cause my cock shot up hard. He grinned and held out his hand
about cock high. I walked it right into his hand and took his from his.

"Hey rince off real quick and let's go back to my apartment" Horace had
one right behind the garage. As soon as we went in we stripped off the
clothes we had thrown back on. It was the first cock other than Ted's that
I had ever sucked and I liked it. He sucked me but I really wasn't into
being sucked by a man as I was with Lisa. I would rather have my cock in
her mouth than any other. I let him have my cum and I took his twice that
night. I was seeing Lisa again on Friday night so on the next two days I
sucked Horace's cock.

Horace told me that he would give anything to eat Lisa's pussy. I had
never did that to her yet and Horace said that he was real good at it and
that he had already sucked Steph's pussy. It seemed that he had paid Steph
several times for a sixtynine in his apartment. He had paid her fifty
dollars for it. He told me that if i would get Lisa to let him suck her
pussy he would pay he a hundred. He really wanted to eat my girlfriend's

When I picked Lisa up Friday night I told her about what Horace had
said. She told me that Steph tells her everything and she knew about him
doing her. She said that Steph had told her that he really could do it
good. "Would you like to have that done to you?" I asked.

"Well yes...I kinda thought that you know," she was hesitant "That we
would do that one day since we can't get married for almost two more years.

"I know but what I mean now is would you like to have him do it to you,"
I said," You know and get paid for it like Steph had.

Lisa thought for a minute, griping my cock all the while, "Would I have
to get naked...or do anything with him?"

I told her that all he had said was about eating her. Lisa told me that
if I wouldn't get mad she would like to do it. I told her that I wouldn't.
It was all I could do to keep from cheering. I drove to Horace's apartment
pulling into it through the alley in back. He was grinning real big when
he saw us at the back door. He closed the door and then handed Lisa some
money. She looked at it and then handed it to me.

We went into Horaces large living room and he had Lisa sit down on the
large sofa with him. "Boy you sure have grown up to be something else," he
told her "Course I wanted to do this to you for a long time." He ran his
hands over her body and lifted up her dress. Lisa stood while Horace
undressed her. I took her clothes that he handed me and put them away.
Now I was seeing Lisa for the first time totally naked. It wasn't for me
that she was like this . It was for another man. She watched as he drank
her in with his eye's. Then before she could say anything he kicked off
the shorts he was wearing. he was naked and his large cock stuck straight
out, red ,veiny and throbbing. I could see a drip of sperm from the tip.

Lisa did not look at me at all but went into his arms. Horace brought
his mouth to her's and she accepted it just as she accepts mine when we
kiss. It's like she wants to be kissed. She wanted Ted to kiss her too
and now she was wanting to kiss this older man, Next to her youthful body
the contrast was great compared with his leathered one. Her palness ans
softness next to his hard tanned body. White hair grew over his cheast.
As they kissed I saw him reach down to her pussy. Lisa spread her leg's
eagerly as he slid a finger in she moaned in his mouth.

All I could do was to take my cock out and stroke it as Lisa and Horace
seemed to have forgotton all about me being there, as if they ever were.
They kissed for a long time. It started out as a gentle kiss and ended up
as a passionate no holds barred kiss with Lisa sucking on his thick tongue.
I could see it as he drove it in and out of her mouth like a cock. Lisa
sucked on it like it was one too. Then Horace's mouth dipped down to her
breast and sucked them a while as Lisa moaned over and over. When his head
went down between her thighs she spread them for him as he began to lap up
the gash of her cunt.

"You taste better than your s****r Lisa" Horace said as he thrust his
tongue into her pussy.

"You really like to eat me," Lisa asked, "I've never had this done
before...I like it a lot."

Horace had me take Lisa's leg and lift it up and away so he could lick
down into her anus. This made Lisa go crazy..."Turn around so I can get at
your cock Horace." Horace twisted around where Lisa could reach his
errected cock. She grasped it and stroked it up and down it's lenght. All
the time she was looking at it like it was a ice cream cone. She finally
put her mouth on the head and when Horace moaned his approval she began to
swallow more and more of it. I had to strip off my clothes now as I was so
hot from watching.

I found myself telling Lisa "That's it baby...suck that cock...suck it

Lisa smiled around the cock. I think she was glad that I liked seeing
her suck another man's cock. I had not gotten to watch her take Ted's load
of cum but I was right there when Horace filled her mouth and I saw her
gulp it down like it was sweet cream. In a way it was. From swallowing
his load myself I had found that his cum tasted almost sweet. It was thick
too and coated the insides of Lisa's mouth. As soon as she swallowed most
of it and Horace stopped cumming I kissed her to get a taste of the cum
from her mouth. I looked in Lisa's eyes and saw a glazed look in them as
if she was lost in a dream. I think it was then that I realized that Lisa
was a girl that really loved sperm. I was happy she did since I did too. I
expected to marry her and It was good that we had such a common love for

Later, while Horace lay spread legged on his bed Lisa and I both sucked
on his cock till he came again. The real thrill for me came when Horace
held the head of his cock just in her pussy lips while he shot sperm all
over her pussy. I ate Lisa for the first time, loving the taste of her
pussy and Horace's sperm. I had a feeling that this would be one of my
great pleasures with her. But seeing her lick and suck on his cock so
close gave me a great deal of insight into her. I was eager to get her
alone so I could talk to her.

What I told her was that I loved seeing her suck a man's cock and that I
loved sucking it with her. I told he that I wanted to suck Ted's cock with
her. She told me that when her head went down in the car that she had
actuually sucked his cock head some. It was still early and we drove to
Ted's trailer. Ted was home and Stephanie was with him. They didn't
bother getting dressed when we came in. Lisa told her s****r that she had
just sucked Horaces cock and he ate her cunt like he had her's. She also
told her that I had sucked the sperm from her pussy where Horace shot it.
Steph had just fucked Ted and she had a cunt full of cum.

"Why don't he suck Ted's out of me then" she said opening her plump legs
showing us her messy cunt.

Yeah baby, Lisa said "Suck the cum out of Steph's pussy for us." I was
busy sucking Steph when I felt Lisa at my face in between Steph's thighs. I
thought that she only wanted a better look till she pushed her face in and
clamped her mouth on her s****r's full cunt. Next thing I knew Lisa and I
were actively sucking Lisa's s****r's cunt. Ted had gotten up so Steph
could suck on his great cock. I was still eating Steph when Lisa lay up
next to Steph and began to suck on my friend's cock with her. It wasn't
long before I got to where I could lick and suck it too. Ted pulled Lisa
atop his body where he could eat her while Steph and I got between his legs
and sucked his cock and balls while Lisa took the head in her mouth. I
remember I as tonguing his anus when Lisa pushed her head down with me. I
held his cheeks apart so Lisa could stick her tongue up his butt. She
mustve liked what she was doing because she began to suck at the hairy ring
around his hole while she had her tongue rammed in it.

For the next few months Lisa and I had sex with my boss several times.
Horace wanted to fuck her in the worst way but Lisa was adamant about
savinging it for when we got married. For some reason she felt that a wife
should bring her husband her cherry. One thing I did with Lisa was to
finger her anus. I wanted to at least be able to fuck her there and once I
had gotten the head of my cock inside. She looked at me when Horace told
her how much he wanted to fuck her. She leaned over and whispered to me
that she would let him try and put it in her butt. She told Horace that he
would have to pay her well for this.Horace was horney enough to agree to
anything just to get his cock inside Lisa's body even it it wasn't in the
hole he really wanted.

Horace got between her leg's just as if he was goung to fuck her. I had
sucked her butt real good and fingered her till she was pretty loose. I
sucked the head of Horace's cock till it was slippery from my spit and then
placed the head at her anus. I watched Lisa's eyes as they went wide and
she grit her teeth while Horace worked that long fat cock in her butt. She
screamed in passion and began to fuck him back when she got used to it.
Horace must have fucked Lisa for fifteen or twenty minutes when he came in
her. Lisa screamed and yelled for him to fill her ass up. She loved it
when she felt a man empty his ball's in her for the first time. Later I
got down and sucked Horace's cum out of her. Before we left that night
Horace fucked her ass again, this time from behind her butt while she
sucked my cock. We fed her cum from both ends.

It was good for me because Lisa started to let me have her butt. If I
couldn't fuck her pussy I made up by fucking her ass. naturally I was
smaller that Horace's cock. Lisa had let him fuck her ass several times
now and my cock fucked her very easily. Even though she had fucked a
larger cock her anus still was as tight as ever. We had started to go out
to a roadhouse about thirty miles from home. Even though Lisa was only a
little over sixteen she was served alchol. The only thing she drank was a
liquor called Frangellica but she got real high from it. I also discovered
that the outdoor bathroom there had a large hole between the women's and
the men's side. She was in her side and I was feeding her my cock through
the hole when another guy came in and caught me. "Hey man...who you got
sucking you there?" he asked taking a nice sized cock out. It was just a
little larger than mine. I pulled mine out and told him to have at it. He
shoved his cock back throught the hole and opened his mouth wide as he felt
Lisa's lip's on his cock.

I went outside and to the door to the women's side. Lisa had not locked
the door and i just walked in to see her with her mouth up close to the
hole while the guy fucked his cock in and out. She looked at me and then
she seemed to just accept the fact that she was sucking another man's cock.
She scooted over to make room for me and we both brought his off. We
kissed and swapped his cum then we left. The guy we had just sucked was
standing outside with a big grin on his face. We went back in together and
he joined us at our booth. He kept asking Lisa if he could fuck her too.
Lisa looked at me, as if to get my permission, and then told him he could
fuck her ass but it would cost him. He more that agreed and also agreed to
let me watch him do it. We waited while he rented a room at the old run
down motel next to the roadhouse. Actually they were all part of the same

I sat on the side of the creaky bed while the guy pounded Lisa's ass for
a half hour. Afterward we all went back inside and drank some more. The
guy left and wandered around and came back with two more guys that wanted
some of Lisa's butt. Here was a young pretty teen ager who had some good
butt and they both wanted some. Lisa told them her price and she left with
one of them while I waited at the booth with the other two. the guy she
had left with came back about a half of an hour and the other guy went to
the room to fuck her. I really wanted to see her perform but I kept my
cock hard just trying to imagine the guy fucking her. In another half hour
Lisa came back in with the guy. I grabbed her and kissed her passionately.
We went to the dance floor and I asked her if her butt was sore. She said
that the last guy was almost as big as Ted but she took him ok.

"I would have loved to have been there" I told her.

"Would you like for us all to go to the room?" Lisa asked "I could let
them fuck me for free so you could watch me fuck them." I got the feeling
that Lisa just wanted to be fucked some more. We all went to the room and
I fucked her first. I could feel some of the guy's cum still in her. All
I could think of was when we got married and I fucked her that maybe I
could fuck her in another man's cum. It would probably be Horace's cum
because he had told her that he wanted to be the first to fuck her when we
got married. At first I thought he meant after I fucked her but he wanted
her cherry. he said that he would give us a big wedding present for that
priviledge. I asked Lisa how she felt about that and she said that she
liked Horace's cock and that if i didn't mond not being the first to fuck
her then she wanted to do it.

That night Lisa was fucked about five times in her ass and sucked, or
rather we both sucked the guy's off. We were both d***k on sperm, It was a
great high. I really got to see the extent og my girl's sexual appetite.
To all outward appeareance Lisa was just a nice soft teen ager. A good
girl. When we got away from her house she

changed into a regular slut. My slut but still a slut..Lisa wanted to
go back to the roadhouse again. She told me that she was saving the money
she made for when we got married. I knew that she wanted to make some

but I also knew that she wanted to suck a cock or get fucked by some
other guy. She sucked my cock on the drive out. She said that she wanted
me to be more relaxed. I told her that even though i had cum i would still
get hard watching her with some guy.

The place was pretty slow that night but we soon met this older man. He
was about Horace's age but unlike Horace he was not in as good shape. He
had a pretty hefty paunch. Probably a lot of years of drinking beer. He
was putting the make on Lisa even though she was with me. He was hot for
her. I asked Lisa, when he went to the bathroom, if she really wanted to
do him "He's not what you would call even close to good looking."

"That's ok honey's ok," sha said with a faraway look in her eye's
"I'll do him for you." So she was going to do him for me. I could tell
that she wanted a cock and right now his was the only one available. I was
excited waiting for him to come back. For some reason I was really turned
on by a guys expression when he first found out that he could have sex with
my girlfriend. I had seen the same thing in Horaces face when I said that
I would see if Lisa would let him eat her pussy. I could see in the guy's
face at the roadhouse when I let him take my place at the hole. I wanted
to see what this one would do when he found out that Lisa would suck his
cock and maybe let him fuck her in the ass.

I looked at Lisa "Yeah sweetheart I would like to see you suck him if
you want to.." I said with a hard cock.

The man returned from the bathroom. He and Lisa got to talking again
and she was telling him that he was a handsome man. That was in reply to
him saying something about him looking more like me, that maybe he could
have fun with her. "if you want to you can kiss me" Lisa told him. We
were in a booth in a darker part of the bar. He put his arm's around Lisa
after looking at me for my approval. I watched the two of them kiss.
Lisa, my sixteen year old girlfriend and a fat old man. I saw that she was
kissing him with her usual fevor. That was when I felt his hand grab my
crotch. He had reached over and taken my cock while he was kissing my
girldfriend. Lisa saw what he was doing and leaned over so he would have
more room to grope me. She took his other hand and brought it to her
breats under her sweater, "Here feel me too." Then she went back to kissing

I let him take my hard cock out of my pant's. Lisa reached down to his
fly and unzipped him, reaching into the opening and pulling out a very fat
cock. It was every bit as thick as Ted but was shorter than mine, making
it look even fater. We felt each other like this for a minute or two then
Lisa took my hand and put it on his cock along with her's. It felt great.
Lisa and I stroked the fat cock together while she sucked his thick tongue
into her mouth. I took his hand off of my cock and directed it up between
Lisa's thigh's. Her dress was bunched up and I could see his finger's
invading her pussy. We discussed a price and then we headed to the motel.
Lisa and the man waited while I went in and got the room, naturally the man
paid for it.

Inside it was one more wild spree of sex as Lisa sucked his thick cock.
I sucked it with her. The man wanted to fuck Lisa also but I finally
convinced her to let him try her anus. When I saw his cock stretch her
butt apart I knew that she would even be able to take Ted's cock in there.
Lisa screamed with pleasure while the fat man drove his fat cock in her for
about a good ten minutes before he filled her up. I mean he really filled
her up and I had the messiest creampie I had ever had with her she was so
full. Lisa couldn't seem to get enough of his fat cock and in spite of his
physical appearance she sucked another load of juice from him and let him
fuck her ass again. Afterward when I fucked her butt it was so filled with
sperm that my cock seemed to slide in and for the first time her anus was
no longer tight.

I called Ted and had him come to the motel and meet us. When he arrived
I told him that he could try and fuck Lisa's butt. Lisa was more than
ready for him and Ted's huge cock slid in easily for the first half of it.
After that Ted had to ram the rest of it in her till he was flush with her
pussy hair. I saw Ted's buttocks rise and fall as he fucked my girl and
had to put my cock in his asshole. With both our bodies driving his cock
in her ass we gave her the fucking of her young life. Afterward I sucked
her anus clean while she sucked my sperm from Ted's ass. The one thing
that I was wanting more than anything was to see Ted ram his cock in her
pussy. I wanted to marry her right then.

As it turned out I didn't have to wait till she was eighteen. A few
days before her s*******nth birthday her mother passed away and her father
left to go and live with his s****r in Tennessee. He agreed to sign the
papers for us to get married. We left the Justices office as man and wife.
I told her that it was time to go see Horace and let him take her cherry
for the big wedding present he promised us. Horace was waiting for us with
a bottle of champaigne. We drank for a while and then he had to undress
the bride. She did not have a wedding dress of course but had on her best
dress. I sat back while the two of them kissed and loved on each other.
When the moment came Lisa spread her legs for him and grasped his thick
cock to her pussy. She grit her teeth as Horace slowly pushed his cock
past her hymen. I could almost hear it break. Horace's cock stopped for
just a minute, bent almost double and continued pushing into her.

Lisa locked her leg's around his body and cried as he tore through her
virginity into her pussy which had never felt anything in it. She wailed
loud as he began to fuck her f***efully. Lisa cried and told Horace that
she loved him and would never forget that his was the first cock she ever
had in her pussy. I don't think I will ever forget that time either.
Horace sent his scalding sperm up her for the first time. They only rested
about five minutes before starting again. Horace did not take his cock
from her cunt. Once again they fucked , longer this time and again he
filled her pussy. Finally after over two hours of his thick cock being in
my new bride Horace pulled a totally depleted cock from her. I was right
there to get his sperm from her. Next it was my turn and I finally got to
fuck my wife although she was no longer a virgin. Horace's cock had reemed
her out well and I'm not even sure Lisa felt mine in her.

After we left Horace's Lisa wanted to go see Ted. "Well since I am no
longer a virgin I want to let Ted have me" she said. I told her that
taking Ted's large cock was a little much right now and she needed to get
used to screwing before she tried that monster cock. She was a little
dissapointed but told me I was probably right. Then her eye's lit up.
Bob, that was the old fat man she had sex with at the motel. We had his
phone number and she suggested we give him a call to meet us at the
rioadhouse. Lisa was eager to get screwed now that her her promise to
remain a virgin till she was married was fulfilled. We drove to the
roadhouse. By the time we got there Bob was waiting. I guess he was as
anxious to fuck Lisa as she was to get fucked. We went back to the motel
with him.

Bob was in good form for an old man and screwed Lisa in her pussy till
he filled her with sperm. I was more than ready to suck his cum from her.
Bob begged Lisa to screw him again since he was still hard. He had become
hooked on butt fucking her and wanted that hole. This time Lisa let him
fuck her ass from behind. He was well in her butt when she told me to
slide underneath her and get my cock up her pussy. Bob's thick cock in her
butt made her pussy tighter for me. Lisa was beside herself with a cock in
her pussy and ass at the same time. Old Bob became so f***eful in fucking
her ass that he slipped and in driving it back in he shoved it in her pussy
along with mine. Lisa's eyes popped open in surprise. "No Bob...that's
ok," she yelled, "Fuck me there... God I have two cocks in my cunt."

I don't know who was the happiest, me or Lisa, with her cunt filled with
hard cock. Bob's cock made her pussy even more tight than with it in her
ass, The feeling of his hard slippery cock alongside mine was about the
mose exquisite sensation I had ever felt.When he came it seemed to bathe my
cock in his sperm. I thought sure that Lisa would have had enough cock by
then but I underestimated my bride's appetite. We went back to
to roadhouse and it had all but died. Lisa said that now perhaps I was
ready to take her to see Ted so she could finally get his great cock up
her. I relented. After Lisa had taken both mine and Bob's cock in her cunt
I as sure that Ted's cock would offer no problems.

Ted had a friend with him. A guy named Randy that had come to stay a
few days. Randy was a brute of a stud and it was evident that he worked
out from his bulging muscles. Ted grabbed Lisa and kissed her "Heres to
the bride," he said and grinned at Randy "Lisa was a virgin till earlier
today." He told Randy that Lisa had kept her promise to remain a virgin
till she and I were married. "I don't know about you Randy but I want to
get my cock in my friend's wife's little cunt." he said. I told him that
Horace had already beat him there and she had fucked another man an hour or
so earlier. I told him about Bob and I double fucking her. Ted asked Lisa
if she was into getting fucked by him and Randy together. Lisa smiled real
big and looked at Randy. He was definately

the type of guy she liked. I undressed Lisa for them as the shook their
shorts off. It was them that I saw that Randy was about as endowed as Ted
in the cock department. "Go on Jim, Ted said, "Suck his cock with Lisa..
he likes that." It was music to my ear's. As soon as Lisa and I aw his
cock we both wanted it.

We knelt before him and Lisa took his cock in her tiny hand's and licked
all over the head till she pointed it at me. "here suck him
now," she said "get it good and ready for me." I sucked it greedily and
gave it back to Lisa. Ted had gotten in front of us with his great cock
and I sucked him while Lisa sucked Randy. Finally Lisa stopped sucking and
said that she wanted to fuck now. Lisa lay on her back and spread her
leg's wide for Ted. He settled between her thigh's and I took his cock and
put it up to Lisa's wet cunt. I felt it feed into her slowly till Lisa
begged him to fuck her ass off. ted started to slamming his cock in her.
After only a few times it was all the way in her. He probably fucked her
for ten or fifteen minutes till he

grunted and came in her. He stayed between her leg's kissing her
tenderly till he finally pulled his slimy, dripping cock from her. He
looked at Randy.

" Hey man...your turn now," he told his friend "this little girl has the
sweetest pussy you ever felt." Randy wanted to see for himself and was in
her in a flash. He found that Lisa liked to kiss and tongue while she was
being fucked. Randy slammed his cock in Lisa while she kissed him and
moaned loudly in his mouth. Randy kept up the staccato like fucking for
over a half hour and Lisa loved his cock right up to when he spilled his
sperm in her. I knew that my new wife would be flooded with cum and I
wanted it. Randy had just crawled off her when i had my mouth on her
sloppy pussy sucking his and Ted's cum from her. Lisa was pissed that i
had gotten it all and had to suck more orgasms out of them so she could
swallow the gooey cream. I had looked at Randy's firm bubble butt while he
was fucking Lisa. I was glad to hear that he liked a cock up him. I was
more that ready to oblige him and Lisa was more than ready to suck my cum
from his tight anus.

By the time Lisa and I went to her house. She had fucked Ted and randy
once more but at the same time with Randy in her butt and Ted in her cunt.
As we crawled into her bed Lisa had already been fucked, on her wedding
day, at least ten times. When she and I finally made love to each other is
was as good as any new husband ever get from his new bride. We talked
practilly the entir night about our future together. We both agreed that
she could make more money fucking guys than at any job. She said Icould be
her pimp and keep finding tricks for her to turn. I knew that Lisa and I
would have one helluva marriage.

She started turning tricks at her house a lot sooner that I had expected
and from an unespected source. lisa still wanted to finish high school
since she was now in her fianl year. She came home the following Monday
from school excited. She told me that all the guys at school had teased
her about being married now and they knew that she was fucking. "I was
just k**ding them when I said that they could fuck me too but that it would
cost them," she told me, "They said that they would be more than happy to
pay me," I asked her how much a high school boy could pay and when they
wanted to start. "Well you know they all sell weed and extasy so they have
a good bit of money to throw around," she said, "So I told them it would be
fifty bucks for a straight fuck and four guys are comming here in about an

When they got there I found that I knew everyone of them. I had quit
school a few months earlier to go to work for Horace and had went to school
with all of them. They teased me a lot about my new wife putting out but I
told them that they were the ones giving us their money. Lisa asked them
how they wanted to do it. "Well do you each want me in the bedroom or do
you all want to gang fuck me," she asked. The idea of a gang fuck appealed
to them as it made it more like a game than anything and not like they were
just paying a whore for pussy. I liked the idea too and watched as they
all got naked with Lisa. She lay back on the bed and took each one and
kissed him a while before she sucked each guy off. This time she was
getting all the cum and she made sure to let me see the globs of cum in her
mouth before she swallowed it.

Then as all the guys looked on she began to fuck them. One would fuck
her and get off so another one could take his place. After two had fucked
her Lisa told me to clean her out. They really got off on watching me eat
their cum from her. One guy was the captain of the local high school
football team, Lanny. He was enjoying the sight of his buddies fucking my
wife. He held back so that he would be the last to fuck her. I could tell
from the way he hunched over and jacked his cock as Lisa was being royally
fucked. "Look at her fuck that cock Jim," Lanny whispered to me hoarsly,
"You like that cock fucking your wife don't you?" He had pressed his naked
body against mine as he spoke "You like her being a whore don't you Jim?"
Then I felt the heat of his cock against my hip. The two guys that Lisa
had already fucked decided to get back in the act. They got on the bed on
their knees next to Lisa's head. She fucked one while she grabbed the two
cocks at her face and started to suck, first one and then the other.

With the three other guys occupied with my wife Lanny eased behind me
and ran his cock up and down my ass crease. I was surprised. I had never
had the idea that Lanny liked guys too. About then everyone was cumming.
The guy fucking her tightned his hard buttocks up and groaned as his cock
spat in Lisa's cunt. Lisa's face was splattered with cum. Some went into
her mouth but the rest smeared the pretty pale skin of her face. "I want
to suck that cum out of her Jim," Lanny mouthed in my ear "I want to fuck
you and your wife both..." I was excited to find that Lanny shared my
desires and he quickly ran the other three guys off so we could all be
alone. His first act was to bury his face in Lisa's cunt and suck her dry.

Lisa and I went to town on his cock, sucking him to an orgasm pretty
fast and then swapping his cum back and forth till it was gone. Naturally
Lisa liked him a lot, with him being captain of the team and all. She
fucked him for a long time and he finally filled her and I got my dose of
sperm from her cunt. After that it was my turn and I found out what Lisa
liked about a big cock up her. I lay there and let Lammy fuck mr for ten
minutes till he filled my ass with cum. Lisa showed him how she much she
liked cum by sucking it out of me. Lanny wanted to feel her mouth on his
anus too so Lisa told me to fuck him.

It seemed that almost every night after that Lisa was entertaining two
or three bys from school. Word had gottem around pretty fast that the
schools vestial virgin was no longer a virgin and was selling her ass. It
also became know that I liked to suck cock so I had at least one cock to
suck every night, usually with Lisa on it at the same time. The real
surprise came when John Thornton, the school principle, showed up one night
after her school boys for the evening had gone. At first it looked liked
he had come to investigate tales that had reached him. He wasn't there to
lecture Lisa and me he was there to fuck her. naturally Lisa upped her
price for him. He lay back with his fat cock sticking up as Lisa began to
suck on it.

"Oh yes miss Berry" He gasped as her talented mouth encompassed him
"I've wanted to fuck you ever since you started to my school." Lisa grinned
at the idea that she was sucking her principle off and took him in to the
balls. He gasped loudly "Jim I hear you like to suck cock too so why don't
you get down there with your wife and suck my ball's." I did as he asked.
His ball's were very large and hairy and tickled my nose when I put the
whole of one in my mouth. Lisa swung herself over him so he could lap on
her cunt.

"Jim honey," she told me, "Why don't you tounge his ass and then I
will." Thornton held his leg's up making it easier for me to probe his anus
with my stiff tongue. I tongued him till my tongue started to hurt then

moved my head aside and dipped her's down to his ass and took up sucking
where I left off. That was all it took and she had to scramble back up to
take his cum in her mouth. Then telling us both that we had better keep
quite about it he sucked my cock and tongeud my butt. After a while he had
Lisa and i lay side by side and he started first to shove his large fat
cock in her cunt. Then he pulled out and shoved it in me. Back and forth
he fucked us both. "Hey," Lisa said taking his cock and directing it to
her asshole, "Fuck me there too."

John Thornton became a regular customer, comming at least once a week
after that. One day ,however, Lisa's aunt Sue came by and asked if we
could look after her daughter, Lisa's cousin Laura who was twelve. Sue had
come from Memphis to meet her lover and wanted to spend the night with him
but she couldn't take her daughter along naturally. Lisa cancelled her
customers for that night but old Bob showed up around ten anyway. We
thought Laura had gone to bed in another room and we had Bob stretched out,
as much as you can stretch a fat man out, on the bed and was sucking him
when we heard a noise and looked to see Lisa's little cousin standing in
the doorway watching us work on Bob's fat cock. There must have been
something in the way that Laura was looking at us that made Lisa ask her if
she wanted to come closer so she could see better. The little girl smiled
real big and came and stood by the bed.

Old Bob was beside himself and he kept reaching out and caressing Laura.
Lisa asked Laura if she wanted him to play with her and the little girl
pulled her oversized tee shirt off. Lisa told Bob that this little party
would cost him plenty. He agreed and Bob pulled the little girl atop him
so he could lick her hairless little pussy. Laura wanted to do his cock
too and Lisa and I let her have it. She could only suck the head in her
small mouth. Lisa got next to Bob at Laura's ass and told him to lick up
and down her puffy pussy. Then to everyone's surprise Lisa started to lick
her little cousin's pussy. Everyone was moaning and groaning when Bob shot
his sperm into Laura's mouth. She let her mouth fill up and Lisa hurried
down to her head. "Ok now Laura," she told the girl "Swallow all that will like the taste of it..I really do." Laura gulped down her
first taste of male sperm and grinned real big and said she liked it. Lisa
began to kiss her running her tongue in the young girl's mouth.

After that when Lisa was fingering Laura's cunt she found that her
finger went all the way in her. Laura told us that she and her friend
Cherie had been fucking each other with her mother's rubber cock. That
gave me the idea that she might be able to take my cock. She was able to
and I fucked her gently for a little while and then began to fuck her more
f***efully. Believe it or not the little girl came. Lisa and Bob sucked
my cum from her little cunt. My cock was still hard and a little sore from
having it in such a tight pussy so she sucked me. I couldn't help but give
her her second taste of male cum. Lisa's aunt Sue didn't actually scream
when she walked in on us. It was more like a wail. Sue had come back to
the house. Her boyfriend had stood her up and she was angry. She was also
very horny also.

To make the story short, Sue got fucked by Bob's thick old cock. New
pussy has a way of revitalizing even the most fucked out cock. Mine got
hard again and when Bob lifted her on top of him so she could do the
fucking since he was a little worn out. I saw Sue's ass rising and falling
and naturally I had to jamb my cock in her ass. She fucked Bob's and my
cock's for a long time. Lisa was there to suck her pussy clean. Laura
feeling emboldened by her mother's actions got down and sucked her mom's
pussy with my wife. I had one more fuck in my cock and I used it fucking
Laura again while her mother kissed her. I didn't shoot much in her this
time around but Sue had to suck the cum from her little girls pussy. We
all feel asl**p on the bed naked and woke up the next day naked and ready
for more fun.

Sue decided to stay for the weekend and when four boys showed up around
noon for a party Lisa and Sue both took care of them. Laura was upset
because the younger guys didn't want to fuck a k** but later in the day
John Thornton and a couple of other male teachers came by and they were
more than happy to have some jail bait pussy. Lisa and Sue let the little
girl take care of the three men and spent the time sucking each other's
cunt's. I jacked off a lot watching..

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